Breezes At Palm Aire
2801 N Course Dr
Pompano Beach, FL 33069
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Diamond Tannihill
4 months ago
I have only been living here for 19 months and absolutely can't wait to move! You have tenants that don't clean up after their dogs...(very disgusting)! Young boys from other neighborhoods that walk into the apartments bike hunting, I was a victim. The ass holes stole my bike right off my back patio. Oh and let's not forget the parking, On weekdays if you are having guest come over you literally have to get home before 4:00 p.m to save a guest spot for your guest. P.s. the Breezes is not where it's at, Literally!
Eric Tirado
a year ago
I was impressed when I first moved here since I had to wait for an approval. It seemed nice enough. Now it seems that out of desperation they are renting to everyone and anyone... The parking is a nightmare. I was recently informed grassy areas will be converted into more parking designations. No idea when. Now parking is overlooked anywhere, grass, driving lanes. In some areas you have to maze through cars just parked any everywhere. When I first moved here my car was towed shortly after simply because my tag was expired by two days. $160 to get it back. I like my apt. and it's convenient location but I feel it's reputation is dropping at warped speed due to reasons mentioned and more.... The apartment below me seems to be jinxed. I have had openly pot smokers as well as drug dealers.. Right back to that apparent desperation to rent apts. at any cost. Just calling it as I see it.
Sara Cannova
2 years ago
Terrible place. unkempt and the management is the worst. Most units are not updated. There is no golf course in the Breezes, just a patch of land with overgrown weeds (snakes, rats, raccoons) god forbid if they were to bring in an exterminator. No parking. I have lived here for over 10 years! It was once a beautiful place and now has been reduced to crap
Cristina Gore
a year ago
Nice are very modern and overlooking the lakes...very closed to shopping and casino...
A Google User
6 years ago
I have lived in this apartment complex for almost two years and it has been a living nightmare. The management has switched over three times and is absolutely terrible. This is not a safe neighborhood at all. Police are called to the complex all of the time and arrests and break ins are regular here. I thought it was nice because it was in palm aire, but the breezes should not even be a part of palm aire. The grounds are not kept, grass is overgrown and weeds are abundant. The maintenance does absolutely nothing except drive around on their golf carts all day. They accidently tow tenants cars and do not refund them the money. When I moved in, the dishwasher, the washing machine, and my shower was broken. It took them approximatley 3 weeks to fix it. I am relieved to be out of this hell hole.
A Google User
6 years ago
Breezes at Palm Aire is recovering from the terrible real estate downturn, but is now on the way up. The management have begun new landscaping projects throughout the community and stepped up their service. The community is safe and peaceful with large open grounds. I would recommend this community especially at the current prices. The property is a pleasant contribution to the Palm Aire community.
A Google User
5 years ago
OMG! this place is the WORST! If you get suckered into moving here I hope you dont have a car because you wont have any place to park it!!! Or you could just call the tow truck guy every weekend and have him tow one of your neighbors so you have a parking spot... The appliances suck!!! One of the worst decisions I ever made-- Moving here! If you do find a parking spot a half a mile away from your front door then hopefully you dont get raped... (yes the cops walked door to door handing out flyers about a rapist in the area) If you are into respect then dont deal with WENDY or any of the other managers... That is all.
A Google User
4 years ago
very very bad place, you can't invite no friends or family because there is no guest parking.
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