Commons at White Marsh
9901 Langs Rd
Middle River, MD 21220
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Christina Walker
in the last week
READ THIS REVIEW.The parking situation is horrible due to selfish neighbors who park 5 vehicles and 2 of the 3 vehicles are never used they take up space resulting in the poor elderly neighbors having to park on the street and have to walk across the street to their own home, the people they allow to live in the houses clearly do not have background checks due to large quantity of families and drug deals that occur daily in the community. The neighborhood is terrible! children run around freely damaging cars and disrespecting adults, the maintenance crew are lazy and clearly have no experience at their job.I have caught a few of the maintenance men back during the snowstorm mocking the elderly people when they came out asking for their help and burying cars that families took hours to shovel. Unprofessional ! Also it takes 3 weeks for maintenance to respond to any type of request from getting a screw driver for a cabinet to having leaky pipes and mold.On various occasions they will lie online stating that they have responded to the maintenance request, various homes are decaying due to leaks and old pipes. The solution would be to fix the actual leaky pipe by replacing it since its rusted and old but their solution( The maintenance that is) is to paint and cover the mold. The town homes at inspection are made to look beautiful then once you start living there the truth is revealed.The damage is hidden behind paint and is revealed upon warm weather exposing the mold and mildew that have been reported several times. Letters are constantly sent out about grills and patios from the company but, Nobody really takes those seriously because the company doesn't care about their residents. The only positive thing I could probably say about the place is its nice having the washer and dryer unit . I would not recommend this place to anybody and the reviews that people post are true. I would understand if rent was 750 monthly and limited staff with added utilities but , NO. For being over $1,000 is truly a rip off. Their famous move is to give you one townhouse and then "suddenly" have to change the townhouse because " the tenants decided not to move" and they sell you on a different one. So if you are willing to take a chance keep in mind it means they need more time to cover the mold and destruction of one of the townhouses and they will move you into a town home that may seem nice until you inspect the home and wait 3 weeks for things to be repaired which include painting and caulking holes. I hope this review helps many people because people who pay on time monthly , who are clean and respectful deserve to know the truth. I wish someone would have told my family and I the truth. Best wishes to the risk taking people. I advise not to take that risk because this place is a huge mistake. I can not wait to move !!!
sherry ahmed
2 weeks ago
Repairs take for ever to be repaired. Their excuses are they are waiting on contractors. A few years back they said they would upgrade the balconies. Only half the buildings got the upgrades. I am still waiting for my upgrade. Bathroom ceiling almost ready to fall down and I have been complaining for months. They made it a secure building requiring keys to main entrance. Their is no buzzer or keypad entry system to the building. Deliveries usually get returned unless one waits outside or in their car. We are required to provide a 60 day notice if we will renew or not renew our lease prior to our lease expiring. They mailed my lease months late so I only have a few weeks to give my decision.
Malcolm Reid Jr
2 months ago
I never actually lived here I only applied but after reading all of the negative reviews about this place, I think I dodged a huge bullet. I was looking forward to moving here next month but I got a call from the rental office that the tenants changed their minds and were not moving out of the unit I was supposed to get. At first I was told there was a $100 non refundable holding fee, but the manager decided to refund me my full security deposit since I was not at fault here and I was able to get my $300 security deposit back. I think if tenants are allowed to change their minds about moving out of a unit then they should not collect security deposits from people. I'm just glad I got my money back. If you should decide to apply to this place be sure you read each document very carefully before you sign it.
melanie conaway
2 months ago
Has a bad mice. problem during the big snow i couldn't clear my car .they wouldn't help me get out.couldn't get to the dr or go to the store for 2 weeks.bathroom flooded didn't come until the 3ed call and flooded into hallway water is a set price $35.Can't wait to move!!!!
