Pelican Bay State Prison
5905 Lake Earl Dr
Crescent City, CA 95532
TodayOpen 24 hours
"The meat loaf on death row is to die for."
"DOC promotes gang violence and segregation, not to mention my bum still hurts."
"No private rooms and shared showers, like a really bad communist youth hostel."
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E Galvan
4 months ago
Any cdc establishment is one star, very unprofessional staff, cutthoat residents, and horrible food and medical treatment. I've never visited this facility & and hope I don't ever have to.
Greg Cox
7 months ago
A California judge recommended this place to me. He even arranged free transportation. Bellhops are rude, no ice machine, and the staff don't seem to know the first thing about customer service. Pretty sure this place is a tourist trap. Once they get you there, it's like they don't want you to leave. Ended up staying 10 years when I only planned a week because the doors on the rooms are next to impossible to open, and they're really stingy with the room keys. I don't recommend the food here, either. Asked their in-house cafeteria staff for silverware instead of the cheapo plastic sporks they give out, and someone stabbed me with a toothbrush! Do NOT recommended!
roy hawthorne
3 months ago
Been there on A yard on a paroll violation thought i was going to get more time surrounded by lifers but it ran smooth
Caleb Chancey
a year ago
When i went there my cell had HUMAN poop in the corner when i told them they did not believe me so i had to smell some one else poop all night long then in the mourning they came in and said why did you poop in the corner when i said did not they put me in solidarity confinment a guard came to talk to me he said you white people are all the same when i got out i went to the exercise yard i found one of the k9s toy balls i threw it to one of them but the stupid dog turned his head and it hit him in the eye the guard came and he was out of pepper spray so he threw rocks at me and he put me in solidarity confinement i was charged with with animal abuse and was in there even longer the food was bad and had hair in it the guards even fight eachother i think a guard even r*** eachother once when i got out as i was walking outside to my car a bunch cops pepper spray me and tazed me cause they thoght i was escaping so they let me go later so dont go to this prison!
Paul S
a year ago
I've heard a lot good things about this place. If your going to be part of the CDC why settle for less PBSP is number one. Yeah I know you've heard good things about Folsom and SQ but the name Pelican Bay is iconic. For you deep thinkers the SHU is for you. This place is sooooo... good that the guys who leave come back for a longer vacation continuously.
John McKeown
3 years ago
I arrived by bus so parking was no problem. Checking in was easy. Helpful staff took care of all my bags and gave me a very nice pair of bracelets as a welcome gift. Water pressure in the showers was excellent. There was a lot of bars of soap on the floor in the bathroom, no one was picking them up which seemed strange. Room service is not good, takes forever and usually arrives cold. On the upside there are several bars to choose from. Gym was really crowded - hard to get to the free weights as they are always in use. Checkout time is 11am 2042 - I requested a late check out but that seems a bit excessive. The meat loaf on death row is to die for.
David Villescaz
2 years ago
Excellent place to start a prison career! Earn points by assaulting and/or stabbing rats, sex offenders, and mafia dropouts! The staff are super nice when theyre not violently cell extracting you while pepper spraying you and tazing you. Food is so so. Educational/vocational services include cabinetry, diesel mechanics, and high school GED. Basic social make up include but are not limited to: Cops/staff, Southsiders, Northern Mexicans & Structures, Border Brothers, Crips, Bloods, Aryans, Nazi Lowriders, and Others. Upon arrival you will be expected to choose which group you will affilliate with. If you have trouble deciding, ask someone! They will be more than happy to help! Try not to make any huge mistakes in here as it may result in you being stabbed. Exercise and activities may include running, basketball, handball pullups or doing burpies in your cell. Youll most likely end up doing the burpies as the yard is constantly on lockdown but dont worry, theres lots to do in your living quarters like watching TV, listening to KCRE on the radio, drawing, tattooing, pushups, thinking about how the hell you wound up there, and chatting with your cellie whos doing 2 life sentences plus 75 plus 2, and is currently sharpenning a melted shampoo bottle into a sharp insturment. Sometimes youll get a note from whichever group you affilliate with informing you that the next morning will be an all out riot with 400 other people in the morning while being shot at by all 9 gunners with mini 14s! Sounds fun? Well it IS and I highly recommend a stay in this great place! Never a dull moment!
Jimmy Juarez
5 months ago
Only visited my father love you.
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