Hillsborough Pointe Apartments
14441 Sprague Ct
Omaha, NE 68116
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Ace Chapman
in the last week
They allow tenants to let their dogs crap anywhere they want. They claim to DNA test dogs to help fight against bad pet owners but I think they just pocket that money. Have talked to the office and maintenance crew several times and nothing ever changes. Laziness at its finest.
Kimberly Sanders
2 months ago
Renewing my lease was the biggest mistake I made at Hillsborough Pointe apartments. The maintenance staff is extremely unprofessional and unwilling to help you after hours for emergencies. I had a situation where I was unable to access my garage because the motor went out. The maintenance manager Eric told me I had to wait until the office opened and the next day because he and the on call maintenance worker could not access the office. I expressed I had to be at work in the morning and he gave me two options, one either catching a ride with someone or two going in to work late. I have never been treated like that or felt so disrespected by a manager. To make matters worse, Eric fixed the garage early in the AM and failed to notify me so I can go to work. I brought my concern to the leasing agent Amy in the office the next morning and she also unwilling to help the situation because their was another customer ready to sign a lease right behind me. She stated there was nothing she could do because the garage had just been fixed. I also called the general manager of Schwalb Realty and the only thing he said was sorry you had that experience and have a good day. Customer service is not important to this apartment community or the management company. All they care about is their occupancy. Just know it takes weeks to get a work order rectified and just know that you are just another tenant making them money. I would not recommend this apartment to anyone who cares about being treated like a decent human being and with respect. I had to request compensation of one month free garage rent by the apartment manager Shawn because sorry was not enough. I had to report to work 2 hours late to get this situation resolved. He was unwilling at first to grant my request but later agreed to it. 11/3/16 I would not recommend anyone move to this apartment community. The staff Amy, Peggy, and Ali are rude and unprofessional. The manager Shawn has no concern about the issues that arise. I have had several issues with my stay here. I had a new toilet installed a few weeks ago. The toilet gets clogged frequently. Shawn stated it is because the new toilet government regulations. The maintenance staff entered my apartment and left a total mess. I saw it when I came home and was furious. Shawn stated "it is not the maintenance staff responsibility to clean behind themselves when they are providing a requested service." I showed him the pictures and all he did was apologize. He said he will send anyone to clean up the mess and that it is the tenant’s responsibility. My dryer would not work as well and Peggy told me it was because I had 15 towels in the dryer. They are completely dishonest. I had a load of white clothes, which by the way is drying at the moment. I have had issue after issue and compliance after compliant. Do not waste your money at this apartment community.
Meghan Whitham
3 months ago
I was on the waitlist, was told the apartment I'd be getting would be ready in November, a one-bedroom with a computer room larger than the 5'9" x 10'9" show apartment. I called to verify that I was approved, since the waitlist isn't an actual application, I was told again I would be getting the larger computer room, so I was willing to wait a month to move in. So I paid the fees and deposit electronically. I received an email with the info to transfer my utilities with the new address, which asked me to pay my deposit again. In the email was the attached floor plan. It appeared to be the one of the show apartment, though when I walked through, I was told mine would have the larger computer room. I called and said the floor plan in my email was wrong. They said, no, that's the apartment I'd be getting. I said it would be too small for my family. They said I could get a larger one at a higher price. I said please refund my money. It's been four days, I have yet to hear from the actual manager, Shawn. They have so far refused to refund the application fee, I was NEVER informed that it was non-refundable. Both the deposit and application fee have not been returned to me. I have left messages, called the Schwalb Realty Office, and sent emails. So that is $395 not returned to me, and I am having to find a new place to live. I am a teacher at a school very nearby, a single mother, and now I have to find a new place to live. I have spoken to three people, but the manager Shawn is NEVER available to address the issue. With business practices like this, I can only imagine that once you are a resident, your concerns and questions would be ignored for days and weeks! Please do not even APPLY. They will not help you or be HONEST with you. They will take your money and ignore you. I will have to unfortunately bring this to the attention of my attorney. Sadly, I have many emails and papers that document their lies.
Jordan Scott
4 months ago
Lived here for almost six months now and have had only a few minor issues that were immediately fix by the maintenance crew at Hillsborough and when they were unable to fix it themselves they had professionals come in and fix it. My only complaints are about the people that live around me. For example in the six months Ive lived her I've had a neighbor that has come over 8 times to tell me that my TV is to loud when were in the living room... shes called the cops once and the cops laughed when they answered the door and realized that I was watching the bachelor. Other then that the apartments meet everyone of my standards.
6 months ago
They do NOT care about anything here but your money. They are dirty and not well-kept. Yes, they are huge, but very plain and blah. DONT waste your money because they won't make sure you are taken care of. Apartment got broken into the first week I lived here and it took them hours to come look @ my door only to tell me I had to wait a week for a new one while my old one didn't even lock & had a huge hole in it where the lock is. DONT WASTE YOUR $!
Angelica Lemburg
7 months ago
Leasing office can be kinda rude sometimes. Apartments are great and updated. Not renewing my lease though.
Bishop Karas
8 months ago
I've lived her for half a year. It has a very nice location, spacious closet space, and very enjoyable neighbors. I will porbably continue to live here for several years. The only thing I have to compain about is that maintenance took a week to fix my air conditioning.
Taylor Testa
5 months ago
Lived here for a few months, had a problem with my curtains on the sliding door and it was fixed the same day. Have recommended these apartments to multiple people.
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