Summit View Village
17600 W 14th Ave
Golden, CO 80401
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Dooah Almarzoog
2 months ago
one of the worst apartments in Golden. the monthly price was sounds good but it is like a trap. the building is really too old. carpets are not clean, bugs, the walls so thin you can hear everything even if your neighbor sneeze. Not to mention when we first arrive and met one of their staff she was not friendly and eating her food while I was signing the papers. their staff lack transparency and respect to residents. I lived there for six months and if I knew that they would treat me that way I would not have stayed there even if it is FREE.
Josephine Arwood
6 months ago
I moved in to Summit View 3 years ago because there were NO negative reviews anywhere, and even after reading all of the reviews below, I do not think these people lived in the same complex I lived in. The rent is a tad high, but that is the case all over. The maintenance guys are great and are fast to respond. The walls are a tad thin, I live on the second floor and I can constantly hear my upstairs neighbors TV, her on the phone, talking with her boyfriend, having sex, stomping across the floor, you name it, I can hear it... My main complaint though, is that there is a daycare on property, right outside of my building. It was empty when I moved in, and soon exploded with screaming children (and the workers don't do a thing about the screaming) and parents that practically run me and my dog over going to and from dropping their monsters off. I did see one irresponsible mom let her kid take a whiz on a tree just as they were leaving, but I reported it and haven't seen her again. Parking was a challenge for a while, because those parents didn't give a flying f*ck about resident parking and would take it all, but Lisa the property manager took care of that and it's been fine. I do wish they had assigned parking, rather than the free for all it is now. If I would have known there was going to be a daycare right outside my window, I would have asked for an apt farther away. That stupid daycare is the reason I only give 4 stars.... My second minor complaint is that they charge $25 for a mandatory service called "Valet Waste" that comes to your door and picks up your garbage. I think it's ridiculous. It's not going to kill me to throw away my own trash. Otherwise, it's been a good 3 years here. I work from home on occasion and just cant handle the screaming kids anymore....
Tina Chase
5 months ago
I have lived at Summit View for nearly 2 years. I have really enjoyed living here and I cannot find any cheaper rent anywhere. The office staff is very sweet and accommodating for any minor issues that come up. Maintenance is always quick to respond and fixes issues within a day or two. I have never heard my neighbors until last month when we got new people who are up all night long and seem to sleep during the day. I live on the top floor and an outside unit so I really do not have any shared walls, thanks to this layout...which is really nice. The few things that need to be updated are teh plumbing and heating. At least the heat is inexpensive, but it is not warm enough in those few cold snaps each year. You will need a heater, which is no longer allowed for some reason. Overall I like it here, but I would like new counter tops that are not painted, that's just gross.
Riley Moses
10 months ago
Lived here for a year and a half, ending in October 2015. I don't really have any significant complaints about the place. It wasn't the cheapest but I don't think it was terrible. I never had any noise or maintenance issues. They do allow smoking which can be unfortunate depending on your neighbors. The paint used in our apartment seemed to like to stick to things if they sat on a shelf or leaned on a wall for too long. The unit would stay warm in the winter if you cranked the heat up, but the thermostat was by no means accurate (pretty old). I hated the wall AC. Never had any problems with management, and there was almost always someone there to give us our packages even late at night. They repainted/refinished the outsides of all the buildings while I was here, which was nice to see. The interiors are a bit dated though. I just moved out last week so I haven't heard anything about my deposit, we'll see how that turns out.
