Integra Springs at Kellswater
4800 Integra Springs Dr
Kannapolis, NC 28081
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B Brown
a month ago
I think their business motto is let’s put some lipstick on this pig. Hello! Their management company is in answering service in Floriduh! Don't go for help no one will heed you. Their motto: beech, beech, beech, maybe if we ignore them they'll go away. Don't drink the water because there are water issues here, so get a water filter as there is black stuff coming out of the faucets, and of course the state of NC will find the water to be exquisite. There are parking issues here, so rent a garage as there are slim pickings around here when it comes to parking. There are move in issues here, as after move in the apartment is in disrepair, and we waited for over two months to get our copy of the lease. There are move out issues here, as they bill you for repairs for frivolous charges when you move out, and if you have a pet and they replace the carpet after you move out, they will bill you for the carpet foam; prorated for previous tenants, and if you do not pay they've got computer collectors that'll make you so crazy that your head of go through the ceiling. They have a bad maintenance department, and management is very unresponsive to maintenance issues, and they have a large staff and management turnover, and because of their skeleton crew in the maintenance department, consequently, if you need some maintenance better take a number. There is a very nice staff here, minus their surly attitude. And yes, they will blame their problems on their elusive answering machine slum lord in Floriduh.
Damaris Long
3 months ago
I'm sure I'm not the first and I'm sure I won't be the last to complain about the one major factor with living anywhere...PARKING!!!! The parking here sucks so badly to the point it feels like you've parked at a mall and have no idea where you've parked hours ago. For the amount of rent a month you pay one would think they would put into place a project for adding additional parking not only for residents but for guest! There is a ridiculous number of 40 parking spaces for guest with over 400 residents living in the community. God forbid if three homes were to have a gathering what would we ever do? I just moved here less than two weeks ago and I already see so many red flags. The things that need fixing have yet to be completed, the regional manager was very rude, and the neighbors can be less than friendly. It is a nice place to live, it's clean and somewhat updated but it's not toddler friendly. I can tell now that I will only be here for a short time. It doesn't feel like home and I do not see change happening anytime soon considering the reviews that I seen months ago that I assumed would have been fixed by now. Making your residents especially new residents feel super comfortable should be priority. Shoot at least lie about it for the first month or so.
Maria Coons
2 months ago
I have been living at Integra Springs for 2 years, I really like it at first. When the management changed recently, for some reason everything went downhill. I almost had to call the police about my neighbor because they were fighting and I was awaken by all kinds of yelling and screaming. I work nights, so it is difficult to sleep during the day anyway, my neighbors upstairs are so loud that I called the office several times just to asked them to quiet down. It used to be that the maintenance people are on top of their work orders, now I have been waiting for a month for maintenance issues to be resolved, and I am still waiting..... I used to recommend Integra Springs to my friends that are looking for apartments, now I don't want to because I am very disappointed with the services. They are so fast about making sure that the rent os paid on time, but they seem to take their time when it comes to serving their residents. My rent kept on going up, while the quality of services goes down. I am looking for another place to rent, and may not renew my lease at Integra anymore unless some miracle happens.
Miranda Bonds
3 months ago
It's looks like a nice place but has a lot of flaws, like there staff has been changed three time since I have lived here going on 6months now. I have asked for 4 months to have several things repaired and no one comes, when u ask they say "I will let maintance know". Parking sucks there's plenty of open ground to put more parking spot yet they don't. It's suppose to be gated which is fine, but they stay messed up, both openings and the remotes are cheap. We are not planning on staying once the lense is up.
Allie Graybeal
6 months ago
I am currently sitting in an 82 degree apartment with no air conditioning. Integra Springs was first made aware of this issue 2 1/2 weeks ago. It is not worth the rent you pay to live here to live in these conditions! The first time I noticed the AC was not working was after coming home from work. I called the office and they told me that they could not assist me until the following morning because their maintance staff was going home soon for the day. I found out when calling after hours, to leave a message for the next morning, that they had an emergency number for urgent maintance problems (including broken AC units). After the office member conviently left this information out, I left a message for the emergency maintance man. He called me back and told me he was on his way. After cancelling my dinner plans and 5 1/2 hrs later, he was a no show and I went to bed with no AC. The following morning my husband called to explain the situation and that afternoon someone came to fix our air and it worked for a few days. This past week our AC went out again and after trying to tell me all the maintance men had gone home for the day, again, a manager came with a maintance man and contractor to "fix it". I was told they were going to fix the problem on the unit outside and I would have air that night. No one ever came to see if the problem was resolved after leaving to "fix it". The air was never fixed. Today, my husband went to speak with the staff in person when they opened at 10 am and explained the issue. They assured him it would be resolved. At 4:30 today, 30 minutes before closing, I went to the office and again explained the issue and checked on the status. At 5:04 pm a maintance man came. He took the front of my AC unit off, took the front of my thermostat off, and left saying he was "going outside" and he never returned. One hour later I attempted to contact him on the emergency line about the status and he never returned the call. We are hoping we will eventually have AC but will not be renewing our lease. We are beyond frustrated by the lack of concern from the staff members and untimeliness of what is considered a "maintance emergency"
Nicole montecino
4 months ago
I love these apartments. Very clean and the staff is very friendly. Very quiet, and pool area is beautiful 💕
Heather Roberson
2 months ago
Nice facility, but HORRIBLE management and maintenance. None of them have their "stuff" together. Horrible communication.
Amanda Peralta
2 years ago
I love this place! It is amazing. Pricing is a little high and because of zoning it is set to increase but when looking at other apartments (in the Charlotte area) it is very low. There is a mix of people from corp. to families. Pretty low key at night, which I love and VERY VERY SAFE! If you have dogs, this is the place for you! Everyone is very understanding when it comes to dogs and willing to help train if needed. I cannot tell you how happy I am that I chose this place to live. I sometimes never want to leave my apartment because I have everything I need! AND it is pretty close to shops. Maybe four min away from Target and restaurants. Concord Mills is two exits down but if you take the back roads, it is less than 12 min away. Staff is also amazing. If there are any problems they will fix it right away. They are understanding and very apologetic when needed. I have to say that I did not expect things to be this easy. I would recommend this place to families (pet parents like myself too), single corporate living and even young couples. Just great! The only con is parking! You better be in by a certain time or you will not find a space anywhere close. There is no one on duty at night to tow those who don't belong so it is hard to find a place to park. I have seen many residents having to part outside the gates. I would recommend they find someone to do the job at night and tow those who don't belong!
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