Lakeview At the Bay
995 E Baseline Rd
Tempe, AZ 85283
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Jonathan Deal
2 weeks ago
Not sure where these bad reviews are coming from. I moved in about half a year ago, and for the price that you pay, it is very good value. They replaced all the carpet in the unit (free of charge), resurfaced the tubs (free of charge), and worked with me to get the appliances upgraded for a very minimal cost. Maintenance came over within 2 days to fix all the random stuff after inspection. Have not had any issues since then. Have used the gym and pool regularly, and the only thing that has been bad is that the pool lock is super old so it is tough to open with your key. Outside of that, it has been great living here.
dan tucker
in the last week
When I moved in to the apartments a year ago, I was charged a 3200 dollar deposit. I have perfect rental history and so did my girlfriend. After 10 days we were served with an eviction notice. The $3200 did not include the first month's rent, which were told it did. If I knew at that point It did not include first month's rent we would have not moved in. Any interaction we ever had with anyone in the office was not professional at all. No one was ever willing to help. After living there for 8 months, the office stopped accepting packages for residents, which hindered our business quite a bit and caused us to lose time and money. No one was ever sympathetic towards any issues we had or any other resident I spoke with. My bike was stolen and my vehicle was vandalized on several occasions. I was scared to write this until I was fully moved out as I knew they would penalize me and my family. If you can afford this place, do yourself a favor and find yourself a better place that's not corporate owned and operated. DO NOT MOVE IN HERE. WHATEVER YOU DO.
Cassidy Olson
2 months ago
I sincerely wish there was a zero star rating, as I would have given that instead. To anyone considering renting at this place, all I can say is DON'T. I honestly don't know where to start with this review. First, let's start with the fact that the unit you will tour when you view the property will be ABSOLUTELY NOTHING LIKE the unit you will be rented. If you are lucky, your unit will at least be cleaned before you move in (which again, I STRONGLY advise NEVER MOVING IN HERE). Our unit was not. Upon move-in, our unit was ABSOLUTELY FILTHY. There was pet hair, food, stains, dirt, and foot prints EVERYWHERE. We had movers coming the same day we gained access to the apartment; therefore, we ended up having to clean the unit ourselves as quickly as possible so that our furniture didn't have to be moved into the trash heap Lakeview left us with - Lakeview did absolutely nothing to make up for the situation. Now, once we were in the unit, literally everything started to break – several roof leaks, a broken dryer, broken toilets, leaking sinks, and a leaking A/C unit which was creating mold in our air ducts and leaking into our downstairs neighbor's unit. You can call, and call, and call, and put in maintenance request after maintenance request, but I can guarantee it will be several weeks before anyone addresses or “fixes” the issue. And by “fixes,” I mean that the maintenance men typically don’t have the parts needed to fix the problem, or they somehow find a way of making it worse - like the time our dryer broke, and instead of touching the dryer, when they came to our apartment (we were at work at the time) they “fixed” our washer – which was not broken in the first place. Not to mention, the “picturesque streams” that flow through the property are almost always not working, creating stagnant, mosquito-infested swamp-like environments. And good luck if you ever want to use the (cess)pool – it’s almost always closed down, and if it’s not, then it’s full of leaves/duck poop/dirt. Also, the “gated” community Lakeview boasts is almost never gated because their gates are ALWAYS broken. Then, there are the tenants. During my time at Lakeview, I had a domestic violence situation take place in the apartment below mine. The police ended up being called, and they ended up surrounding the apartment with guns and breaking the door in to gain entry. Then, we had three different scenarios in which our neighbors were smoking so much pot, our unit turned into a literal hotbox situation several times a day. Despite the fact that Lakeview says they are a strict drug-free community, they did absolutely nothing following complaint after complaint of our house reeking of pot smoke. This is not to mention the various other police responses to the apartment complex on a regular basis. Then, there’s the office staff. All I can say is get ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING anyone in the Lakeview office EVER tells you in writing. If you do not, they will pretend they didn’t say it. One person will tell you one thing, another will tell you something completely different. On top of it, the property managers, Ellen and Jordan, are the ABSOLUTE WORST. They are so incredibly rude, condescending, and deceitful. Also, no matter what the lease says, even if Lakeview is in violation of their own lease terms (which they were in our case) they will make up lie after lie to explain why they are right and you are wrong in order to squeeze every last cent imaginable out of you. I have never dealt with more dishonest, unprofessional people in my entire life as those who work at Lakeview. They could care less about their tenants – they are in it for the money, and they will lie straight to your face to get as much of it from you as possible. Lastly, this place is SERIOUSLY overpriced for what you get. Please take my advice and spend your hard-earned money elsewhere. This place is AWFUL in every way imaginable.
