Commons at White Marsh
9901 Langs Rd
Middle River, MD 21220
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Jay Hailey
a week ago
This is our second time living in Commons. We have never had problems with maintenance my AC stopped working on a Sunday night called Emergency # left a message within 15 minutes someone was there to correct the problem. We live on the back end it is very quiet, no traffic, and have never had problems with any of the kids. I have been here for 2 years this time and have had my windows replaced just waiting for the patio doors to be replaced. Now it does become a little costly if you decide on a month to month instead of a yearly lease but I would recommend them to friends and family. I have never talked to any staff that was unprofessional! I enjoyed my stay they don't bother me and I don't bother them
peggie mixson
2 months ago
The staff was to me professional, friendly, I didn't agree with one of the policy regarding holding fee. It should be different than just being on the waiting list, waiting for an opening, I feel in these times when people are trying to survive and if something better is offer to them then go with it. Policy as it may be should be concern in each person case. People don't have money to just give away to something that they can't use. Think before you finalizing an agreement, don't rush there are always more than just one out there.
Ava Phenix
a month ago
This place is great , but presently is under construction. The completion date is spring 2017, even the movie theater is getting an upgrade. Really looking forward to see the completion of this area that was already a great place to eat, shop and hangout listening to music.
Toya Player
3 months ago
We bought a house in Harford County, they told us we needed to give 30 days notice once we find the house. We were the best tenants, left things clean, only had to pay 115.00 when we left for a spot on the carpet... 3 years later, someone did NOT do their job and now they are suing us for the last months rent, saying we left without cause... why would we have paid the 115.00 to exit if we just up and left? Wow is all I have to say!!!
Melissa Githinji
3 months ago
☆☆☆WARNING☆☆☆ DO NOT RENT HERE! This is the worse place to live. I agree this place should be shut down. Unless your a rat and don't care and don't mind catching a contact from all the drugs around here. I absolutely hate it and can't wait to be out. Nothing is fixed I had to take them to court bit I'm not done with that yet. When they come to make the minimum repair (with tape) they bring bed bugs. The management is the rudest unprofessional. ..and all they do is raise your rent and add other charges. The playground is dangerous for children to play on. The townhouse it self is not fit for small children or even a human to live in. I wish I would have read the reviews before I moved in I would have survived with the noisy neighbors and been a lot happier than what I am now. Don't waste your time here!!
Mary Purity
2 months ago
They need to get themselves together. How can they evict someone when she had promised to pay within that week??? They are very mean people. Especially the White ones who pretend to own all the riches of the world. Your commons at White marsh isn't the only place where humans should live ... get that straight!!!😒
Donnetta Woodrup
8 months ago
I can honestly say after living there for over 9yrs, it was time for me to hit the road. After experiencing a house fire, poor management and the worst company ownership ever, it was leave or be carried away in handcuffs. I was told in the early mornings hours of the fire by the property manager I would be notified of any availabilities and that didn't happen. You would think after 9+ of being a resident you would be given first preference but that didn't happen. Myself along with other neighbors had been complaining months before about teenage children that didn't live there constantly pulling the fire alarm, smoking weed in the building, leaving the inside of the cigar in the hallway and hanging in the hallway charging their cellphones. The building asked for security doors and was told it had to go through corporate but it's funny after our building burned down and I'm gone from the property, there are now security doors which half ass work. The management office is rude as hell and so unprofessional. Although I didn't have a rodent problem there were several other problems I had that they just did patch work to and left undone. The rent was constantly going up but never any upgrades. I can honestly say that fire was the best thing that happened because it forced me to move out that dump and now I'm some where that's much nicer for the amount of money I was paying there. The Commons at White Marsh can go to hell for all I care.
shon jackson
5 months ago
I currently live here in their town homes.... love the town home but unfortunately shortly after moving in i had a roach infestation even though they did fix the problem.. the ants came soon after and that is what i am dealing with now .. i am considering moving to their apartments but from the reviews i am scared.. basically rent at your own risk. it is not cheap to live here so if you can afford better get better!
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