Commons at White Marsh
9901 Langs Rd
Middle River, MD 21220
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Nina Pendleton
4 weeks ago
actually it's funny I had complaints on me ,when they figure it out I will be gone I moved here back in 2006 it was nice ,but now anybody can say anything to get you out and it's cool .my neighbors complained about parking but 2 of my neighbors had 3 cars a piece .one neighbor made noise since the day he moved in and the teenage girl lord have mercy.but I have yet to complain f this place they gave me 30 days to leave cool bye I which I could give no stars.
Charnell Boone
3 weeks ago
Exponentially poor customer service at the Commons at White Marsh. Disgusting roach infested apartment was leased to me. I am being refused to be let out of my lease or have monies refunded. Would not recommend any one who doesnt have to, to move into this property. And even if you have to, just DONT. Immediately upon move in, I noticed roach eggs and dead roaches on top of and inside of refrigerator and kitchen cabinets. Property manager refused to speak with me directly about my issues. I was offered the chance to be put on an extermination list and told to just put my food in plastic containers in the meanwhile as they could not garauntee that they would be able to get rid of the roaches. Overall, the apartment is trashy, d and crummy and should not have been leased to anyone.
Shakira Warren
a month ago
This place is the worst. They will raise your rent every year, and the office never do anything. The maintance is the worst they will never fix anything that breaks, it took them a month to fix my washing machine. They still have not fix my refrigerator and its been two weeks. Do not move here.
holly lambert
2 months ago
I was so excited to move into my very first place only to be completely disappointed and disgusted!!!! I moved in during the day around noon and once it got dark the roaches started making their way out of the back of the fridge, I called emergency maintenance and of course there was no answer/call back, I went out and bought spray and traps, I called the rental office as soon as they opened the next day only to be told it would be two more days before an exterminator would come out! How professional is that!? So I was expected to live in a roach infested apartment!!! Which completely violated my leasing agreement that stated they had to provide me a unit that did not put my health at risk! I had to go waste more of my money on fumigators, sprays, and boric acid, I got no sleep and I was constantly walking around my apartment with a flashlight looking at/under/over/inside EVERYTHING so I can make sure I kill every last one of those nasty things! I keep the apartment well lit, dry, and clean I did not cook or open any food for over a week, they replaced the fridge 2 days after I called, I used the washer the second day I was there and there was a leak under the sink, the second time I used it there was a waterfall coming from under the sink and water backing up thru the sink, maintenance came out but didn't fix the problem then it happened again I had to wait two days for a plumber to come out, and after talking to 3 maintenance men and putting in a request about replacing the wood under the sink because MOLD is growing and it smells horrible it still hasn't been replaced, so yet again this unit is putting my health at risk! I walked out of my apartment to find a LIT cigarette laying on the carpeted stairs! I hate the fact that I have to be connected to such irresponsible people, I don't feel comfortable here!! This is the biggest mistake I have ever made!!!!! I never want to rent again and will be moving when my lease is up!
Donnetta Woodrup
2 months ago
I can honestly say after living there for over 9yrs, it was time for me to hit the road. After experiencing a house fire, poor management and the worst company ownership ever, it was leave or be carried away in handcuffs. I was told in the early mornings hours of the fire by the property manager I would be notified of any availabilities and that didn't happen. You would think after 9+ of being a resident you would be given first preference but that didn't happen. Myself along with other neighbors had been complaining months before about teenage children that didn't live there constantly pulling the fire alarm, smoking weed in the building, leaving the inside of the cigar in the hallway and hanging in the hallway charging their cellphones. The building asked for security doors and was told it had to go through corporate but it's funny after our building burned down and I'm gone from the property, there are now security doors which half ass work. The management office is rude as hell and so unprofessional. Although I didn't have a rodent problem there were several other problems I had that they just did patch work to and left undone. The rent was constantly going up but never any upgrades. I can honestly say that fire was the best thing that happened because it forced me to move out that dump and now I'm some where that's much nicer for the amount of money I was paying there. The Commons at White Marsh can go to hell for all I care.
Christina Walker
2 months ago
READ THIS REVIEW.The parking situation is horrible due to selfish neighbors who park 5 vehicles and 2 of the 3 vehicles are never used they take up space resulting in the poor elderly neighbors having to park on the street and have to walk across the street to their own home, the people they allow to live in the houses clearly do not have background checks due to large quantity of families and drug deals that occur daily in the community. The neighborhood is terrible! children run around freely damaging cars and disrespecting adults, the maintenance crew are lazy and clearly have no experience at their job.I have caught a few of the maintenance men back during the snowstorm mocking the elderly people when they came out asking for their help and burying cars that families took hours to shovel. Unprofessional ! Also it takes 3 weeks for maintenance to respond to any type of request from getting a screw driver for a cabinet to having leaky pipes and mold.On various occasions they will lie online stating that they have responded to the maintenance request, various homes are decaying due to leaks and old pipes. The solution would be to fix the actual leaky pipe by replacing it since its rusted and old but their solution( The maintenance that is) is to paint and cover the mold. The town homes at inspection are made to look beautiful then once you start living there the truth is revealed.The damage is hidden behind paint and is revealed upon warm weather exposing the mold and mildew that have been reported several times. Letters are constantly sent out about grills and patios from the company but, Nobody really takes those seriously because the company doesn't care about their residents. The only positive thing I could probably say about the place is its nice having the washer and dryer unit . I would not recommend this place to anybody and the reviews that people post are true. I would understand if rent was 750 monthly and limited staff with added utilities but , NO. For being over $1,000 is truly a rip off. Their famous move is to give you one townhouse and then "suddenly" have to change the townhouse because " the tenants decided not to move" and they sell you on a different one. So if you are willing to take a chance keep in mind it means they need more time to cover the mold and destruction of one of the townhouses and they will move you into a town home that may seem nice until you inspect the home and wait 3 weeks for things to be repaired which include painting and caulking holes. I hope this review helps many people because people who pay on time monthly , who are clean and respectful deserve to know the truth. I wish someone would have told my family and I the truth. Best wishes to the risk taking people. I advise not to take that risk because this place is a huge mistake. I can not wait to move !!!
sherry ahmed
3 months ago
Repairs take for ever to be repaired. Their excuses are they are waiting on contractors. A few years back they said they would upgrade the balconies. Only half the buildings got the upgrades. I am still waiting for my upgrade. Bathroom ceiling almost ready to fall down and I have been complaining for months. They made it a secure building requiring keys to main entrance. Their is no buzzer or keypad entry system to the building. Deliveries usually get returned unless one waits outside or in their car. We are required to provide a 60 day notice if we will renew or not renew our lease prior to our lease expiring. They mailed my lease months late so I only have a few weeks to give my decision.
Erica Rodriguez
2 months ago
I moved to Baltimore from ny and this place is a living hell i am dying for my lease to be up and get the hell out of here. If you want to live in a zoo full of insects and mice then come and join this place 😡 I hate calling or even going to the business office
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