The Urban Apartment Homes
3601 E McDowell Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85008
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Samuel Rodriguez
2 months ago
I was just there to inquire about some spaces. They're currently operating from an apartment since the office is having remodeling ( under stable ). Upon arrival to the " office " I knocked no one answered or said to come in. I opened the door and asked if I could come in since it's a small space. I took a seat a couple knocked twice and the lady never said come in until the third time ( she was sitting right by the door ) I wonder if she would have said anything if my self or anyone else wasn't there. She then proceeded to bring me papers with prices to look at the options, and available dates. Service was really dry, no empathy for waiting no real connection to potential residents. The couple proceeded to leave, then I asked one question and did the same. Not sure how it is when you live there but my first impression was discouraging. They look nice but not sure if the staff is professional which is extremely important. I'd question their management skills.
Carolina Ramirez
2 months ago
I feel terrible for the property owner because the apartments rent only due to the low cost. I would pay a higher price if they provided decent customer service. I will not be leasing here ever because the manager, Misty, is not organized, irresponsible, and cannot manage her staff. Misty told me she would take note that I would be going in that same day to check out a floor plan when I called early that day. When I arrived in the afternoon, the staff told me that Misty had gone to check it and that it was not ready to be viewed. Why wouldn't Misty call me and let me know to not make the trip to go look at the floor plan because it was not ready? Perhaps it is a small detail for management but for someone who is deciding on where to rent and taking the time to look at the apartment, it is a deciding factor. I don't live in Phoenix, I travel the majority of the time since my clients are everywhere but I need a small place for when I am in town. Moreover, I called again to see if the floor plan was ready and the staff, Keesha, told me there were many available to see and that in the past days she had already leased 4 of those floor plans. Now, either their tracking system is flawed or they are trying to create "business urgency" by providing false information. The attitude the staff gave me was inappropriate and she probably felt challenged when I asked logical questions. To say the least, management doesn't care about customer service because they know they will rent the units (low cost) but the stigma being created for the property will catch up. If the property owner is interested in consultation from me, I would be more than happy to share my business improvements. Don't create a bad stigma for your property. -Kindly
Susan Glenn
a month ago
NO NOBODY ANSWERS THE TELEPHONE OR RESPONSES TO EMAILS. I've been calling and emailing this apartment complex to get some leasing information and nobody answers the phone. I read reviews about how office staff are always absent, so I tired to save gas and call/email but got nowhere. How Professional.
Danni Girl
3 months ago
I inquired about these apartments on Tuesday 4/19/2016 I talked to yadira I came back with th $135.81 for application fee and holding fee I was informed Friday 4/22 that we were denied I was told to pick up our money order of $100 today Saturday I talked to Kiesha and she said "we cannot hold your money order if Louie was denied" so Louie my husband went to pick up our money order to finish our tent he called me on speaker phone to tell me Kiesha didn't want to give us our money order so I was put on speaker phone I informed Kiesha or tried to before she started interrupting me very rudely and disrespectfully because we were on the cell phone she knew she wasn't being recorded or monitored after yelling ate interrupting me she said she will personally call her manager and nothing will happen to her Kiesha was screaming at me that I don't make sense I couldn't finish one sentence she got completely ghetto and started saying it's out of her she doesn't care what happened she can do anything about it Kiesha continued to say I have to call back and they might send a corporate check I was trying to ask her because this is their fault she said herself and Kiesha also said that she doesn't have to do anything for me as she was yelling I asked to escalate the call and as she laughed at me she said I will personally call my manager and tell her and nothing will happen to her I have never been treated like this DO NOT GO TO THESE APARTMENTS I WON'T BE SURPRISED IF THEY STEAL MY MONEY WITH THE GHETTO SERVICE OH AND I ALSO SUBMITTED A REQUEST TO THE BBB FOR THE TRINITY PROPERTY CONSULTANTS AND I ALSO SUBMITTED A REQUEST FOR THE URBAN APARTMENTS TO BE LISTED SO I CAN FILE ANOTHER COMPLAINT AND KIESHA ALSO REFUSED TO GIVE CORPORATES PHONE NUMBER
Ashley Hale
2 months ago
So far, so good!! I've been living here for about a month and I really like the atmosphere. The customer service is pretty great and really friendly, so is maintanence. The main reason I knocked off a star is due to the gates, loud kids outside, and the pigeon problem, as they are constantly perched outside my window and I sleep during the day. Other than that, one of the nicer places I've lived.
Penny Winters
3 months ago
This is absolutely the worst apartment complex I have ever lived. First off they called me the day I was moving in to see if I could change the day because they were not done with the apartment. I told them no but gave them a couple extra hours. When we went into the apartment the carpet was soaking wet from being cleaned and it was still dirty, have gum on the carpet in different spots and the blinds were all uneven and some even broke. The dishwasher could not be used because the water pressure was too low. When you called for maintenance it is a minimum of 3 to 4 days then its not going to be fixed right. The buildings have termites and when I told them they were above my bed it still took over a week to get somebody out there. Most of the office staff sucks and are not helpful. When you move you can be guaranteed you will not get your full deposit back. They will send a check with no explanation on what you were charged for. They don't care what kind of people live there. They have gates for a reason but they are always open because they are broke and it takes forever for them to be fixed. The main power shutoff is outside the buildings and anyone can walk by and shut it off, it happened many times. Parking totally sucks. If you have more than 1 vehicle you will more than likely be parking outside of the complex on 36th street if you come home to late...after 5:30 pm. I would not recommend moving here at all. I am actually reporting them to the BBB because of the deposit issue and possibly checking with an attorney. The apartment I moved out of was spotless compared to the way it was when I moved in. Run the other way from this place.
Lindsey Padgett
5 months ago
Lived here for one year and will not be singing another lease. When we first moved in, it was barely cleaned out, and there was missing parts of the dryer and fridge. maintence is ok, only one of them seems to know what he is doing. Smells like weed and cigarette smoke all the time, the gates are never shut and always broken. Kids run around unsupervised and very loud. The front office never answers their phone. They are raising the price of rent and tried to charge us for nothing, even adding a late fee. I would not recommend living here unless you had no other choice. The neighborhood is not good, there are always cops around.
Kaylan Middleton
2 months ago
Clean calm all great neighbors. Multi cultural and multi racial community.. if you can't accept that we'll leave. Go to North scottsdale...
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