Battle Creek Village
1174 Battle Creek Rd
Jonesboro, GA 30236
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teresa anderson
in the last week
I am a proud resident of Battle Creek Village Townhomes. This is my 6th year and I absolutely love my townhome and community . The office and maintenance staff are so friendly and professional . If you want to experience first class living come join our awesome community. I most definitely will be staying another year. Happy Neighbor
Shawanda Scott
in the last week
Battle Creek Village Townhomes is an amazing community. It is amazing for the following reasons, the staff is professional and welcoming, the maintenance staff gets the job done right the first time, the neighbors are nice and helpful, and the property is quite and beautiful. So, if you are looking for somewhere that you can call home, then Battle Creek Village Townhomes is just right for you!!!!
a month ago
If I could give this place 0 stars I would. Don't move here. You will regret it.
Dee H
9 months ago
Piss off with that sorry ass response okay.....This place was the worst mistake of my life.Oh my god those pictures I wonder what community that is? I completely let my daughter down by moving here. The front office staff are trained coons for the owner.Me and my daughter were greatly offended by the idiots living next door when I reported them nothing was done to correct the problem. I had to call the Clayton County Police Department out a total of 8 times to get help .I figured since I was paying 969.00 a month for a 20 yr old community I could at least come home to a little peace and quite .It was a hard and expensive lesson for me. Something was weird with the maintenance staff as well it was borderline creepy.As for the front gate it's useless everything and everyone in Clayton County etc has the code.One of my neighbors moved out because she was burglarized she moved out only after 4 months of residency . So I wouldn't be fooled by these people all they want is money RENTER BEWARE YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.
Mej Sutton
11 months ago
Every body on here giving reviews work for the front office. I promise you! I can't believe they would drum up reviews like this. Battle Creek Village might be cute on the out side but that's because the office management will take you to the bank on the way out the door. Pia takes more money than what the property requires. Dont' get late on your rent that's when they steal the most and don't be fooled by the smiles at the staff their crooked s#*! and you will find out the hard way. Get a security system in your apartment that's all I'm going to say. Maintenance does like to creep in to fix things when you step out. Management violates the Fair Housing Act and needs to be reported the Dept. for Community Development. There is some funny business going at Battle Creek Village Apartments, or should I say sneaky money business. There is fugging on the numbers. They might smile the front office but it is all fake, I have actually heard the office staff talk about people the moment they walk out the door. No one is safe, I promise you. Maintenance has a tendency to only repair things when you leave your apartment. So get a security system here. Not all the apartments are renovated but they charge high rental rates and fees for the renovated and non renovated apartments. Remember, I said there is some sneaky money business. All most everyone that moves out receives a BIG BILL for things that the property is obligated to fix and replace as normal wear and tear like the rug replacement and other things. Maintenance staff just paints over the sinks with spray paint and the water bill escalates with the same amount of usage every month.
Linda Sayseng
10 months ago
Worst place! Very unprofessional and horrible place to live. All appliances and fixtures are cheap which does not match with their over priced units. I Have had multiple spider bites, and found all sorts of creatures coming in through the cracks. We have told them plenty of times and yet they only came out once to try and fix the problem. They have more rules than a country club. They will tow your car if its in their way of taking photos of the units. You will regret living here!
Marissa Shaffer
a month ago
The nicest I've seen in this area. More than I wanted to pay though.
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