Civic Center Apartments West
4740 US-51
Southaven, MS 38671
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Jenna Lloyd
2 months ago
Wish i could give no stars this place is trash and so is the office staff, VERY VERY VERY rude to the customers and residents. Always an attitude when you call up there on the phone or go in office. The OLD lady with the brown hair i think her name is beverly she is very rude and fake. they act like they do not want to do there jobs and it takes for ever for repairs . Used to be a resident. NEVER AGAIN. To much money for this trash . BAD NEIGHBOR HOOD
Alejandro Porraz
7 months ago
Just trying to get it is a pain... takes ages for them to fix something, very rude, they don't pick up the phone. I've been having a water leak for two weeks and can't get fixed.
kristen Medlin
2 years ago
Pretty nice apartments. I lived here for about 2 years in a one bedroom phase II, and the only negative thing I have to say is the price of the apartments. Its not terrible, but our rent went up $150 between the 2 years of living there. With that said, I would live here again. The staff was very helpful in fixing anything that broke or messed up. We lived right by the pool, and never had a noise problem. Kids were never allowed in the pool area after 9 (and it was strictly enforced, we watch serval groups be chased out) and we hardly ever heard our neighbors (we were on the top floor). Defiantly would recommend these apartments!
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2 years ago
I live there.... its awesome just the rent and the road..... we pay up too $800 a month..... and we pay so much money the roads n horrible and the gates brake easily.
Angela Tucker
10 months ago
Just moved here pool and staff very nice
Ric Wayne
10 months ago
Very unprofessional office staff
A Google User
6 years ago
If youre looking for the absolute worst landlord imaginable, sign a lease with these folks! Theyre rude, theyre unprofessional, they tow our jetsky without notice and we still have parked a trailler infront of our complex.....of course thy are not towind their personal property......Why?????we don't know, special treatment.. probably.....and worst of all they dont appologize when they screw up. Lord oh mighty help the person who has to deal w/ these fools. The property management people themselves, are young girls who talk to you as if you are bothering them, not even trying to find a solution. . I pay my rent on time, I am quiet, . We are not causing issues, but we are treated as though we are trash. To understand a property manager's...scope of duties and what an agent and can and cannot do for you, look first to federal and state regulations. Here are a few of the entities that govern or affect a real estate agent's actions: Federal Fair Housing Act State Real Estate Laws Lawsuits etc.... Probably the most important is the Fair Housing Act. Basically, it was designed to prevent discrimination. Fair Housing Act legislation was contained in the Civil Rights Act of 1968 and modified by the Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988. There are seven classes protected by the Fair Housing Act. They are: Race Color Religion National Origin Sex Handicap Familial Status Let's wait for the report....
A Google User
4 years ago
I love it here...and I'm not saying that just because I work here but because i have met some really great friends and long life's a Great place to call home!! :)
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