The Pointe Apartments
1601 W Woods Dr
Arlington Hts, IL 60004
4 Google user reviews
Anthony Andras
reviewed a year ago
I have been a long time resident of MyPerfectPlace apartments and have been generally satisified by the level of quality that these apartments have brought forth. I must say, my stay at The Pointe has been rather upsetting. First - the appliances are way out of date. The only way to get newer appliances are to upgrade to a renovated apartment, which are very overpriced - especially when you consider apartments in the surrounding areas. Second - you can tell that these apartments haven't been well kept. My key managed to get stuck in the front door lock because the lock is faulty. Management said they would take care of it, a week ago - but to no avail, they haven't. Basically, they are turning their head to the security of their residents because they are not willing to keep up with the maintenance of the entry ways to apartments. Additionally, there is a "sink hole" in my kitchen floor. You can feel that the laminate flooring in the kitchen was put down without consideration to the sturdiness of what's underneath it. My girlfriend and I always joke about falling through to the downstairs apartment. Again, I have put in maintenance requests, and over 2 weeks later, nothing has happened. I was excited to move here. It's in a good location. Lots of commerce and things to do. Arlington Heights in the summer is great. One thing I do want to add regarding location is that it's about a 2 minute drive from Palatine, where rent goes down significantly. They are charging Arlington Heights prices for what is basically a Palatine apartment. In hind sight, I would have taken a Palatine apartment over this one as the rent is anywhere from 200 to 400 dollars less with appliances much better then what they provide here at The Pointe.
lance morris
reviewed a year ago
I lived here for about 7 months and paid to break my lease. I lived on the first floor and i heard EVERY person that walked up and down the stairs. Who ever lived above me sounded like they were practicing WWE moves on each other all night. I woke up nightly to people stomping around. I put in multiple complaints to the office who said they would look into the situation. I finally took it upon myself to talk to my neighbors. after the third attempt and no answer I wrote notes, mind you respectful, professional, notes to everyone. The next day I get a call from the front office telling me I'm wrong the I cant do that. I then asked them what it would take to move out and made it happen within that month. There are a LOT of nice places around here DONT get tunnel vision like I did!!
A Google User
reviewed 2 years ago
I have rented at a lot of places over many years and I really like it here. My apartment is a nice size. I mainly like the makes it easier to meet people. .The parking is perfect which is one of the things I hate most about a lot of apartment complexes. The best thing is having a washer & dryer in my apartment. I've been here for about 8 months and am happy living here, so far.
A Google User
reviewed 3 years ago
I tried to work with the clubhouse and they were rude to me and not willing to listen. They nickel and dime you. You won't get your deposit back and any updrages you may do to your own apartment, they will charge you for in the end. Even if it makes the place look better. Old, out-dated faciliites. The stove and workout room are a joke. The hot tub is dirty. I couldn't wait for my lease to be up and get out of here. I have looked around and thier are SO many more nicer places then THE POINTE...