The Retreat At Kedron Village Apartment Homes
100 Hyacinth Ln
Peachtree City, GA 30269
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Jeffrey Wonser
2 months ago
Lived in this complex for a year. Staff top notch for the most part. Had one issue with receipt of a package (they had one but said they didn't, it just happened to be an expensive one), but I accept it as an innocent mistake. We were in a ground floor apartment and after rain would have roaches come out of the sinks. Running a lot of water through each sink seemed to keep them down for the most part. I guess this is an issue in most apartments in Atlanta. I also dumped a LOT of bleach down sinks after good rain, and that seemed to help, also. Maintenance staff also great and very friendly! Our big heartburn came upon needed a five-month extension. I expected an increase of 10-15%, no more than 25%, but they wanted an almost 60% increase. Unacceptable. As an option, they offered a 30% increase on a six-month, but then I'd have to pay a forfeiture fee of one month's rent (or the 6th month). Nice, I pay them an extra $2k, they re-rent the apartment, and they double-dip on it. Nice option... that is if you have unlimited cash flow. We had to move and ended up one town over and will save in excess of $7,000 for the 5 month period. It's quite the gouge and quite the racket! In short, if you know you're going to stay for EXACTLY the term of your lease, then this is a good place to stay. If there's ANY chance of leaving before or after your term, I'd suggest looking someplace else, definitely out of Peachtree City.
Thomas Park
3 months ago
Wish they alert through email system or at least get the mailman to put in a sheet saying my packages are at the leasing office whenever something arrives to my apt... I find out days later it's been at front office. Guess what ! I don't get ANY notification until I requested confirmation and almost put in dispute until I saw on postal carrier site to find out that they added a comment a week later stating it was dropped off at front office. Hate fking apt complexes. Fking delivery ppl need to get theitbfkubg last as$$es and deliver or attempt to fking deliver my package to my mtkrrfkig door
6 months ago
Moving ASAP at a high expense to me. In less than 2 months - 6 times AC has gone out, twice overnight. Kitchen fuse blew with only one plug used, after hours. Toilet overflowing without being used, twice (not clogged, overflowing), Kitchen garbage disposal and dishwasher backed up with someone else's crud because I never have cooked here yet and had to wait all weekend over a holiday, for someone to clear it. It was disgusting and smelled horrible. Blinds fell the first time I tried to close them. Lights blown out everywhere, the carpet is dirty and makes the whole place stink, no matter what I do and the garage door opener has broken. There is no backup available. We have already had to purchase Draino for the tub and have used it up, trying to keep the drain open. It isn't easy to get someone to help you if it isn't convenient for them and the place was obviously not punched between tenants. The first time they checked the AC, they removed a filthy filter and tried to tell us that we did that in a few weeks. No pets, non-smokers, no kids. We are rarely home. I have never lived anywhere that has made me feel like this. I feel like the biggest complainer but these things have had to be addressed. I almost never give reviews but in this case, the management has not made any of this right in regards to ending our stay here. One shining light is Patricia, the Leasing Agent. She has gone out of her way but there isn't much she can do to help us, unfortunately.
Paul Beets
11 months ago
Lived here for 11 months after relocating to Peachtree City. Nice place to live - friendly office staff.
Kan Lee
a year ago
Nice place, the price is too high for 2bedrooms $1600. Be aware they put u in different building. Make sure to check up the unit u are getting!!
a year ago
Excellent community, spacious and well maintained apartments, very good maintenance service, very nice staff at the leasing office. Not faced any problem in my stay.. Next to 74 highway and near to Kedron shopping mall.
Todd k
2 years ago
My experiences dealing with the leasing staff as well as the maintenance crew has always been helpful. The grounds and buildings are kept in beautiful condition and the leasing agents are more than helpful in any matter that may arise. I would highly recommend this property to prospective renters.
Aj Jensen
2 years ago
I moved in just a few months and I enjoy living here so far. I have lived in apartments before and I have to say living at the Retreat at Kedron Village is by far the most enjoyable. The staff is very friendly,(Pet friendly too) and very knowledgeable in what they do. The maintenance staff gets their work orders done in a quick and timely manner.
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