Magnolia Vinings Apartment Homes
2151 Cumberland Pkwy SE
Atlanta, GA 30339
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Michelle Cross
3 weeks ago
I just moved in last week and I absolutely love Magnolia Vinings! The people in the front office are so nice and they go out if their way to accommodate the tenants. I've been dealing with Moriah and she has done such an excellent job helping me move in. I already love my apartment! It's in an amazing location, it has great amenities, and it's very quiet! I definitely recommend living here if you want to live in Vinings.
Catelyn Anderson
3 weeks ago
I love my apartment. Have not had too many issues except plumping which is fixed in a timely manner. Not a ton of parking spaces. Really appreciate the tennis court and the free tennis lessons that are offered along with the workout boot camp class. The trash valet is convenient but for $25 a month I wish it was an option instead of mandatory. Other than that everything is great.
Dee P.
2 months ago
Please don't waste your time with this place. The only good thing about this community is the location. Maintenance is terrible, the front office...terrible. My toilet in my 1 bedroom has been stopped up for 2 days for the second time. Even after attempting to unclog it myself because i was tired of having to drive to the gas station for relief, it still keeps clogging after 1 piece of tissue. My ac does not cool my apt and my the heat did not warm it. I can't even begin to tell you how many times I'v had to submit maintenance requests for this in this apt. They just slapped some paint on an outdated apartment and tagged it as "upgraded". Trust me, for the cost of rent here go find some place that values its residents and is worth the payment.This certainly is not it.
Denise M.
8 months ago
If I could give it zero stars I would, everyone there except the lone male manager were completely rude, stupid and useless. Their attitudes were awful, just like the roach problem that they refuse to properly treat. The units are poorly made with paper line walls and constant apartment issues. The first week I moved in, there was a flood, the fan belt died and my cat discovered a hole underneath the kitchen floor boards that the builders failed to complete. Keep in mind, there was no amount taken off our rent for the inconvenience, yet we were fined 20 dollars for not taking our trashcan inside on the first offence. They are always charging YOU for something and using any excuse to deduct money from your security deposit. I say screw them and move in with family if you got em until you can get your credit and employment right to BUY you something. Whichever management team runs and owns that place, are con men. DO NOT LIVE HERE! DON'T MOVE IN! And if you can, don't even drive by it!!!!
Mauricio Senabre
7 months ago
Great location, horrible maintenance issues. Apartments are nice if not for the endless maintenance issues (roach infestation, leaks, fridge/cooker problems, broken doors/windows/blinds, etc, etc, etc). More annoying that this, is the extreme fighting and kicking needed to get anything fixed.
Tonya Johnson
8 months ago
I was terribly disappointed in the experience of living here. It is like paying for location only. When I did my initial walkthrough, the lease representative actually told ME to buy glue to repair a piece that had fallen off the refrigerator tray. Of course, this was after I had signed the lease. And that pretty much set the tone of the following year. I had problems with leaks and the garage, and the staff all seem so nice but don't get anything done effectively. The apartments are advertised as upgraded, but I think they use the cheapest material possible. The carpet in my unit was so cheap it had fibers that were three or four inches long in places. It hadn't even been cut properly! The landscaping crew does a great job, and that's really my only compliment.
Holly McCurry
9 months ago
I am extremely glad to be moving out. I wish that I had done better research prior to moving in. The office staff are friendly enough but when it comes to getting things fixed there is no urgency. Our closet in the master bedroom kept flooding (and I mean the closet and half of he bedroom in an inch or more of water) when we first moved in and it took months to get fixed. We had to move our bedroom furniture out into the living room and sleep out there until the problem was resolved. Upon correcting our inside flooding issue they created a standing water problem in front of our apartment as the water runoff was redirected away from the building and created permanent pond on the sidewalk which affected more residence than just us. This caused an excess of misquetos to take up residence right outside of our apartment and upon opening the door to come and go many would come inside. These Mosquitos simply made a good snack for the spiders that had already been living inside due to the broken weather striping around the front door. There were several other issues with the apartment but I did not feel like they would be handled with any sense of urgency since it too so long to fix such a bad flooding issue in the bedroom. Now that we are so close to our move in date our AC/water heater has begun to leak. I placed a maintenance request so that they could come fix this as it was leaking bad enough to make the hallway carpet soaked and the baseboard warped. It has been 7 days since I have made my complaint to the front office and my only resolution so far is that I have taken buckets and placed under the leak. I have still not heard from maintenance or the front office on the status of my issue. The leak is bad enough that I needed to empty both buckets (I'm not talking little buckets either. I mean a 5 gallon Home Depot bucket and a mop bucket), after emptying both buckets I find what looks to be black mold growing up the wall in the closet. Needless to say I will be escalating my complaint. On a side note I have lived on the bottom floor apartment before in another complex and never had problems like this especially for what you pay in rent here. Just walk away from this seemingly "nice" apartment complex and save yourself the hassle.
Kendra Vinson
a year ago
Magnolia Vinings and their courteous staff provided me with the best rental experience by far! I hate that I have to relocate for my job and leave this place behind. The staff, especially Kristy, is very responsive and helpful. They really know how to take care of their tenants and make you feel like more than just a rent check. They offer amazing amenities such as tennis lessons, weekly group fitness session, discount at a local restaurant each month, etc. The community is safe and quiet. The apartment units have nice, spacious layouts that were well thought out- there is not an inch of useless space. The Sycamore floor plan is perfect for roommates. Unlike at other apartments, my roommate and I got equal amounts of space. The grounds are well kept. The location is the best- you are in close proximity to everything you could want or need without being engulfed in the chaos of Atlanta. There is easy access 285 and 75. I have and will continue to recommend this community to anyone looking for a place to call home in the Atlanta area.
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