Lakeview At the Bay
995 E Baseline Rd
Tempe, AZ 85283
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Chris Howard
3 months ago
Started on a three-month lease then six months and now will extend another six months. Nice place to live: friendly staff, maintenance guys live on site and get to requests in a timely manner, beautiful grounds kept up weekly, safe environment, friendly neighbors.
Emily Sargeant
9 months ago
If I could give this place zero stars, I would. DO NOT MOVE INTO THIS PLACE! - 6 tiles in the shower fell out, exposing dry rot and black mold. They refused to fix this for 2.5 months. - Water damage in the outside storage closet ruined my belongings. They didn't care. - They lost my master key and asked to keep one of the two they gave me. - Forgot to charge me part of my move in fee. So after I had lived there for 2 MONTHS, they sent me a lovely request for $850.00 Besides the most unfriendly, horrible management I have ever experienced, this place has absolutely NO parking, trashy grounds, gross west nile breeding ponds everywhere. The gates are ALWAYS broken. Literally the worst place I have ever lived in. RUDE RUDE RUDE! Don't waste your time and money - you will regret moving here. All of the negative reviews are 100% accurate. I ignored them when I moved in here, and I wish I didn't.
Matthew Wilder
11 months ago
I lived there for a year and a half, and the apartment itself is fine, but the staff is the most incompetent group of people I've ever had the displeasure of meeting. If you move here, pray nothing goes wrong, because they won't fix it, or they'll screw it up completely.
Lea Kemp
a year ago
Key points- Nice pool area but often closed or full of ducks... yes, actual ducks. Very little parking space depending on where your unit is, Friendly maintenance men HORRIBLE office staff Bugs, and ducks.... SO MANY DUCKS! My experience- When I moved into this complex, I read the reviews online and ignored the bad and thought it was just angry people ranting on the internet. Well, now I understand why they're angry. This complex has the most unprofessional management I have ever encountered. All of the reviews said exactly the same thing, "this place will scam you out of your deposit and then some" I truly wish I had listened. When we set up our move in date and signed all the paper work, we did it 3-4 months in advance, one week before our move in date, they called to tell us that the unit wouldn't be available for another two weeks because there was a lack of communication between one of the employees and the current residents. All they did was prorate the month we moved in to reflect the time we were actually living there, they did nothing to make up for the huge inconvenience. When we finally did move in, things were not cleaned appropriately and we found roaches. I did more to take care of the roaches than they did. Also, our garbage disposal sounded like a chain saw, didn't work and never got fixed, even though it was looked at twice. Over the course of our lease, maintenance requests would take weeks and the water would often be turned off for 6+ hours without any warning. The pool was often closed and the fitness center was often damp and muggy. My only positive is that when the maintenance men finally did show up they were usually very friendly and helpful. We're finally done there and 8 weeks later we're being told our account is being sent to collections in a week due to an overdue balance. We were never told about this balance, when we inquired as to why we were never told they said they sent us a letter but it got returned...I'm not sure how they thought we saw a letter that they know we never got. We were told it's our fault we didn't request a walk through and that we made no attempt to clean. Which is an absolute lie, we spent days cleaning that apartment and requested three days prior to our move out date to have a walk through but shockingly no one ever got back to us. The most frustrating part is that they really don't communicate with the residents and then charge you for it.
T Dubs
2 years ago
This is the worst place I've ever lived at. They never fix anything. The gate shut on my new car and they basically said thats too bad. We keep asking them to fix things but they wont but they sure get on us for everything. They towed our car for no reason. Everyone in the office are assholes. DONT LIVE HERE!
Adrian Gomez
3 years ago
THIEFS! GROSS, DO NOT LIVE HERE!! The lease gives you no rights. My husband and I moved in and found cockroaches and bed bugs the first night. (notice all the mattresses by the dumpsters). Our neighbor came to see our apt and said that we had HIS BROKEN FRIDGE, that they removed from his apartment that had cockroaches inside. We have a one year old so we couldn't live like that. After we sighed our lease we talked to a tenant to told us that the front desk receives cash incentives for having your CAR TOWED. The cops are always there. I know this sounds like a bad dream but its true It seemed like a good deal, but they took our money and then kept charging more and more. They wouldn't let us out of our lease without paying through the nose even though they never fixed any problems. I am reporting them to the BBB. On top of that they are the Rudest most heartless women I have ever met. You have to beg to get anything done. Dealing with them has been one of the worst experiences of my life. (You are better off anywhere else!)
Ryan Moriarty
2 years ago
Overall, I enjoyed living there. Parking is atrocious on the east side by the lake, much more accommodating on the west side. In two years I had a handful of maintenance requests that sometimes went ignored for a couple of weeks. The apartment layout was great. Rent was more reasonable than several other complexes I looked at in the area.
A Google User
3 years ago
We've lived here for coming up on a year now, and let me tell you how badly i CANNOT WAIT to get the out of here. We live in apartment 2165. Our downstairs neighbors ALWAYS "play music" and no matter how many times we've called security and the police, or complained to the managers they never get consequences for their behavior. 2165 is a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment and we're always stuck in the master bedroom because their "music" rattles our floors and walls. We've had several pictures knocked off our walls because of it. The lady in 1165 lives with her 2 teenage kids and plays kiss @$% with the staff so the office backs them up. The staff calls the kids "prodigys". The last time I checked a prodigy is a CHILD WITH TALENT. These guys are in their late teens and just press buttons on a synthesizer and bass machine. They can't sing so that's why they wail. Their wailing sounds like dying cats. I'm not exaggerating, we've had witnesses. We can't even have people over because no matter what we do we end up getting in trouble because of her LIES. At one point we had 2 cops pounding on our door at 9PM because we had two friends over playing a video game. The woman in 1165 said my boyfriend was "beating me". I had to let the cops do a walk through of my apartment. Another incident was when we tried to counter the kids music by playing our own. The woman told her kids to turn their music off and complained to the after hours maintenance guy about ours. The next morning we got an angry call from the office and they recommended we move because she isn't going anywhere. So here's your warning, DO NOT live in this community because the office doesn't follow their own rules. On the VERY FIRST PAGE of THEIR lease there's a section called "quiet enjoyment" which says lesee shall be entitled to quiet enjoyment of the premisis but lessee shall NOT annoy, harrass or inconvenience any other resident of the project.... violation by lessee of this paragraph shall constitute a breach of this lease". When I brought this up to the manager she didn't respond and just told me to leave. We've also had our vehicles vandalized in the parking lot several times. I've had chocolate smeared on the roof of my car. Another time someone wrote F you on my boyfriend's hood. A couple months later someone tried to start his car on fire. We found a burnt piece of paper stuck in his window. On the window they wrote "this is what you get." We don't want to accuse anyone because we have no proof. But all signs point to the downstairs neighbors because our assigned space is next to theirs. We brought this to the offices attention and they don't care. All they say is we will add this to your file. If you do decide to live here DO NOT LIVE IN 2165 YOU WILL HATE YOUR LIFE! The only reason they even get 1 star is because the grounds are nice and we loved seeing the baby ducklings and the rabbits. But stray cats or people's outdoor cats roam free and scare them off or kill them.
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