Advenir At Banyan Lake
1561 Stonehaven Dr
Boynton Beach, FL 33436
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Joe Suave
3 months ago
READ BEFORE CALLING BANYAN!!!!! A lot of crime here: Cars and patios get broken into at night. Drug deals at the "kiddie park" Almost every single night we see cops with there lights on in the neighborhood. The trash is barely picked up and all over the street. The kiddie play ground has gang writing and drawings of sexually explicit behavior all over it. Literally covered with it. I had to cut my kids time there real short. My child is 2 and does need to see those images as they go down the slide. They keep raising rent but the community gets worse and worse. You'd think with the extra money they would fix it up and hire a real security guard. No. The security gaurd they have avoids everyone and is never around. Can't even blame him though they don't even give him a golf cart or anything. He walks everywhere. How is he supposed to do his job correctly if he's in the back of the neighborhood and something is happening at the front. This place is a joke. Banyan lake and clipper cove. According to the officer I was talking to yesterday, get the most police calls in boynton beach Florida! The most break in's. The most everything. And I trust his word since I see him here so often. I know him by first name basis. If you care about your safety. Or your families safety. Or even you're personal belongings, Do not move in here!!!
London Parker
2 months ago
OMG I don't recommend anyone to live here the management team is disgusting they have no sense of urgency or any remorse for they takes them 3 days to reply to your maintenance problems.... Ugh just sad and very poor staff.....
Leah Rose
a year ago
This apartment community is disgusting. I cant wait till my lease is up in a few weeks. The management office sux! And the "manager" sits on her ass all day and doesn't address anyone or anything. Cheap, nasty, huge gaping hole under the bathroom vanity. And cockroaches. I'm the cleanest person in the building. I've been begging management to take care of the issue for four months now and they have not. I cant stand this place! Im paying extra to get out of here as soon as possible.
A Google User
5 years ago
HOOORAYYY!!! Please welcome your Brand New Management Team, here to make your life much easier at Banyan Lake- They are listening and they really care- stop in to introduce yourself as they get settled.