Addison Place
5100 Abbotts Bridge Rd
Alpharetta, GA 30005
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Sebastian Murphy
9 months ago
Used to live here, decent facilities but the management would never take care of problems quickly. Trash compacter would break down often, and the pools would be opened weeks after any other neighborhoods in the area and they would open later than the management would announce.
Sarah Harper
a year ago
Windows leaked, it took two months to replace our A/C unit in the middle of summer, they broke our water heater and took weeks to fix it, washer and dryer didn't work well and they still haven't fixed the dryer (we had to fix it ourselves). Maintenance took forever and the quality of the apartment was lackluster. We had water damage when we moved in and stains on the wall. Lots of kids running around the tennis court and being extremely loud. Very inconsiderate neighbors (noise wise) that the front office won't do anything about. The gates are always broken and never closed. In the year I have lived there the gates have been closed for maybe three weeks total. Too expensive for what you get. They did get new management so maybe they can turn the place around.
rk s
a year ago
One of the worst apartments to live in Alpharetta. Constant problems with A/C and heating units. Most apts in this community have broken A/C units and the service is very very poor. We had to spend several nights without the heater working. Some of my neighbors faced the same problem. The service men were helpless and complained about the mgmt. refusing to upgrade the A/c heating units. There is always an additional 200$ bill to your rent irrespective of whether you will live in single, double or triple bedroom apt. You're forced to take an internet/cable of their choice whether you need or not. Trash compacter always overflows. Btw, be prepared to share your apt with roaches as they are very common here
zumma a
a year ago
If I could rate this as lower than one star I would I live here. Please be careful before you move in. My family is not very happy living here. This place is the worst ever in my life. 1 kids playground with trash compactor overflowing 2 utility fee is extremley high after new maintenance company.($300) 3 comcast is OBLIGATION ($100/mo) - monopoly? 4 Family Electiricy is separated (~$100/mo) 5 Roaches everywhere( a lot in kitchen) 6 Gates are completely open 24/7.
vidya sankar
2 years ago
I live here now..It is NOT a GATED community as it is open to Abbotts Bridge and Jones Bridge road on the sides.The trash compactor is a constant problem(atleast once a month the trash is overflowing).The Gates are completely open during the morning and afternoon school times. Atleast once a month the gates stop functioning and remain open all the time.. Inspite of all this the 3 stars is because of the people who live here are super friendly..lots of friends for my kids..soo convenient to Publix,Kroger,CVS and restaurants
Abby Potter
3 years ago
This place is a joke. At this very moment, there are two dumpsters outside of the trash compactor (broken for weeks). All three (total) are overflowing with trash. Trash is all along the street. It is so gross. How long exactly does it take to have a trash compactor repaired.....makes you wonder what they do with hundreds of residents monthly trash fees.
Jackie Robinson
2 years ago
Great Location, poorly designed. There is NO insulation what so ever. I can say this because the pipes froze over the winter and I saw first hand what was there when the wall was cut into. Very few with pets pick up after them. Parking is lacking. Phone calls are either not answered nor are they returned. There are no activities to promote getting to know your neighbors. Getting your payment posted in a timely manner is next to impossible. I just moved after a 1 1/2 and am so glad I am out of there.
Tori Smith
3 years ago
Looks are deceiving! Speaking from experience...These apartments are at best a farce!! Management changed 5 times while I was there, NO KIDDING. Maintenance, well if you can't say anything nice then say nothing at all, so I'll spare you the sordid details. Gated, yeah right, the gate NEVER worked consecutively yet you pay a mandatory included in the rent Gate Fee! People sit in cars and wait for a resident with "the precious" key to entry WHEN the gate does work and follow in behind you. Oh right, the gate allows one car per entry says a sign that's posted, NOT!!! The trash compactors on both sides were always overflowing with pungent odors and mounds of trash on weekends...embarrassing when guests visited, and you pay a fee for this lovely feature too! The rats come for FREE, yes they've moved in too! Teens ran around on late nights, as in the wee morning hours knocking on doors, yep happened to me. There is theft, package taken right from my front door! And don't waste your time calling The Connor Group, the owners, you have a snowball's chance in hell of getting someone, they NEVER answer the phone...just "show them the money". Reputable realtor shared they send those that can't get a home to Addison Place because they are really low-income based apartments, without a rigid credit check, it shows. Wish I'd known that prior to moving in! Things SOMETIMES may look good on the outside but inside the units are outdated and to bait you with a lease renewal that goes up by the hundred$ you're offered updated appliances. Luxury apartments, a resort styled community....Really? No Really?! More like gated ghetto. Would not recommend these apartments to anyone!!!!!!!!!!
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