Brookview Apartment Homes
8460 Hospital Dr
Douglasville, GA 30134
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Love Lyme
a month ago
Bugs bugs in some apts yes live here if u have no where else to go theres drug dealers there kids who play on cars they do fix stuff fast but the actually cover it up makes it worse.
Porsha Gay
11 months ago
I like it here. I think the apartments should be renovated though. It screams late 60s &70s. My bath tub has started to peel off, I can't get into my kitchen draw unless I open the dish washer first and it just so small. But I like the community activities
Kimyatta Robinson
3 months ago
Love the community involvement with kids and family and agents and staff are soo helpful
Steven Wyler
4 months ago
It's nice and quiet. The staff are quick to fix maintenance issues and nice to residents.
Erica Lopez
2 years ago
Moved here just about 1 month ago. The staff has been very helpful and proactive. I needed some minor repairs and they came the next day to resolve the issues. Noisy neighbors are going to be anywhere, but you learn to ignore them and karma takes care of things on its own. It's a good start up place if you need something financially reasonable, but they also engage in the community doing educational trips even out of state and also community activities at the club house. Overall is a nice place and very convenient to everything.
Victor Williams
a year ago
WORST LIVING EXPERIENCE EVER!!! Management (both rent office staff and maintenance alike) are very unfair people. They will somehow fabricate stories to remove the people who they just don't like. They said that they saw my dog display aggressive tendencies and demanded that I get rid of her immediately. However my dog is one the friendliest animals in the world. I asked for documentation of these incidents and they could never produce anything. Management also engages in favoritism among the residents. There's a man who lives in the neighborhood who not only threatened the life of my dog, but myself as well. I told management and they did absolutely nothing about the situation at all. This guy walks around the neighborhood daily with a machete in an attempt to intimidate my mother and I. Please, whatever you do, never move to a dump like this!
Jae Mack
2 years ago
I have lived in these apartments for almost five years and it has come a long way. I am a senior citizen and I feel good about coming home. The way the office staff treat the seniors is very wonderful. They really take care of us. When I first moved in I didnt really talk to the office staff unless I was paying my rent. Now we have coffee and tea available for us. They also have senior citizen bingo night. Ms Margaret always has the nicest gifts and they make sure every one is fair. Pest control comes out and sprays to make sure the bugs stay outside. The maintenance men come and fix things around my apartment and they are very pleasant to me. The children play outside and they dont make much fuss. We even have transportation service to our doctors appointments and such that comes right to our door. I really enjoy living in this apartment and my friend is moving down here from out of town and I am sure she will be moving out here too.
Jasmine Chatman
2 years ago
This apartment is the worst! I choose this apartment solely to finish my Master’s program with UWG and that is it! However, while staying here the experience was not pleasant. Save yourself the headache and do not even consider this place as an option. First of all, starting with parking there are no assigned spaces so when you come home from work you may not have a space in front of your home because they have so many ignorant and people receiving subsidy in this community, no one seems to work. Oh, and the noise, let’s not talk about the "gangsters," by gangsters I don't mean hood just based of the music they listen too, that loveee to blast their music and leave the car door open so everyone can hear their tunes. And did I mention this goes on through the night as well. Next, let’s talk about how the renters here don’t even respect their grounds as they will trash all their food wrappings and cups in the parking lot right near the dumpster and break glass bottles in the parking lot like there are no cars nearby. Smh!!! Anyway, let’s move on to safety, they are supposed to have this random guy drive around and suppose to be ensuring security but in reality he is like a suck up to the rental office and do their dirty work such as spying on the good people not the people that stands outside and drink alcohol and smoke weed. Oh and did I mention he has a pit bull mix but the lease office claim it is a lab mix (yeah right), you don't have to be a vet tech to identify a pit. Furthermore, the construction, the screens that the office orders are standard sizes, yet they don’t fit ANY of the windows, what sense do that make? This issue is a problem because if and when there is a nice night or day and you want to open the windows instead of using the A/C the next day you will see big/little creatures such as water bugs that get through the space in the screen. The maintenance crew is okay, but they bang on your door like they are the police instead of ringing the door bell, the younger chubby dude is not polite at all. The staff has their favorites and that is it, the suckers who pay they rent on time and give them proper notice to leave, they try to find minor issues to keep your lousy deposit. Overall, this apartment only served one purpose for me and that was a good commute to school and work and that is it!!!
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