The Urban Apartment Homes
3601 E McDowell Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85008
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Danni Girl
in the last week
I inquired about these apartments on Tuesday 4/19/2016 I talked to yadira I came back with th $135.81 for application fee and holding fee I was informed Friday 4/22 that we were denied I was told to pick up our money order of $100 today Saturday I talked to Kiesha and she said "we cannot hold your money order if Louie was denied" so Louie my husband went to pick up our money order to finish our tent he called me on speaker phone to tell me Kiesha didn't want to give us our money order so I was put on speaker phone I informed Kiesha or tried to before she started interrupting me very rudely and disrespectfully because we were on the cell phone she knew she wasn't being recorded or monitored after yelling ate interrupting me she said she will personally call her manager and nothing will happen to her Kiesha was screaming at me that I don't make sense I couldn't finish one sentence she got completely ghetto and started saying it's out of her she doesn't care what happened she can do anything about it Kiesha continued to say I have to call back and they might send a corporate check I was trying to ask her because this is their fault she said herself and Kiesha also said that she doesn't have to do anything for me as she was yelling I asked to escalate the call and as she laughed at me she said I will personally call my manager and tell her and nothing will happen to her I have never been treated like this DO NOT GO TO THESE APARTMENTS I WON'T BE SURPRISED IF THEY STEAL MY MONEY WITH THE GHETTO SERVICE OH AND I ALSO SUBMITTED A REQUEST TO THE BBB FOR THE TRINITY PROPERTY CONSULTANTS AND I ALSO SUBMITTED A REQUEST FOR THE URBAN APARTMENTS TO BE LISTED SO I CAN FILE ANOTHER COMPLAINT AND KIESHA ALSO REFUSED TO GIVE CORPORATES PHONE NUMBER
Penny Winters
3 weeks ago
This is absolutely the worst apartment complex I have ever lived. First off they called me the day I was moving in to see if I could change the day because they were not done with the apartment. I told them no but gave them a couple extra hours. When we went into the apartment the carpet was soaking wet from being cleaned and it was still dirty, have gum on the carpet in different spots and the blinds were all uneven and some even broke. The dishwasher could not be used because the water pressure was too low. When you called for maintenance it is a minimum of 3 to 4 days then its not going to be fixed right. The buildings have termites and when I told them they were above my bed it still took over a week to get somebody out there. Most of the office staff sucks and are not helpful. When you move you can be guaranteed you will not get your full deposit back. They will send a check with no explanation on what you were charged for. They don't care what kind of people live there. They have gates for a reason but they are always open because they are broke and it takes forever for them to be fixed. The main power shutoff is outside the buildings and anyone can walk by and shut it off, it happened many times. Parking totally sucks. If you have more than 1 vehicle you will more than likely be parking outside of the complex on 36th street if you come home to late...after 5:30 pm. I would not recommend moving here at all. I am actually reporting them to the BBB because of the deposit issue and possibly checking with an attorney. The apartment I moved out of was spotless compared to the way it was when I moved in. Run the other way from this place.
Lindsey Padgett
2 months ago
Lived here for one year and will not be singing another lease. When we first moved in, it was barely cleaned out, and there was missing parts of the dryer and fridge. maintence is ok, only one of them seems to know what he is doing. Smells like weed and cigarette smoke all the time, the gates are never shut and always broken. Kids run around unsupervised and very loud. The front office never answers their phone. They are raising the price of rent and tried to charge us for nothing, even adding a late fee. I would not recommend living here unless you had no other choice. The neighborhood is not good, there are always cops around.
Waerloga Taurzo
a month ago
I went to this location interested in looking for an apartment. The complex is nestled in an area a little on the sketch side but it's the "don't give a &$@%" attitude of the staff that really turned me away. The staff was rude and half-assed their sales pitch and gave me the impression they had more pressing matters, like not working.
