Richmond Hills Apartments
1422 Preston Ridge St NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49504
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trevor Baldwin
a month ago
Awesome place! Been there many times to visit a friend and always had a great experience close enough to everything and just far enough away to be able to relax. Just signed a lease and Shannon made the experience very easy. The updated apartments are very well done as well!!
Michael Reynolds
a month ago
The first year rent is great. 30 days before the second year look out for the 10-12% rent hike. Even though they tell you it's 4-5%. Snow removal is lackluster bring your own shovel. Be ready to do your own repairs or hire out it does not get done right away at all. After 3 reports I had it fix my own outside door to get to my apartment door. The neighbors are NOT quiet and all you get when you report it is "sorry". I had stuff stolen and damaged and not even an "sorry" from the company.
Ben Faceofdoom
3 months ago
Ugh, where can I start. Our patio door has leaked since we moved in 10 months ago. At first it was just a little water, but now it literally looks like a waterfall inside our apartment every time it rains. We have to have dehumidifiers running 24/7 and the carpet is constantly moist. Their "repair crew" has been here so many times. They never do anything to actually fix the problem. The studs on either side of the door are rotting out. I'm sure it's a structural problem at this point. My kids are sick all the time and I think it has to be related to the mold and water issues. The complex looks decent on the outside, but it is a hellhole. The never fix anything right. It's a foul, terrible place to live. I hear dogs barking constantly and there is dog poop everywhere. My kids can't even play in the grass, there's so much poop. People are constantly smoking weed inside the building despite the no smoking policy. I can hear dogs barking constantly and even though my neighbors try to stay quiet it is always too loud. The walls here are paper thin. It is not a quiet place. There were holes in the walls when we moved in and closet shelves were falling down. The bathroom closet door can't actually close. The bathroom sink leaked and the shower head didn't work. Also, know that the unit that they show you on the tour looks nothing like what you will be getting. You will be getting a damp, dark, loud, filthy apartment with outdated fixtures. They are replacing all the patio doors and windows, but they are not caulking them on the outside, so they will just continue to leak. They are also fining people $1200 for "letting their dogs poop on the lawn" even though I've always seen the people they are fining clean up after their dog. The new management is atrocious. Do not rent from them.
Sarah Dawson
a month ago
Worst apartments I've ever lived in. I lived there in a studio apartment from 2013-2015. My rent was raised multiple times, we had multiple owners, and they never fixed things that were broken. The guy across the hall from me was a hoarder and had an apartment full of mold. The apartment owners denied these fact even after being shown photos of his apartment. Needless to say I moved and so did everyone else I knew that lived there. Horrible experience
jerron julien
5 months ago
While the recent renovations are an improvement the timeline was not kept. Periodically the water is shut off with notice but it is still inconvenient. The new upgrades are not nice enough for the large increase in cost and things like the door locks where left off for the months of winter and we're replaced with keyed locks instead of the electrical locks. I was very frustrated as well when we cancelled our lease the man handling our transaction just kind of joked his way through the process and laughed at me when I said we were moving somewhere rent controlled. Like the concept of fair practice for residents of your facility was a thing if the past and thank the Lord we can raise the rent on these people a hundred dollars every year. I will say however the pool is always well kept. The grounds and hallways are always clean. The support staff is always pleasant. Whenever we got the online system to work for a repair the men that handled the repair were attentive and respectful. I always appreciated that aspect. If I saw them outside of the transaction like just walking through the community they would smile and say hello.
Amy Mercer
2 weeks ago
Management was poor, and the buildings are not up to date. Pool pH was always incorrect, and the money you pay could be better spent elsewhere.
kerry pullum
2 months ago
Nice place to live. the neighbors are friendly and the maintenance crew is awesome.
Shelby Corliss
11 months ago
This is a great community to live at. They are tucked back in a beautiful, wooded area, but you're only minutes away from downtown, as well as many shopping and dining options on Alpine. They have a pool and small work out facility. They also have a community garden and are opening a dog park next month! It's a great place to live with pets and they don't have any weight restrictions. Most of the apartments are updated inside and they let you paint and decorate your walls! Heat and water are included in your rent, which is so awesome in comparison to places I have lived before. Richmond Hills has a super nice staff and they are always on top of their maintenance requests. I definitely recommend this apartment complex. It has to be one of the best in GR. :) The only thing I would change if I could, is to have in unit washers and dryers! ALSO: I was NOT paid or asked to write this review.
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