Tracy Small
2 months ago
Kianga Mckinney
10 months ago
It is true there is truly a Hell on Earth because I lived in it for a year and 2 months. Before I moved in I asked about pest control specifically mice because I am terrified of them, I was told if I had a mouse issue it would be taken care of because they have their own pest control company. During the first week of me living on the property I began to notice bugs in my bedroom (silverfish) and pest control came out and sprayed but told me that these insects are common in this area. After about two weeks of living in the Commons at White Marsh I started to notice mice feces around the apartment, I contacted the office and they told me to look around for holes so that they could do a seek and seal and pest control was sent out. Pest control laid sticky traps. I had a huge bush in front of my house which I asked if it could be removed or cut down because it made walking into my home unsafe and I was told no unless it was physically damaging the building. I began to notice more mice and silverfish activity. Pest control laid more traps. I wrote an email to the office about my experience and since they couldn't get rid of the mice they cut into the tree eventually they cut it down. I put in another request because I saw a mouse run into my house from underneath the closet that obtained my hot water tank. At this time I have about 7 traps in my downstairs area. At one point in time they sent out a supervisor from the pest control who laid more traps. At this time I began asking for the corporate office and every time I asked they told me they could not give me that information but the property manager would contact me. Now during this time I lived in an area where my neighbors constantly left trash like car parts on their porch and double parked and blocked you in your parking space (even though it was a sign stating that you would be towed if you violated the parking procedures) when I called about this issue they said that I had to call the number and report my neighbors ( so now I am laying traps and enforcing parking two things I was assured during move in would not be a problem). As the year goes on I still see mouse activity and I found a some sort of beetle in my bed (the bug was huge I have never seen anything like it). Of course they continued to send out pest control who in turn laid more traps at one point in time I had about 10 traps going through out my house. Needless to say I never invited anyone over because the whole downstairs was lined with traps. They laid the traps and no one came to check them. I began to notice mice feces on my living room furniture. I called the office and they sent someone in to spray in the walls. This did not eradicate my mouse issues mouse activity increased during Thanksgiving I spotted a mouse in the kitchen which resulted in me throwing away all of my Thanksgiving food and purchasing extra storage bins for food. The next issue was a lizard that I found in my house. I asked someone to come down and remove it I was told they are harmless and common to this area as a matter a fact they have one that frequently appears in the office by this time I am furious because none of my issues have been resolved and I keep feeling like they are minimizing my issues. After three days they sent someone down to retrieve the lizard but he was already dead by then. The mouse issue continued I found one in my second bedroom and found mice feces on bed spread and bedroom floor. I contacted the office again and you guessed it they sent someone out. I began to create a barrier under my door hoping to block the mouse from coming into my room. A mouse was finally caught during my last two weeks in the apartment and when I called to have it removed no one came I finally asked a neighbor if he would do it for me needless to say I never told the office that it was taken care of and by the time I had moved out they still had never sent anyone to deal with it. I asked to speak with the corporate office and I was told someone would contact me I'm still waiting for that phone call.
Alison Guilliams
11 months ago
My roommate tried to blow up the apartment (no, literally, he filled the apartment with gas and put an iron on my bed when i was away one weekend.) and despite police reports and restraining orders, the staff made it as hard as possible for me to be safe. (Fighting me to change the locks, not letting me break the lease under bad circumstances, etc..) The sales team is INCREDIBLE. Everyone on that side of the office is sweet and nice and kind. HOWEVER, after you're a resident you get to be treated like garbage by the "office" staff every which one of is mean and nasty. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE, SERIOUSLY IT IS THE WORST. THE MOST INHUMAN PIECES OF SHIT YOU WILL EVER RENT FROM. DONT DO IT
Tariq Middleton
11 months ago
Lovely apartment complex, but changing from the city will leave you a bit bored cuz you really need a ride to live out here! The bus route is real shitty cuz it only runs once every hour, and sometimes you'll be waiting two hours for a bus! It's a nice community, but there is no corner stores and no "wabbits" ta hunt!!
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