Oakbrook at New Mark
400 NE 103rd St
Kansas City, MO 64155
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Olivia Fernandes
a month ago
We have loved living in this place. This was our first experience of living in an apartment and it was fantastic. Maintenance was always quick and the office staff have been very accommodating and helpful. Very close to a grocery store and close proximity to the 152 highway. I would recommend this place.
Clarissa Weyant
9 months ago
While the property is nice, it definitely isn't worth the money. This past summer, the pool was closed for 4 weeks due to vandalism. Four weeks? In the midst of summer? There was no rush to get it fixed. It was closed from about mid June to mid to end of July. We also called maintenance several times and it would take days to get things fixed. Several times, the office had lost our maintenance request and since the weekend was approaching, nothing was done until the following weekend. Several times I had to call and remind them of us calling them. The whole apartment complex received letters for weeks threatening to kick everyone's dogs out of the complex due to all the dog poop. This went on for weeks. The parking lots were covered with trash almost all the times. A rule for pet owners is pulling the carpet upon walk out to check for stains. We had almost no stains but were charged for fully carpeting the entire place. Several of the people around us hid dogs from the complex, had super nasty carpet, but never had to pay up because the carpet wasn't pulled since the complex didn't know about their dog. I received calls everyday asking for us to pay the money (which we did less than a week later) but when I asked for a receipt, there is always an excuse. They are in a rush for their money but don't care about giving you proof of payment. There is a severe lack of parking available. There are so many garages, it leaves little room for parking for actual residents. We often had to park 3 to 4 buildings away from our complex since there was not enough parking. I definitely wouldn't rent there again and I advise whoever is reading this to do your research. If you want to dump too much money into an apartment...this maybe a place for you....but, prepared to be screwed.
James Johnston
11 months ago
Great place to live. Fairly decent little community of people, nice well kept apartments, staff is always friendly and helpful, maintenance is always quick.
Zach Rainey
4 years ago
There's always litter all over the complex. The pool keeps getting shut down because other residents refuse to follow the "rules" Even though the office says these "rules" are enforced, they aren't at all. Speaking of the office, every time I have to go there I'm greeted (after a minute or five of waiting) by a snotty receptionist. The whole staff is snotty and stuck up and could care less about your problems! Maintenance takes FOREVER! I spent 3 days without heat in the middle of winter because they wouldn't come to fix it even though I would call at least twice a day! You're rent money will just go straight into these people's pockets and won't help improve the living conditions of any of the tenants! Don't WASTE your time or money here! You'd be a fool to do so! P.S. Don't walk in the grass unless you like stepping in dog sh*t.
Zach Rainey
4 years ago
The grounds are always littered with trash and the management team seems to not care. Speaking of them, every time I go into the main office for something I have to wait several minutes because no one is ever at the front desk. Once they come out of the back they act like you just interrupted something and are rude. The office staff is the MOST stuck-up staff I've ever had to deal with while renting apartments. None of the rules are enforced, such as at the pool where you must be 16 to be alone and yet there are always tons of young kids running around being disruptive. Do not fall for their sign-up offers, you will regret it!! I would NOT recommend this place to anyone!
darren piper
4 years ago
Love this place quiet living and well lit parking lots at nite