Avion At Sunrise Mountain Apartments
6901 E Lake Mead Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89156
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Lucas Aguilera
3 weeks ago
Nice apartment for the price. Clean grounds, nice neighbors, clean apartment. Very nice staff. I was able to get in with a zero deposit. I eventually moved out of state so I had to break the lease. But this has been the most peaceful place I have ever lived.
Michael Harris
2 months ago
This place is terrible. It used to be a pretty good place to live, but the new owners/management have been awful. First of all, the AC leaks water out into the bathroom. I asked management about it, and was only given a new filter for the AC. This did not help at all, so now I have to deal with a bucket system to catch the gallons of water it leaks every day and night. Curiously, they have killed all the grass and many trees and shrubs because they want to save money on water. I will gladly donate my buckets of leaking water to fix the ugly landscaping issue. They have not only killed the grass, but they dug up around the sidewalks and just left it. So there are piles of dirt, dead grass, and tree roots everywhere you go. It's been a disgusting eyesore for over a month. I wish I could post a picture. The rent also has gone up substantially and residents now pay for more utilities that didn't exist before. With the rising costs, you would assume some things are improved upon. This is not the case as the pools are no longer heated, and the hot tub can now be called a cold, dirty tub. Honestly, who doesn't heat a hot tub? Also, good luck even getting into the pool or gym area because there is a sign probably once or twice a week saying they are closed. On top of all of that, the assistant manager is the most condescending, rude trollop of a person. She's a nightmare. Anytime you have a question, issue, or she does an inspection, she treats you like an idiot. I could go on and on about this place. It used to be great. Now our neighbors are moving out one after the other, and we will be leaving in the next month or so.
Ryan Martin
2 months ago
Other than the pool not heated. The apartment area is decent and clean. The trash area a different story people don't care and over load it. The management here nice and very prompt. Decent place to live at an ok value
Lauren Kaleta
3 months ago
Guys, just don't live here. Each month, I have issues with paying rent--they say it's due on the 1st but it's never posted to my online account until at least the night of the 2nd or 3rd. Then anytime we've had to request a maintenance person be sent out, it's taken at least three days (it took nearly two weeks for our A/C to be fixed when it was flooding our bathroom, so we couldn't have it on during 80 degree weather a few weeks ago) and several reminders. The pools are advertised to be heated--they are NOT, and they are still ice cold. Our deadbolt broke (literally would not unlock) within a month and we were locked out after hours. We called the after-hours line and no one answered. We were literally locked out of our apartment with no way to get inside and no way to contact anyone about it, so we called a locksmith. Management wasn't going to reimburse me the $200 at first until we showed them our phones with the unanswered calls to the after hours line. We signed a 12 month lease back in December, but we're breaking it in June and moving to Henderson. It's worth the $500 penalty. We can't wait to leave!!
Evil Gee
in the last week
Jasmine Kojouri
4 months ago
New management uses a system that charges you for paying online, tapes papers to your door instead of putting them in your mailbox, refuses to keep pool heated as advertised because they're cheap, lets small children, even babies, use the sauna (unsafe, illegal, and unsanitary), and told me they were "letting me vent" as if I was a child when I was correcting their mistake that charged more than $150 extra that they did take off eventually.They're new so I'm hoping they get the hang of things soon but if we don't see improvements I and many other residents will be leaving.
Sara Hol
8 months ago
Not even a month after moving in our neighbors house is broken into, shortly after that our scooter is stolen, soon after that we received notices on our door saying that there have been car thefts in the apartments! Maybe if security was more aware of what was happening in the apartment than who is in the damn pool there would be less theft in this damn apartment complex. Maintenance half does any type of repair and I've been there 2 years and still have not received a window that opens in my living room. Management doesn't care much about the tenants, I loyally payed rent on time each month for 2 years straight and when I asked for a free carpet cleaning they denied that! Roaces are an issue! Not to mention the IMMENSE AMOUNT OF RENT INCREASES! I'm so happy to be out of that apartment!
Marco Rangel
9 months ago
This place is crap other than the nice view and the nice office people ( just two of them the other people suck including the manager who don't seem to care about the problem we had) it sucks! They are issues with parking because people make deals and the office can't do nothing about it, they do not fix any of the issues on the apartment on time, in fact you have to keep calling till they do and the guys who fix things talk crap to you, there is dog crap all over and you can only have two guess in the pool and to top it all even having a security my gf's moped got stolen her second night after she moved in, this place is not worth it guys.
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