Monte Verde Apartments
3601 E McDowell Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85008
McDowell Rd & 36th St
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Micah Steiner
reviewed a week ago
I am still currently living here and I can easily say that i will not be renewing my lease. First off, when i took a tour of the place, they showed me what my floor plan will look like. After i signed the lease, they ended up putting me in a totally different floor plan that was significantly smaller than the one they had showed me and excused it as "the name of the floor plan is the same, but the sizes vary"... 100+ sqft is a huge vary. The parking here is horrid and people will park in YOUR covered parking spot... getting it towed is a pain in the ass and usually never works. My friend left the trash out front of the door for 30 minutes (till i got home) and they were going to fine us, Yet they look the other way when the neighbors are smoking weed and hotbox the hallway every night... Not a safe environment (but i knew that going in). Kids run wild around here, dog crap everywhere. You also get a different rent due every month. I payed the rent they posted on my online portal and then got a late notice saying that i owed differently.... I went in to pay the difference and management apologized for "having retards that dont know how to add up rent properly)... I cant wait to move, but i have till the end of December :(
Jason Jones
reviewed 2 weeks ago
I have not even lived here and I wouldn't recommend the property at all. Last night my girlfriend and i went to the office at 5:30 to inquire about living here. The door was locked and a sign was posted saying they would return shortly. At 5:35 an office employee cracked the door and told myself and another man that was waiting that the office was not going to reopen until the morning. The man that was waiting with me was there to pay his rent. He was told that he couldn't pay it until the next day. I told the young man that I was there to get information about living there but that if I couldn't even depend on the office to remain open during the posted hours that I didn't think that this would be the place for me. He laughed and said "ok". I then told him that his customer service was horrible and that he wasn't a nice guy. He laughed, opened the door all the way and told me in a VERY sarcastic tone to "have a very blessed day" and to "enjoy this beautiful weather" (I was being rained on). I then told him to go f himself and began to walk away. He then came out of the building, got in my face and told me to "get off my property before he called the police". Perhaps I lost my temper in telling him to go F himself but he was extremely sarcastic and incredibly rude to begin with. I will be calling their corporate offices today.
Adam Leon
reviewed a month ago
Wouldn't even give it a one star, but in order to leave a comment, you have to leave a rating. This property is a joke. The management is a joke. The mickey mouse club maintenance is a joke. In most places you get what you paid for, but that is not the case. This place has to have some sort of section 8, refugee automatic lease, because these dirty, disgusting people, who bring bed bugs, and roaches with them seem to enjoy living here. The trash is out of control. There should be some sort of law, to how many people can live in an apartment, cause I saw over 12 people in a 4 bedroom go out for the day, and they all live in one apartment. Roaches have no fear in living here. They seem to hang out, and have dinner with people on a regular basis. We have taped up our outlets, and even had a chemical high by spraying our own roach spray. Whatever water and soap Burns pest control uses, it doesn't help with the infestation. The management seems to come to work hung over, or high because they cant remember what they told you two days ago. If you like it in the ass, live here. Rent is never what they say, especially when they have control of the "water bill".
YouAintAbout ThatLifeBruh
reviewed a month ago
this is a good place if you are a college student budgeting. but what you pay is the things you will get. They are trying to fight against Coat roaches and all these other bugs. Although they have had extermination before, they seem to have comeback. the weight room is poor, missing dumb bells and tones of broken machine. pool is dirty and I don't know when was the last time they cleaned it. and the front gate has been broken for numerous of months. definitely not a place to raise kids in, unless your strict on money.
Andre White
reviewed 3 months ago
STAY AWAY. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! I would not recommend this community to ANYONE!!! I moved her at the end of November and by the end of December management has been given notice to vacate for numerous reasons with the most serious reason being to an infestation of roaches! Shortly after moving in (I left town right after moving in) I discovered the presence of roaches in my unit. I immediately contacted the management and requested my unit be sprayed by their pest control company (Burns) which they already failed to do as I requested my unit to be fogged prior to my move-in date. Long story short, my unit has been sprayed several times and was even fogged about two weeks after I moved in and the management has failed to solve the roach issue. I continue to see roaches on a daily basis in my unit even after treatment. Even in the day time. This means infestation!!! I have talked to numerous other tenants that live in the community and they have experienced similar issues. I gave my 5 day notice to vacate due to the health issues the roach infestation has caused and can't wait to be out of here. Fortunately I have the means to do so. I imagine a lot of people feel "stuck" after signing a lease and they either can't afford to move or don't know their rights. Besides the pest issue, there are several other issues with the community as well. It is very loud most nights with people outside their units in the wee hours of the morning between 1-4 am. They do have security but they are not on site often and have to be called so not effective in this situation. There has been trash including garbage, cigarrete butts and other litter all over the ground near my apartment. If you are a current tenant here you do have the right to legally break your lease for pest infestation and many other issues if the property manager is given proper notice and fails to remedy the issue. Can be done in as little as 5 days and even possible sooner. I am writing this review in hope that it will save someone from experiencing what I have. I wish I was warned before moving here! This is the worst place I have ever lived in my adult life!!!
