Springhill Apartments
15735 Rosewood St
Omaha, NE 68136
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Kristina Wilbur
3 months ago
Hi Sarah, I am so sorry you had an unpleasant experience here at Springhill Ridge Apartments. The pricing issue that you mentioned, you had signed up the for 3-month short term lease and was well aware of the additional fees upon signing the lease. We feel that our prices are very competitive within the market for a 12-month lease. I remember speaking to you the first time about the smoking issue, the staff and I were trying to figure out who was contributing to this issue. Without knowing who is causing the problem it is hard to rectify the situation. Once the staff and I figured out who was causing the problem that resident was notified of their lease violation. I called to follow-up with you to let you know that we believe we have the issue addressed and if you have any other issues to let us know. We never received another complaint. I do agree with you that we do have a parking issues and we are working on something to get it cleaned up. I hope you can enjoy the rest of your stay here at Springhill Ridge Apartments, and again, if you have any issues please do not hesitate to let us know. Best regards, Kristina Wilbur Property Manager
sarah thompson
3 months ago
Incrediby over priced for what you get. Horrible parking. Make sure you're home before 7pm of you wanna find parking anywhere close to your building. Otherwise you'll risk parking clear across the complex or end up in an unathorizedparking area with no signs saying so and a ticket. They advocate non smoking buildings. Yet theres always someone who breaks the rules and lousy management who does nothing about it. Ive called several times for a smoking tennant thats cigarette smoke reeks into my apartment and nothings been done. I cannot wait to be out of this lousy place. Oh and did i mention they will over charge any chance they get and then play stupid when corrected.
Jordan Frost
10 months ago
The property management team at this place is awesome! The apartment's are well constructed and huge! The grounds are kept very clean and snow/ice removal in the winter is done in a snap! Abbe and Chris have taken this property to the next level. With those 2 in charge this place will continue to shine!
Lisa Shurtleff
a month ago