Rock Creek Apartments
14814 Giles Rd
Omaha, NE 68138
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trues minor
2 months ago
I lived her for 2 years, one year in a 1 bedroom and one year in a 2 bedroom. I loved it! The staff was amazing and I was pleased with maintenance and my apartment. The area I stayed had ample parking so that was never an issue and I loved the area. I even rented the clubhouse once for my mother's 50th birthday and it was perfect. It has been over 5 years since I lived here, but I just referred someone and wanted to take the time to write a review. Very happy and if I ever moved back to the Omaha area I would consider making this my home again.
Christopher Basford
3 months ago
Oustanding Staff. They are always friendly and helpful. The maintenance crew always keeps the place up to date. The downside... I live on top floor next to staircase. The walls are paper-thin and hallways are very nasty at best. The apartment itself is nice, but could use updated cabinets. The location is convenient to I-80, but 144th is a train wreck. I just wish they allowed dogs.
Jordan Frost
10 months ago
We lived here for many years and still have a storage unit with these folks. They have always made us feel like family. Any time we had an issue they were on top of it and remedied the problem fast! Great apartments and well kept grounds. One of the best complexes around.
Jim Johnson
a year ago
Staff and maintenance are polite and responsive. I was fortunate enough to have corner unit on the far side of the complex. The person above me was rarely home so I didn't have much noise at all. However, the walls are pretty thin as the bedroom and the outside hallway shared a wall and I would hear people come in and out. I would expect this from anyplace though. In my opinion the apartments have one huge downside. They are in severe need up upgrading. Cabinets, dishwasher, refrigerator, floors, and counters are from the 80's. Yes, they still function but they can't be a selling point. There are also permanent stains and nicks on the floors, and their painters are awful. Their was paint everywhere that it shouldn't have been from when they repainted before I moved in including cabinets, carpet, and counters. Very sloppy. Bottom line is you get what you pay for. Rent is reasonable for the location and you right off lake Wehrspann. Very easy to step out your door and go for a run or bike ride. It won't be for everybody but it's a decent place to live for the money.
Wayne Rooney
a year ago
My initial tour was good, then my opinion drastically changed after i signed my lease. I was given my keys and told the general direction to go to find my apartment building. Nobody bother to take me to it. Once I found it, my apartment was clean, but did not look like the model I had been shown. The carpet is cheap, my sliding door doesnt lock, and the paint job was terrible. Paint was left on trim and door knobs, and you could see that the paint didn't reach the ceiling or the floor. Oh, and there were bugs in my apartment randomly. Whoever said this is a quiet place to live must not ACTUALLY live here. The walls are paper thin. During the summer and spring, you can here the landscaper driving his go-cart around 24/7 and kids screaming and throwing around boulders. If your neighbors, or anybody for that matter, are out on their porch, you'll hear every word of their conversation. And or course, the apartments are so close together, you can't have your screen door open, or the smoke will waft into your apartment and make it smell awful. If inside your apartment, you can hear every bit of noise in your neighbors apartment: slamming of cupboards, conversations, tvs/radios, intercourse, and all bodily functions in the bathroom. The neighbor's cell phone is vibrating? You'll hear it. The NO DOGS policy is not enforced; tons of people have dogs and you can hear them too. If you work night shift and sleep during the day, you will get no sleep, unless you're a HEAVY sleeper. Giles Road is constantly busy, making it a pain to get out of the complex unless it's 3 AM. There is no secured entry and the security company that was hired literally just drives around the parking lot once a night. The stairs and hallway areas are barely maintained. The walls out there are dirty and scuffed, the floors are never vacuumed and the lights go out often. The mailman never bothers to ATTEMPT to bring you your packages, it automatically goes to the leasing office and you have to wait until 4 pm when he is done delivering to get it. Sometimes, he doesn't bother to put your mail in your mailbox and it ends up just sitting on top of all of the mailboxes where anyone could take it. Over all, my experience here was awful. The only positives I can even think of is maintenance is very prompt. You call in your request, they usually fix it within an hour, then the leasing office calls to make sure it was fixed right. And in the winter, the men spent hours plowing to make sure the entire parking lot was clear of snow, it was awesome. I stayed for 1 year to finish out my lease, but was ready to leave this place by my 3rd month here. I would NOT recommend.
Matt McManigal
a year ago
Love the apartment, it's a quiet location. The entire team at Rock Creek is awesome. Had an issue with my AC, it was fixed immediately. I've been here for 3 months and no issues. A friend of mine recommended this complex, and I'm totally satisfied.
Hayley Martin
2 years ago
Just moved in here a few weeks ago, and I absolutely love it. Great location, beautiful apartments, rent is pretty decent, and maintenance team is stellar. I've had issues with my A/C and the maintenance has been nothing but helpful and courteous to us while there, and they're quick at fixing the issue. Can't wait to stay!
michael costlow
2 months ago
I've been here for 3 years and it's been great.
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