Summit View Village
17600 W 14th Ave, Golden, CO 80401, United States
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Ian Holdeman
4 months ago
Summit View Village is definitely just ok. I'll start with the good things. 1) Cool, recently remodeled community center with pool, pool table, tons of washers/dryers, and a small library filled with old textbooks (useful if you're a Mines student). 2) Great views of the mountains if you can manage to find the right apartments. 3) Great location within Golden (easy access to Golden proper to the north and Lakewood to the south). 4) There's a storage facility built in to the apartment complex, so thats nice and close if you need it. And now for the bad. 1) The management is incredibly disorganized. Watch out for odd charges On the plus side, if you really try and reason with them, they'll likely drop the charge. Another circumstance that sort of alleviates this issue is that a skyline corporate office is next door. 2) The apartments are incredibly dark. I lived in a basement apartment as well as a top floor, vaulted ceilings one and both were very dark. 3) The outdoor staircases are all really old, the stairs aren't even, and they are also really dark. The outdoor lighting doesn't get replaced as often as it should, so there's often a creepy-flashing-fluorescent-light-horror-movie vibe to the place. The concrete outdoor hallways don't drain properly, so when it rains or when snow melts, you have to go puddle jumping to get to your apartment. 4) The plumbing often has issues in the buildings that are at the bottom of the hill. 5) The air conditioning doesn't keep up in the summer and the heat doesn't keep up in the winter. 6) They've made attempts at controlling the parking availability there, but their efforts don't actually work very well. The towing service they use seems to never be there, so if you work late/study on campus late/or go out and party, expect to park at Subway/Pizza Hut. 7) Whether you are using Centurylink or Comcast, expect your internet and TV to be finicky. There always seems to be problems getting signal from the ISP into the apartment. In summary, this place kinda sucks. However, by far the best for the money (Fox Hill, Golden Ridge, Golden Arms, etc. are all worse). If you want better, you're going to spend a lot more or live in Lakewood or Applewood or farther).
Julie Pepe
4 months ago
I've lived at Summit View Village for two years and it has been fine. The apartment is totally sterile and generic but the location is great. The office staff have always been helpful and though I've only had a couple of minor maintenance requests they attended to them within 2 days (usually next day). The rent is a bit high for what you get in terms of the apartment itself. It is clear they expect a quick turnover of residents and therefore, the appliances and carpet/tiling are cheap and easily replaced. The kitchen countertops are just painted over and not actual countertops and everything is the most glaring white that it hurts to look at it. I live on a top floor end unit and only rarely hear my neighbors. I do now have a smoker living below me and that is annoying as the smell of smoke does drift in. I haven't bothered to complain as I'm moving in just a couple of weeks. The AC unit will only really cool the main room and due to a lack of cross breeze the rest of the apartment stays pretty warm. My place has always been nice and warm in winter with low heating costs but I also get sun for a good part of the day. The only other issue is pet rent. It is pretty pricy and they have a non-refundable pet deposit which is also annoying (I have a very well behaved non-desctructive dog and it sucks knowing I won't get that part of my deposit back). Though it is not going to win any awards for nicest complex in Golden, I've had a good experience here.
Cameron Smith
6 months ago
DO NOT MOVE HERE!!!! I have lived here for 6 months now. When I first moved in to my apartment the sliding doors were all removed from the closets and put into another room. The Sink in the 2nd bathroom was clogged and the kitchen hadn't been cleaned. I submitted a request to get these fixed, and only the sliding glass doors were fixed. 2 months later my dish washer stopped working and a ballast in one of the lights in the kitchen went out. It took them 3 months to fix it and were very non committal about when they would come to fix it. Ultimately I have filed a complaint with the regulatory commission whom is responsible for renters and land lords. Another problem with this place is the illegal requirement for you to sign your rights away of 24 hour notice to enter the domicile. If you like noisy college students, not very clean or well maintained apartments, terrible staff, and no parking, then Summit View is the place for you!