Justin Rodriguez
5 months ago
I move into this complex almost a year ago and I absolutely love it. I was slightly skeptical to move in after reading some of the reviews but I am glad I gave the complex a shot. First off the units are beautiful and very spacious. The river running throughout the complex is very relaxing. Especially if you are near to a waterfall and the wild ducks really give a nature feel to the complex. Next the employees are absolutely friendly and always want to seem to help. Ellen is the manager and is an excellent manger by far. She is always understanding and willing to help out with anything you need! One top of all that, The maintenance team are always on top of their work orders and have always gotten my request done in a timely matter. I am still enjoying living at this complex and will highly recommend these apartments to anyone who is looking!! :)
Armadillo Factory
9 months ago
Worst place I have ever lived. Constant problems with AC during the summer. They fixed my AC with a rusted AC fan that randomly stops after a week of not having working AC. The maintenance are so incompetent I gave up and started fixing things myself. You are charged 4 months rent for breaking your lease early so you are basically screwed as soon as you sign. You are better off at the complex next door or one of the other surrounding places. The rent costs here are astronomical for what you are getting here and the staff make you want to cry. Everything is great... until you sign. There is so much crime here, they hired security guards to watch the premises. I actually witnessed someone breaking into someones 1st floor balcony. If you are female or have kids you would like to keep, maybe look into a second story or a safer place? The security gates are purely a waste of time. The gates are usually open otherwise people just use the exit gate as an entrance. A few people have had some auto theft. None of the front office people live at the location so they have no idea how unsafe things can get at night. When I first read the reviews for this place, I thought they seemed a bit excessive. I can now say for certain they are spot on with reality. Sorry for the bad news. I had friends that lived in the nines next door and that place was cheaper and had more square footage per dollar and a brand new workout room being built. Do not get excited over the big pool at lakeview, they never clean that thing and it gets really nasty sometimes. People have vomited in the pool while I was walking by and I'm pretty sure I saw floating remnants of that for over a month. I never swam in there again. There should never be brown chunks floating in the pool.
Jordan Johnson
11 months ago
Coming from a non-resident, I am thankful I did not have the displeasure of actually living here. However, I tried to, and that was my mistake. My first impression of the staff wasn't so great, but I decided to look past that since I was still very much infatuated with what I saw online. The complex looked just as beautiful in person as it did on their website, so I kept a positive attitude towards the whole experience, until this happened. My circumstances for renting an apartment were different at the time. I was between jobs, but had a steady income from family. Anyone who doesn't have a job and tries to rent an's pretty much a dead end. Sometimes you may get lucky, and in this case, I thought I was. The guy who was helping me said that as long as I have $1,800 in my bank account, I should be set. I was also told that in order to claim this apartment, I needed to pay a $199 refundable fee to assure the apartment will be mine while the income/moving in situation was in the works. If my income situation was approved by their management, that $199 would be put towards my move in fee. If not, I would get the entire amount refunded back to me. So, I signed my papers and they charged my card. A week or so later, the guy calls me to let me know that I need to sign a few more papers and to make sure I have $18,000 in my account in order to be approved... I exclaimed... "$18,000?! You told me $1,800!" He denied saying that and said it was always $18,000. Immediately, I told him if that's the case, I am no longer moving into the apartments and requested my $199 back. I contacted them several times only to be told that the person I needed to talk to "would be back the following Monday...or Thursday." By the time I finally got a hold of this person, she claimed she had my information "right in front of her" but had to make a few others calls first before talking to me about my situation. She never called me back. This was back in October 2014...It's been 9 months and I still have not received my $199 refundable fee. Do not move in to this place.
Emily Sargeant
a year ago
If I could give this place zero stars, I would. DO NOT MOVE INTO THIS PLACE! - 6 tiles in the shower fell out, exposing dry rot and black mold. They refused to fix this for 2.5 months. - Water damage in the outside storage closet ruined my belongings. They didn't care. - They lost my master key and asked to keep one of the two they gave me. - Forgot to charge me part of my move in fee. So after I had lived there for 2 MONTHS, they sent me a lovely request for $850.00 Besides the most unfriendly, horrible management I have ever experienced, this place has absolutely NO parking, trashy grounds, gross west nile breeding ponds everywhere. The gates are ALWAYS broken. Literally the worst place I have ever lived in. RUDE RUDE RUDE! Don't waste your time and money - you will regret moving here. All of the negative reviews are 100% accurate. I ignored them when I moved in here, and I wish I didn't.
Chris Howard
a year ago
Started on a three-month lease then six months and now will extend another six months. Nice place to live: friendly staff, maintenance guys live on site and get to requests in a timely manner, beautiful grounds kept up weekly, safe environment, friendly neighbors.
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