Carlos Estevez
reviewed 4 months ago
the greatest place I ever lived by far. maintenance is quick to get things done. my apartment looked awesome! and very apartment looked exactly like the model which most apartments false advertise but not here. love how the pools are heated and the new palm lights by the front pool look great. would recommend this place to anyone. leasing agents and maintenance personnel are very friendly and quick to help out.
Emily Foster
reviewed 4 months ago
I Love living here... The apartments are clean and the property is well kept up. The office staff is so nice and friendly anytime I need anything they are right on top of it and help me anyway they can. The apartment complex staff is always so friendly if they are out on the property they always say hi and ask if they can help me with anything. I`ve been here a little over a year and am getting ready to upgrade to a bigger apartment and I am so excited. I work from home and travel a lot for my job and this is the perfect location. I am centrally located and a $10 cab ride to the airport when I leave town on business. The property manager Gabe is the guy to go see if you have any issues.
Jered Jim
reviewed 3 months ago
I live here and have a roach problem. After reading the other roach reviews here on Google I'm going to take more measurements into breaking my lease. I've had my place sprayed numerous times and fogged (bombed) twice. The roaches are still present and there is no signs of them dying out. Management is also pretty poor.
Camille Thomas
reviewed 9 months ago
I hated living here. Even though they switched management they have a high turn over rate within staff as well as with residents. They are slow in the maintenance department as well. The pool is disgusting when it is working, little kids play in the Jacuzzi & pool unsupervised (and we all know how kids like to pee in the pool). Then the pool broke and they refused to fix it. It was green for months. The office staff literally has no idea what's going on. They never walk the property. Just sit in the office all day and pretend. If you don't care about where you live go here.
A Google User
reviewed a year ago
Bottom line: you can get a cheap price here when they lower it if you don't mind the neighborhood and can stand to push (over and over) to have anything that goes wrong fixed. And now for too much information: the one thing I like about these apartments is the floorplan for space use. It's nice. Other than that, my experience has been that the complex is very poorly cared for. The office and front vegetation/flowers are cared for, the rest is a mess! Our apartment wasn't clean when we moved in, we had multiple issues with local smokers that the management wouldn't address (smoking in buildings, illegal in AZ and via the contracts). They were fairly responsive about spraying for roaches though. I'm an easy going person, but the one girl in the office I've gotten any positive interaction from is Denise. She's great. I've heard others making rude comments about tenants (really rude things, uncalled for and unprofessional). I'm surprised they haven't been let go considering their behavior and the issues I see go on here! Other office personnel have also lied to me about fixing things, so I'd speak with her if you come here. Pretty normal for apartment office issues. Our appliances seem to be not too old but very cheap. Our microwave doesn't function well, we always have hot and cold spots in the food. Our oven is ok. The fridge was leaking and not going below 49' for months on end, we had to make a lot of noise and even call the corporate headquarters before the issue was finally resolved over 4 months later!! (They kept trying to do cheap fixes with people that didn't know what they were doing, finally convinced them after so many "fixes" that didn't work to get us another fridge while they figured it out.) Maintenance does a better job with run of the mill issues though, and they're nice people. The carpet is disgusting, worn, and pulling up, paint is poorly done, but it's not my place so I don't care too much. Gates break often but are fixed pretty quickly. Local neighbors can be noisy, there are families here and pets, but that's a part of apartment living so I'm not sure why people complain so much about it! That's what you get with an apartment! I think the walls here are decently thick, I hear things occasionally, but not too much. Maybe I just have polite neighbors. All in all it's a run-down complex, generally rude and non-attentive personnel with exception of Denise and the maintenance people, ridiculously expensive prices that are usually lowered a lot, bad neighborhood (drive in liquor stores, etc.) all make this a no-go for our contract renewal. It wasn't too bad though, we survived. It's just not somewhere I choose to stay after my experience.
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