Casey Craten
5 months ago
They are nice and at a good price! With new appliances and security gate and ADT. And the staff is nice too. I don't know why people are giving bad reviews, maybe because they are dramatic.
saifallah zaidi
4 months ago
hi my name is saif I used to work for compassrock in monteverde .just want let ppl know its the worst place ever to work or live there. rouachs everywhere nasty stuff.crackheads go in and steal ppl cars .the leasing agents r horrible .they lie make u sign a contract than screw u over.and they stold rent checks and cashed them out,they make resident pay the rent insurance covers that.u call the office for a work order they never answer the phone for no reason.they laugh and makes fun of residents all the time.........etc...... Chanel Smith ( works there for 3 years.and she just moved in few months ago.liar lmfao.and thats unprofessional anyway ) for anyone reading my review just don't move there
Christina Vanderslice
5 months ago
I've lived here for a year. As a resident of this HORRIBLE place I urge you to RUN. DO NOT LIVE HERE. My apartment was infested with roaches and my neighbor told me of the horrors that happened in this unit. The infestation was horrible and when I moved in dried roach poop covered the walls. There are specks of poop everywhere you look and when you think you got it all clean you find more. They didn't bother to paint my unit at all, thankfully I did have new carpet. I spent the first 6 months killing what was left in the unit. I finally got the problem under control with no help from the office. FIRE ALARMS WEEKLY. There are building alarms that sound very loudly for fire. I'm so used to them at this point that I don't take them seriously at all. The first time one went off I rushed and grabbed my children and loaded them in the stroller, got a bag of clothes and was in a complete panic. I stood outside in the heat of the summer for an hour waiting for the fire trucks. The firefighters came and said it was a false alarm and that the alarm would be turned off. I waited for over an hour with ear piercing alarms going off inside the unit and outside the building. This happened again a second time, this time I just waited outside with my kids no bags packed. False alarm again. Third time this happens and another false alarm. I then cover the alarm speaker in my unit with a thick towel and duct tape to muffle the sound, its still very loud but no longer ear piercing and allows us to stay in the apartment while the alarm is sounding. There have been days this alarm will sound 2-3 times. One day they did maintenance on them and it would go on and off for 30min. No notice was provided that we could expect this annoyance. At this point when they sound I wait by my window to see the fire department come and run out to see if they think I need to evacuate. Even the fire department is annoyed by the weekly multiple trips to this complex. If there really was a fire I would not know it because the alarms sound so often. After a large windy storm we get a notice on our door that trash was found near our building at that if it continues a fine will be given. The dumpster is right next to the building and the storm caused the trash to blow. They sent a notice that cigarette butts have been collecting near the building and that if it should continue ALL RESIDENTS in the building would be EVICTED! We promptly went to the office and found out this was there way of finding the person who was responsible because non smokers would be angry and complain that they don't smoke and the smokers would be the silent ones. So, if you are innocent make sure you make noise about a notice on your door or it will make you look guilty. Maintenance is needed on a monthly bases to fix problems with cheap parts on faucets and doors. They just keep repairing a part that really should be completely replaced. Expect just one knock on your door and the maintenance guy will use his key and walk right in. I've made it clear when calling for a repair that if I don't answer I don't give permission to enter if I'm not there. One day I came home to find a maintenance guy working when I was told he would be there the next day. Imagine being alone, female and walk into your apartment to find a man who shouldn't be there. I promptly told him to leave. No matter how many times we say NO PERMISSION TO ENTER they help themselves to enter. We have asked for a fire extinguisher twice now. They come to inspect them and we've told them we don't have one. They say one will be given but that hasn't happened. We are missing a smoke detector and that hasn't been replaced either. One closet has NO DOORS! They have been missing since move in. The Master Closet door is cheap and hung off the hinge and didn't stay closed. DO NOT LIVE HERE! Worst place I've ever lived in my life.
Chanel Smith
6 months ago
I don't understand what is up with the bad reviews. People hate it but live here for 4 years? I have lived here for 2 years and will be renewing. the apartments are upgraded and so cheap. Also location is central and close to everything! Office and maintenance have always been nice and helpful!
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