Emerald Shores Apartments
7151 W Indian School Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85033
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Andrew Hernandez
3 weeks ago
The staff is very unprofessional, rude, and extremely disrespectful. One female staff member in particular that goes by the name of Irma. She was very rude, have I never once been rude or spoke out of turn with the staff. So why should I be treated with such indecency. The owner needs to know what kind of staff he/ she has hired, and it's not a good one. As well as the maintenance members who, while I was home a sleep, attempted to enter my home. So if you have kids, this is not a place I would recommend. Since I have lived here someone has attempted to break into my home, and that's not including the maintenance problem. My neighbors vehicle was shot up, other neighboring vehicles were broken into as well as my own. One person was killed by the laundry mat, and another on the west corner to the apartment complex. Terrible place. In the adds they make it seem as if the environment is friendly when it's by far. Not to mention the roach infestation that they promise to handle but never do. My shower pipes were were sticking out of the wall, which never were tended to as well. They also state in the adds "friendly staff". Who are not welcoming, nor understanding at all. Within 3 months of my 6 month lease, nothing but problems surfaced here at Emerald Shores. As for Irma, who is very unprofessional, should be replaced by a person who is more promising and lives up to the Emerald Shores words of friendly staff. Rather then a person who's just trying to earn a paycheck. Overall, DO NOT, DO NOT RESIDE HERE AT EMERALD SHORES APARTMENTS.
Miss Anonymous
a month ago
This is a horrible complex. Anyone thinking about moving here, just don't. Trust me. The maintenance people are never informed by the office staff to fix anything. When I first moved in I was given a checklist, and I was to make a note of any repairs or problems that needed to be fixed immediately. My lease is already up in a few weeks and now they want to try and make appointments to fix things. Lol! The office staff is a complete joke. No one knows what is going on, they will give you the run around whenever you need something. Peoples ACs are broken when it's over 100 degrees outside and they aren't getting fixed! Cockroaches are everywhere no matter how clean you are. Cops are here every day. My neighbors are crackheads and the cops are at their apartment everyday. Bums everywhere. I've had crackhead neighbors that I don't even know, knock on my door after midnight to ask for a cigarette or something stupid. The pool isn't usable, residents said it was so full of chemicals they broke out in rashes. Appliance don't work. My dishwasher has never worked. My sink sprays water everywhere. Shower never gets hot and there's no water pressure at all. All the appliances that you can get to work will cost you so much in electric. Definitely not energy efficient. The office loses paperwork, I've paid my rent on time every month and have come home to find eviction notices on my door due to nonpayment of rent. Then when you contact the office they have no idea what you are talking about. The office manager is a rude miserable lady who will not even come speak to you directly. She will have her inexperienced staff nervously answer your question with some bullshit. Oh and you will also have cats tear up your trash bags if you leave them outside for 5 minutes. Sprinklers are on like 6 times a night. Starting from the time people come home from work until about 10pm. You will have to get your shoes covered in mud because they don't even wet the grass. This complex should cost about $20 a month. You basically get provided with a roof over your head and that's all. This place is worse than the projects. Stay away.
Luis Garcia
3 months ago
What ever you do don't rent here office is not good with paper work...what ever u put ur name on there papers take a pic of it cuz thay WILL lose it and say thay didn't know
2 months ago
Do not rent here! They say you will get your down payment back when or if things unfortunately do not work out for you or you have a change in mind. They will not return any of it ,in their words" oh you lied to us, you said you were moving in", and very unprofessional when speaking to you.
Brianda Scarlett
4 months ago
I absolutely HATE it here. Lived here for 2 years and I'm glad I left. Office staff tried charging me over $600 of fees then when I went to confront them about it they didn't know who sent the letter to my door, so they just brushed me off. Maintenance would take weeks just to fix the sink. The roach problem was ridiculous but not as bad as the bed bug problem. Not only did my apartment had bed bugs from previous tenants but I asked other people that lived in the apartments and they had the same problem. Tried moving to a different building and the same thing. Bed bugs and roaches. Pest control never worked, only made it worse. Cops usually around due to the crime around the area. Would not recommend these apartments to anyone.
Serena Westbrook
a week ago
Disgusting disgusting disgusting!
Mathew Stone
a year ago
Pretty Tiny places, but other then that I have never had ANY issues in the 9 months I have lived here. Since they only rent one bedrooms and studio's there really isn't a whole lot of "shady" people hanging around outside. I would recommend moving here. It's safe and affordable.
Elizabeth Phillips
a year ago
Management is wonderful. They are always helpful and I never had any problems with them. Maintenance was also very quick to get out and fix problems. I wish I could give more stars just because of how wonderful they are. Now here's the problems that I have had here: I had my vehicle broken into twice, and had someone steal my front rim and tire off of my vehicle. This also happened to my neighbor. These apartments have gone to the dogs unfortunately. There is no security. I have found crack pipes laying out in the parking lot among other things. We had swat go to one of the apartments near us because they were hiding criminals. There are shady people here, meth heads, scitzos, if you have children I wouldn't recommend bringing them here. Also these apartments are old, and are not renovated. They fall apart. The building I was in had constant plumbing problems, water would seep up from the floor. These apartments became part of the ghetto in Phoenix. The day I moved out, a new person was moving into the apartment near us, and he had his car broken into, they smashed his window just because they could. They didn't steal anything. There are hate crimes ALL the time unfortunately. Students coming home from school will walk through the apartments and break things and throw bottles around cars, so be warned.
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