Dan Van Note
8 months ago
I love these apartments. Top floor is always hot (winter or summer) which I don't mind. Easy access to laundry, pool and, yes, the sauna.... Here's a story: In late January I found a lost puppy. I waited for an hour with it for it's owner to come, but they never showed up. I decided I should take the puppy out of the 15 degree weather so it didn't freeze, but I have a cat that would never get along with it. I called the front office and they said they would hold on to the puppy and find its owner. So I brought the puppy up to the front office. Why did I tell this story? Because if YOU move to SUMMIT VIEW, you just might find... a puppy. Thank you.
Cathy Crothers
a month ago
Management and maintenance all get thumbs up!! They've been response to my every need and since I have a teenager there have been a few extra items that came up (hint: science projects). Thanks!!
Teri Steinbeck
9 months ago
For you parents thinking of letting your college age kids live here, be aware that office staff is hard to get a hold of during emergencies or maintenance calls. Also, summit view hires a tow company to troll the lots looking for cars without parking tags (can you say kick back). Tri Country tow makes $250. per tow and you will have to go to a mud lot near 66th and Federal (scary), where one woman staffs 3 different lots - call first!! There were 8 cars towed on the same night as ours. We were told over and over "you signed a contract". No one bothered to look at car model or plates, which are on file with the office and there was no warning. Not happy that Summit View does not consider the safety of their tenants many of which are college students.
Chelsea Hird
10 months ago
My roommate and I had to go month to month, and they jacked up our rent at a insane rent. We went from paying $560 per month to $700.. each... More on how this is a rip off later. And I am pretty sure that the utilites are community, so I was looking at a $80 bill each month for those. Now I am a simple person, and did not expect luxury. I was moving from out of state, and needed a convenient place to live. I will admit that this place is located by a grocery store, a large mall and major highways. Now onto the shit hole that I lived in for 8 months. Everything in the apartment is CHEAPLY made. The carpet, the paint, the shower lining started to peel after a month of use. Another review stated that the walls were paper thin, she was not kidding. I can hear my neighbors cell phone ring and vibrate. I can hear them talking, I can hear them taking a shower, using the bathroom. We lived in the top floor, I can hear the wind blowing all of the time. What is also strange, under my bathroom sink, the wind somehow blows down there, making this already cold apartment FREEZING. The kitchen. The sink constantly was STINKY. Same with the refrigerator, despite our efforts to fix the smell. The dishwasher partially washes dishes. The handyman came and fixed my hall light... but it never worked. The sliding glass doors to my closet came off the roller within a week. Oh, and there is a RUDE neighbor who lives here as well, who cursed at me in front of little girls. Also, never have I been sick like I was living here. Every single month. Now I do work in a office, but with highly clean people. I wouldn't recommend this place to my enemy. Truly, a bad place to live. My advice to apartment hunters, look elsewhere to spend your money. I PROMISE you, you will find something worth the money.
Spencer Hanson
a year ago
I've lived here about a year and will soon be moving out, which I can't wait to do. From the very beginning trying to rent my apartment, the person I had to deal with in the office was utterly incompetent. I had to go back to her several times after she claimed she had everything she needed to start renting only to be contacted for another hand delivery. Then when she totalled up our final move-in fees, most of which this woman claimed she told me about but certainly did not, she added wrong and tried to tell us we owed her an extra $200. At one point she even tried to suggest that "maybe this isn't the place for you" after I became particularly frustrated with this woman defending her mistakes. I think it was some sort of childish threat to keep us from moving in. Finally my roommate and I move in and things are ok, aside from the totally ineffective swamp cooler, for most of our time here. Then out of the blue about a month ago, we get a notice that the leasing office "received notice" that our renters insurance was canceled and if it wasn't reinstated in three days they were going to take action up to and including eviction. I still have no idea how their office received a nonexistent notice, our insurance company had no idea what the office was talking about but we had them fax over proof of insurance again. The note to us was signed by the same idiot that moved us in and we never heard another word, not even an apology. We have dealt mostly with this same woman but from what I can tell this complex doesn't care who they hire and certainly don't care if you rent from them because there's always someone else waiting to move in. The rent is ridiculous for the below average spaces and services they provide, not to mention downright snotty employees.
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