Cambridge Apartments at New Carrollton Station
5317 85th Ave
New Carrollton, MD 20784
4 Google user reviews
Ricky Yates
a month ago
There is nothing good to say about these over priced apartments. I can hear the people downstairs talking all night. Nobody seem to work in the building, kids running around like wild animals making it hard to walk into building. I'm trying to get out as soon as my lease is up! I smell marjuana before i even walk into my building. Police kicked in some man apartment one day. The next day somebody else broke into the same apartment. Don't move here.
Rachel Strong
2 years ago
If there was below 1 star, I would have chosen that. We moved in in January, and a month after we moved in, our truck got stolen off of the property. Then, a month after that, some man came pounding on our door, trying to get into the apartment. The apartment across from us was turned into a crime scene a few weeks ago, and we are 90% sure that domestic violence is a daily occurrence above us. The sliding glass doors and windows are single pane, and you can hear and feel everything outside. If you are a pothead, you'll fir in perfectly, and if you like cigarette smoke coming into your apartment through the vents, then you'll fit in even better. The police here don't give a crap about anyone's well being either. If you call, they will dispatch an officer that will never show up. You don't want to live here without a good form of personal protection. Been here two months and we are leaving.
bunmi Golden
11 months ago
michael carridice
a year ago