Pelican Bay State Prison
Pelican Bay State Prison
5905 Lake Earl Dr
Crescent City, CA 95532
"May God have compassion and mercy on all of you Californians."
"The legal system is broken, but very much alive."
"The meat loaf on death row is to die for."
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a month ago
For some years I have been writing to a few inmates, several who have been migrated to this place. I have been called to minister to them (Matthew 25: 34-46). Traveling is imposing and impractical but the CA system gives me the opportunity and I write and I feel the pain, the hope and hopelessness, the gratitude, the contentment and the misery of those incarcerated within its walls. Each person is very different and many have found Jesus in their despair. The legal system is broken, but very much alive. Quoting National Review, April 2015 'SHU is a very modern way of draining life away. ---It drains away the self'. There is new hope for some in the state's attempt to fix their wrongs, but for many inmates the legal system has piled it too high in a life sucking environment. True reform has to come from within one self in spite of the circumstances. May God have compassion and mercy on all of you Californians.
a month ago
Just got out of the shu. C facility. It's not so bad. If the location was better I wouldn't have mines it. But those green suits job security is going away with the new changes. Can't say I feel bad. Sorry for yah. The only job where a person with a G.E.D start ground level. ( c/o) and become CEO (warden).
4 months ago
I did 2 half yrs. in tha Bay from 1999-2002,February,26,2001 was tha day of the Worlds worst Race Riot in HISTORY EVER...
a month ago
If ya' don't like a Level 4 Yard, there's always the SHU. My own lodging tastes require me to avoid any bed 'n breakfast where the house vintage is aged in a stainless steel toilet.
in the last week
I loved my time there better than Hawaii
in the last week
Only the strong will survive sweet meat won't survive
12 months ago
Any cdc establishment is one star, very unprofessional staff, cutthoat residents, and horrible food and medical treatment. I've never visited this facility & and hope I don't ever have to.
a year ago
A California judge recommended this place to me. He even arranged free transportation. Bellhops are rude, no ice machine, and the staff don't seem to know the first thing about customer service. Pretty sure this place is a tourist trap. Once they get you there, it's like they don't want you to leave. Ended up staying 10 years when I only planned a week because the doors on the rooms are next to impossible to open, and they're really stingy with the room keys. I don't recommend the food here, either. Asked their in-house cafeteria staff for silverware instead of the cheapo plastic sporks they give out, and someone stabbed me with a toothbrush! Do NOT recommended!
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