Commons at White Marsh
9901 Langs Rd
Middle River, MD 21220
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Tariq Middleton
in the last week
Lovely apartment complex, but changing from the city will leave you a bit bored cuz you really need a ride to live out here! The bus route is real shitty cuz it only runs once every hour, and sometimes you'll be waiting two hours for a bus! It's a nice community, but there is no corner stores and no "wabbits" ta hunt!!
Pamela Daniels
3 months ago
The area is nice and it is close to a lot of shopping and eateries; however, the physical apartments could use some updating. Although they call the one I moved in an "updated" apartment, the refrigerator is so small, until I can not sit a quart of orange juice upright in it. I have an apartment with a small kitchen and the washer/dryer combination is cramped against the refrigerator with just enough room to squeeze in to load and unload clothes. The water is hard...whenever I take a bath, my skin gets very flaky. And, I have never rented a place that does not have light fixtures in the bedrooms. You have to have your own lamps. Oh, and not to mention, I have been bitten by some type of small creatures on my hand and arms...had to use Benedryl to help stop the itching and dry up the bumps. There is so much work they need to put into these apartments. If I have an updated apartment, then I wonder how the regular apartments look? After my lease is up in seven months, believe that I am not renewing it!
maxine cannaday
4 months ago
commons at white marsh is a great place to live I never had a problem with anything I just wish their was more transportation in this area. overall I am satisfied with my apartment.
Samantha Barnes
11 months ago
I too, like some other reviewers, am only giving 1 star because it is the lowest possible rating. This is the most miserable place I have ever lived, and that include the cheap and trashy apartment in college. Maintenance is a joke, the area is swarmed by police constantly, and yes, residents literally do dig in the trash. But worst of all is the management office. They are the most unprofessional, unorganized and rudest people I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with. This is my first review I have ever written and I am writing it to advise you to look elsewhere and save yourself a lot of discomfort and hassle. I have never been so grateful to move out of a place in my life! My boyfriend and I actually chose to break our lease early and pay the penalty just so we could move sooner rather than stay there another 2 months!
lee lee charm
7 months ago
Nice homes security was kind of a bully I never understood why they were talking to me I`ve broken no rules it was like they were letting me know were here don`t mess up or they we will get me put out; like don't even think about it ,I didn't like that. The rental office is like over bill first and ask was questions later, in my opinion.
Scott Sutton
11 months ago
An absolute mess. The facilities are fine for what you pay for, the area is ok as well. What brings the living conditions down is the beauracratic nightmare that is the management office and maintenance. In every single instance I dealt with them, the management made things worse, not better. Here are some examples: 1. Our A/C went out three times in one summer. Each time they simply pumped more fluid in, but never fixed the hole. A/C is a closed system. Essentially, instead of fixing the hole at the bottom of the bucket, they came out three times and poured more water in. The third time it was 85 degrees at night, so we went and got a motel room for $50. After emailing the management office the receipt and asking for reimbursement (since it was the THIRD time the A/C went out), they denied us the $50. 2. Leak in the ceiling. Their "fix" was to put one layer of paint over it. Leak was still there, and you could obviously still see the water mark through the paint. 3. My girlfriend was home alone during the day and the dog started to go crazy. She walked into the living room to see a man on our third floor balcony and the ladder he had climbed to get there. It turns out, he was there to paint the exterior storage door (where the broken A/C unit is located). There was no notification that door painting was happening. No emails, no letters, no signs. No advanced notification given to us at all. He's lucky he wasn't shot by another neighbor. 4. As I write this, it's June. I just received a court summons from the Commons at Whitemarsh lawyer saying that I had failed to pay february's rent. I received no notification from the Commons that I had not paid rent. I've got the receipt from paying February's rent in front of me. Even after I've moved out of the Commons at Whitemarsh, they somehow managed to bungle an old rent payment and send their lawyers after me. Now I have to see if any of this has effected my credit score. The Commons at Whitemarsh through their undeniable incompentence may have made the home I've been saving up for more difficult to attain. In finality, if you're looking for a cheap place to live, make it somewhere other than the Commons at Whitemarsh if you value your sanity and the safety of your roommates/family. You never know when there could be someone who climbed a ladder to get to your balcony.
Daniel Harris
a year ago
Please note that I am only giving 1 star because that is the lowest possible. If you could give no stars, that is what I would give. The apartments are the worst possible place for any human to live. I would not wish this terrible place even on my worst enemy! The maintenance staff is lazy and incompetent! There have been very serious rainstorms in our area of the past couple of years and our particular complex experienced an issue where the venal siding was coming away from the building, allowing water to flow into the building. I have video and photos of a near waterfall developing in our windowsill in our bedroom and in our living room. This caused paint issues and mold issues in the carpet. After moving, we receive a huge bill for water and carpet damage, a result of them not fixing the issue! If you are considering living here, reconsider! This place is not fit for humans and should be shut down!
Christine Ford
a year ago
I just moved in September and can I say it was very unprofessional. The leasing office people are very rude and just want to get you in and to sign the lease and be done with you. the neighborhood is very nice which is why we are still here. I have seen a mouse. We were not allowed to see our apartment until we picked up our keys on our move in date. and when we picked up our keys the carpet was wet and had a stench that took the leasing office three weeks to fix. The apartment is nice and so is the neighborhood but would not recommemded
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