Five Oaks Apartments
1200 Montreal Rd E
Tucker, GA 30084
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Mahogany Cromartie
3 months ago
I moved in last October and I will be renewing my lease. The management team is great! I like that they are always there to help me when I need them and they are always so pleasant. I love my apartment! I also love my location and proximity to the malls, grocery stores, and restaurants.
Audris Hamilton
3 months ago
I moved to Five Oaks Apts at the end of May 2015 from the East Coast and I must say I have been extremely impressed. Amy, Josh and Mario of the management team have been incredible. I could not ask for a better staff. Kudos to the maintenance crew also, they are always available, any requests I had was addressed immediately. The majority of my requests were minor like changing a light bulb in the master closet since the ceilings are 9ft tall and I cannot reach. My entire toilet was changed (there were nothing mechanical wrong with it~just had a few scratches on the bottom of the porcelain. The Staff really goes over and beyond to make sure the residents are happy. This is definitely a great community to live in. There are no loud noises, kids are not running around unattended. I rarely see people hanging around the buildings unless they are walking their dogs or at the pool area. What also makes this a great place is that it's right off of the highway and actually I can see I285 from my balcony. The walls in the apartments are soundproof, I have never heard my neighbors nor the cars flying by from the highway. The community is gated and since I've been here the gates at the entrance have always worked properly. The apartments are upscale with high ceilings,crown moldings, built in desk and bookcase. The valet trash service that is offered is an extra amenity. I never have to tote garbage while living here, I just leave it outside my door for pick up. The valet trash service is prompt and ALWAYS on time. It comes to my building Mon - Thurs @ 8pm sharp! (I can set my clock by this service) The only negative comment that I have is that Five Oaks Apartments are a bit pricey for Tucker, however, you pay for what you get. So I'm ok with what I'm getting in return. This is a community with families that have respect for their neighbors. Overall, I am VERY pleased with my decision to move to Five Oaks Apartments!
Atila Aria
a month ago
This is a nice place with nice management.
Joyce Figueroa
a year ago
There is an african american heavy set woman that is rude, unprofessional, and does not need to have interactions with customers/ tenants under any circumstances. I do not understand why anyone would hire her to work in any leasing office. I urge you to avoid this place. Avoid that woman. And save your time and money for an apartment complex that desires your satisfaction.
Ttim Ricky
4 months ago
This place is located in a very bad area for crime and the apartments have a history of criminal problems. Security is poor and the security gate is a joke. Even some of the residents are very questionable. Stay away.
Natalie Brietenstein
2 years ago
I moved in 6 months ago and love my apartment. It is beautiful and my neighbors are great. I love the fact that they respond when I ask for things to be fixed and the gates actually work and stay closed. The complex is clean and quiet for the most part and I like having the convenience of valet trash service. I am very comfortable here - this is home.
S Jean
3 years ago
I absolutely hate this apartment complex. Management is never around. Frequently not there during posted hours. They don't care about any complaints you may have. The construction of the apartments is the worse. You can hear everything your neighbors are doing. The equipment in the gym is old and frequently broken or being used by kids in the complex. The neighbors are not friendly probably because they are all unhappy with their apartment. I know at least one other person in my building that has moved out because of the noise and two other apartments that are moving when their lease is up. I absolutely HATE these apartments. I hate moving but I hate these apartments more. I have lived in apartments for 13 years and this is by FAR the worse one yet. DO NOT move here. Unless you are moving from the housing project you are for sure going to regret it. Don't be fooled by the shiny bells and whistles. Its all to get you in the door but as soon as you sign the lease you soon find out how much you just screwed yourself. DON'T DO it. The price they may offer is too good to be true and it is indeed too good to be true.
Darline Wilkenson
8 months ago
The parking here is terrible! Not enough spaces
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