Commons At White Marsh
9901 Langs Rd
Middle River, MD 21220
7 Google user reviews
Daniel Harris
reviewed a month ago
Please note that I am only giving 1 star because that is the lowest possible. If you could give no stars, that is what I would give. The apartments are the worst possible place for any human to live. I would not wish this terrible place even on my worst enemy! The maintenance staff is lazy and incompetent! There have been very serious rainstorms in our area of the past couple of years and our particular complex experienced an issue where the venal siding was coming away from the building, allowing water to flow into the building. I have video and photos of a near waterfall developing in our windowsill in our bedroom and in our living room. This caused paint issues and mold issues in the carpet. After moving, we receive a huge bill for water and carpet damage, a result of them not fixing the issue! If you are considering living here, reconsider! This place is not fit for humans and should be shut down!
Christine Ford
reviewed 5 months ago
I just moved in September and can I say it was very unprofessional. The leasing office people are very rude and just want to get you in and to sign the lease and be done with you. the neighborhood is very nice which is why we are still here. I have seen a mouse. We were not allowed to see our apartment until we picked up our keys on our move in date. and when we picked up our keys the carpet was wet and had a stench that took the leasing office three weeks to fix. The apartment is nice and so is the neighborhood but would not recommemded
Jason Culligan
reviewed 6 months ago
Mold Mold Mold. Mice, rats and God help you if your neighbor has a pet who has fleas, they will be yours in a week. The people that are saying that this is a "quiet nice community" are the same people that are renting you a nightmare. Had to leave because of health issues concerning the mold in the ventilation system and the mouse nests that were in our wet wall, bathroom access and in the refrigerator unit! The maintenance is a joke, trying to tell us that the roof will leak when there is heavy rains! From day one trying to get anyone with an IQ in repair to come out was impossible, if you don't believe me, come by during business hours and check out the amount of outside companies that they have to hire to do the job "right". You cannot access the tennis courts they advertise, the pool is open for only two months a year and the playground, well there you can find cursing children, screaming adults and at night any chemical you wish. You have to check for condoms in the slides as this seems to be a great date spot. Their security is a joke as well, driving through the neighborhood once or twice a week. Oh and get ready for a 40 dollar a month or more water bill. It changes as they seem fit. If I had a choice of the Commons or Hell, I'd move to Hell and use the Commons for storage.
Christian Walker
reviewed a year ago
STAY FAR, FAR AWAY!!!! THIS PLACE IS A TOTAL NIGHTMARE.THE STAFF IS COMPLETELY INCOMPETENT, RUDE AND MISERABLE TO DEAL WITH. THE TENANTS ARE TRASHY (Literally, they dig in the dumsters)and they HAVE NO REGARD FOR ANYONE OTHER THAN THEMSELVES. The buildings are poorly constructed and they are certainly not maintained. I've contacted the "management" office (I use the term management very loosley because the staff here has shown not one inkling of suffcient management skills) several times, in writing and in person, regarding noise issues with neighbors and there has yet to be any attempt at resolution. And since I get no help from the office, I have to call the police. The noise is so ubarable, at times, that I have to leave my apartment, just get some sort of peace. I have water damage from the tenant above me, and I've spent the past 5 weeks trying to have it repaired. I've been told by "management" that since there is no black mold on the ceiling there is not mold issue. (ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!) They actually said "once the mold dries it's no longer a problem." (Seriously?! I work in the insurance industry...and I know for a solid fact that sitting water damage is a huge problem and mold is an even bigger one. In fact, once mold dries, the spores float into the air and it becomes an even larger problem because you and your pets are now breathing it in!!!) THESE PEOPLE ARE A JOKE AND WILL CUT CORNERS ANYWHERE THEY CAN! SAVE YOURSELF A LOAD OF STRESS AND HEARTACHE AND MOVE SOMEWHERE, ANYWHERE ElSE!
A Google User
reviewed 2 years ago
Went and checked it out, beautiful community with a lot of features. Perfect for a years lease but when you start talking shorter it starts to get expensive. Definatly go check it out if your looking to stick around for a bit.
A Google User
reviewed 2 years ago
ive lived here for the past 10 months the community (apartment side) is extremly quiet...i have no complaints....only had to call maintenance twice and they stopped by within an hour. Feels safe here an officer lives in my building and I know of at least 2 more in the community....staff is bugs or rodents...and the staff comes around twice a week to clean the hallways, laundry room etc....lots of kids in the community but they dont bother renewing my lease....overall great price and great community!
A Google User
reviewed 2 years ago
Rodents.!!!!!!! And section 8...... thas all I had to say....don't move to the town houses