San Palmas at Mission Park
1111 N Mission Park Blvd
Chandler, AZ 85224
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Jason Matson
2 weeks ago
No WiFi provided at any of the amenities. Pool is filthy more then it should be. And has it's closing moments. They can't even give you a time frame when it will be open. For the gym. There's a treadmill that has been broken for sometime. They've also been notified. Going on a week with no paper towels in the men's restroom. And the lady's is about to go empty. Positive note the maintenance guys get right on the issues in your apartment. No survey card to give them. Which I find very odd. The water pressure is horrible. So when you use the dishwasher it never cleans the dishes right. Your lucky if you have a ceiling light in any of the rooms. Hope this helps for those that decide to rent here.Sure there's more things.
Oana Mocanasu
in the last week
I lived at San Palmas for 3 years. The first year was great, things started going downhill after the second year and the third year became unbearable. Maintenance is done very poorly and things do not get taken care of. In the last 4 months of our residence we had to use a space heater due to the bad smell that was coming through the AC vents whenever we used it. So we spent the coldest winter in the last few years with no heating. Nothing left to say.
Devona Mitchell
a year ago
I lived here for 3 years. Owners and man changed and things got bad. management is rude and will tell you your wrong evem though you are correct. I have never been more disrespected in my life. The owner is cheap and does very little to fix things. Stay away find another where they actually want to help there residents.
Brandon Taylor
2 years ago
If I could give a worse review I would. Please do not stay here!!! RED FLAG!!! The people up front are extremely difficult to deal with. They were super nice to start and then we started having everything in our apartment break. They would get it fixed within a few days hopefully but then it became ridiculous. They would get mad because we would not give them permission to enter whenever they wanted. They told us do you want a call or can we have permission to enter? Well for privacy reasons and more we want a phone call and they get super upset with that. We have told them no maybe twice out of 15 times they have come to us that they couldn't and one was because we were out of state and weren't comfortable and they got mad at us. Our closet clothing rod is currently broken and about a week or so ago when it was broken and we were waiting for it to be fixed they were cleaning up leaves instead. I called and asked why they were doing that first and she made excuses and tried to tell me that "people are always complaining about the leaves"... Seriously?? then she went off about how we don't give permission to enter and every time we talk now she gets mad at me, raises her voice, and tells me that she cant deal with us and how every time we hassle her and she cant keep accommodating us... Well she hasn't accommodated us yet so basically no change there. Basically DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME HERE!!! TERRIBLE SERVICE!!!! Things keep breaking and even the hot tub has been broken since before we moved in months ago. They aren't taking care of their residents or their property. Att first glance its not too bad but behind the curtains it is terrible. please save your time and money and go somewhere else. We will be leaving as soon as our lease is up.
2 years ago
STAY AWAY PLEASE. The people who are in this office, especially the manage Lisa; she is a liar, a cheater and plain rude. These people took our money, hung up on us and refuse to resolve the issue. The manager Lisa had the audacity to call the police, and LIE. Because she kept hanging up, we decided to go and speak in person, we didn't even make it into the office before she called and claimed we "threatened" her. The 'corporate number ' is not in service. Hopefully the owner sees this message, and responds appropriately. Losing $200.00 isn't the end of the world, however, to be hung up on, lied to, and have false accusations made against is completely disappointing. I have never had anyone representing a company, especially in a leadership role, display such lack of integrity. I am so sincere and determined to get this TRUE experience out, I will publish this every single day until the issue is resolved, and I get in contact with someone who can actually make a difference, other than Lisa
jim Schminke
a year ago
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A Google User
5 years ago
The apartments are pretty standard. The property is well maintained Service staff responds to any issues fairly quick. The leasing office people are the nicest I have come across in the 4 other apartment complexes I have stayed at in the past
Carlos Ponce
a year ago