Emerald Shores Apartments
7151 W Indian School Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85033
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Chris Wickersham
a month ago
This place is a joke do not rent here bugs every where stray cats pissing on your doors the maintenance is incompadent the management is incompadent and they lie thru there teeth if there was a lower rating I would give them zeto stars
Andrew Hernandez
3 months ago
The staff is very unprofessional, rude, and extremely disrespectful. One female staff member in particular that goes by the name of Irma. She was very rude, have I never once been rude or spoke out of turn with the staff. So why should I be treated with such indecency. The owner needs to know what kind of staff he/ she has hired, and it's not a good one. As well as the maintenance members who, while I was home a sleep, attempted to enter my home. So if you have kids, this is not a place I would recommend. Since I have lived here someone has attempted to break into my home, and that's not including the maintenance problem. My neighbors vehicle was shot up, other neighboring vehicles were broken into as well as my own. One person was killed by the laundry mat, and another on the west corner to the apartment complex. Terrible place. In the adds they make it seem as if the environment is friendly when it's by far. Not to mention the roach infestation that they promise to handle but never do. My shower pipes were were sticking out of the wall, which never were tended to as well. They also state in the adds "friendly staff". Who are not welcoming, nor understanding at all. Within 3 months of my 6 month lease, nothing but problems surfaced here at Emerald Shores. As for Irma, who is very unprofessional, should be replaced by a person who is more promising and lives up to the Emerald Shores words of friendly staff. Rather then a person who's just trying to earn a paycheck. Overall, DO NOT, DO NOT RESIDE HERE AT EMERALD SHORES APARTMENTS.
Luis Garcia
6 months ago
What ever you do don't rent here office is not good with paper work...what ever u put ur name on there papers take a pic of it cuz thay WILL lose it and say thay didn't know
a month ago
This property unfortunately did not even come close to meeting my expectations. Basic needs were not met. My lease is over and my problems were never resolved here.
jay adams
2 months ago
Very unprofessional I would not recommend anyone moving here I have a hole on the side of my roof and stray cats are living in my roof I've asked for them to remove the cats and hole over the past 3 months yet they have not done anything they do not care about the residents that live here DO NOT COME HERE!
4 months ago
Do not rent here! They say you will get your down payment back when or if things unfortunately do not work out for you or you have a change in mind. They will not return any of it ,in their words" oh you lied to us, you said you were moving in", and very unprofessional when speaking to you.
Brianda Scarlett
6 months ago
I absolutely HATE it here. Lived here for 2 years and I'm glad I left. Office staff tried charging me over $600 of fees then when I went to confront them about it they didn't know who sent the letter to my door, so they just brushed me off. Maintenance would take weeks just to fix the sink. The roach problem was ridiculous but not as bad as the bed bug problem. Not only did my apartment had bed bugs from previous tenants but I asked other people that lived in the apartments and they had the same problem. Tried moving to a different building and the same thing. Bed bugs and roaches. Pest control never worked, only made it worse. Cops usually around due to the crime around the area. Would not recommend these apartments to anyone.
Serena Westbrook
2 months ago
Disgusting disgusting disgusting!
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