Emily G
a year ago
I lived in Summit View for one year. It was terrible. First off, my roommates and I were extremely overcharged for the apartment we got (seeing as it was one of the only properties left to rent in Golden, we were pretty much forced into it). The website advertised beautiful apartments that looked nothing like what we had, and extremely misleading pictures of their facilities (the club house, for the employees, was beautiful. The gym, however, is a non-air conditioned closet with equipment from the 80s and the pool was never as clean as in the pictures). The pool at the club house was usually covered in dead bugs and other nasties. The laundry room had enough washers and dryers, but the washers ALL smelled like mildew and the dryers would sometimes not even dry your clothes even though you payed! Our apartment was poorly maintained, extremely dirty when we moved in (the carpet turned my white socks brown, not exaggerating), and not worth the money (AND THE RENT KEEPS GOING UP!). It didn't look anything like the pictures on the inside, the kitchen was dirty and the wall paint actually had hair stuck in it all over the place. The AC was pathetic and the heat didn't work at all.The walls were so thin or the vents were connected or something, but I could hear my neighbors shower, talk, playing music, etc. There was always a draft, our AC unit was not properly insulated and their solution was legitimately grocery store bags and pipe insulator. Also for some reason you could feel the wind blowing out from under the bathroom sink?? It was miserably hot in the summer, and freezing cold in the winter. The most frustrating of all, the internet was absolutely terrible. We had Comcast, and even with an alternate router (rather than the one from Comcast) the connection was so slow you had to be in the same room as the router for pages to load, and forget trying to do homework if someone else is watching Netflix. I have also heard from Century Link customers that their experience was no different. If you need a useful connection, plug into the Ethernet or try again at 3am. The management at the Leasing Office was frustrating to deal with, even quite rude sometimes, they often "lost" our mail/packages (obviously didn't look hard enough in the back room), and were not at all helpful when there were billing issues. Upkeep was awful, they snowplowed the parking lots (loudly) at all hours of the night and there was constantly construction going on taking up parking spots. Finally, to add insult to injury, when we moved out as soon as the lease ended, we didn't get back ANY of our security deposit due to "outstanding fees", I still have no idea where they came from.
Jason Mayfield
4 months ago
Management does not care... don't have a water leak after 5 because employees at clubhouse wont help!
Rachel E
a year ago
I lived here for about a year and it was decent for the money. I loved Golden. I am huge into hiking so the property was perfectly located for me. The apartment wasn't great, but its not brand new so you should know that going in and I'm ok with that. The parking here sucks, I could never find a parking spot I always had to park several buildings away. Since I was always out hiking or walking I would say that the grounds of the apartments could use help, there is always so much dog poop all over its gross. No one picks up after there dogs and the the maintenance doesn't really either, at least not on a regular basis. The inside staff was very nice, the really young girl in the office always looked like she just crawled out of bed. She never could really answer my questions so she always had to go to the asst manager for help, and she always had the answer. The asst. manager always seemed like she was working alone. Whenever I put in a work order it got done pretty quickly. The maintenance here was pretty good for the most part. It seemed like they got a couple new guys that were doing a good job and then I left but they seemed to do much better then the old maintenance guys they had. Over all the I had a good experience. The price is great compared to the other paces in Golden.
Ryan Tyndall
a year ago
Before I start criticizing the organization, I would like to start by saying a few good things about them. First, the manager of the complex, Lisa, is very nice. Although at first Heidi was extremely rude, she eventually warmed up and was easier to work with. Overall, the neighbors are good and the location is great. Now on to the bad..... First, there was mold growing in my apartment at time of move in. They resolved the issue by spraying bleach water on it without performing proper remediation. Eventually they had an inspector come in to test for mold but still no remediation. At time of move out, when I moved my bed away from the wall, there was mold growing through the drywall from the outside wall. They seem to have very little concern for your health, even after I complained multiple times. Second, the shower was disgusting and the shower head did not spray very well. There was mold growing in the reservoir of our toilet at time of move in and it took them FOUR attempts to properly install a replacement toilet. The toilet was leaking due to their faulty installs yet at one point they accused us of throwing water on the ground by the toilet to try to get out of the lease. That being said, the maintenance crew is very unprofessional and incompetent. The piping in their buildings is EXTREMELY old. When we were moving out, the kitchen sink outflow pipe burst due to its deterioration (inside had a rust like color) when a plastic spray bottle knocked into it. The water tasted very weird and I am concerned about contaminants from the piping. The closet doors constantly came off the tracks and they would put a bandaid on it instead of actually fixing the issue. The dish washer didn't actually clean the dishes, we had to revert to hand washing everything. The shared laundry machines were DISGUSTING and I really do believe my cloths would come out dirtier then they would go in. I would find white stains (who knows what from, maybe soap or scum buildup) on my cloths from the washing machines. I could not regulate the heat in my apartment due to the busted thermostat. When I told the office about it, maintenance gave us a space heater as a fix. Well, space heaters use a lot of energy (which i had to pay for) and that only works when the apartment is too cold. The leasing process was predatory. They make you put a deposit on an apartment without showing you the establishment within two hours of contacting you. I understand there's a supply and demand mismatch but it does not mean that your organization has to take advantage of people because of it. I never once swam in the pool because it was poorly maintained and very dirty. They claim their prices are cheap but I am still living in golden and I am paying the same amount as their one bedroom for a two bedroom of MUCH higher quality. I sincerely recommend that you only live here only as a last resort and take the absolute shortest lease possible so you can move into a different establishment as soon as one opens up.
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