Pelican Bay State Prison
5905 Lake Earl Dr
Crescent City, CA 95532
Pelican Bay State Prison
TodayOpen 24 hours
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Josh Johnson
reviewed 2 weeks ago
They take away our baby oil. Our baby oil is a necessity. I use it on all my bitches. They took away our baby oil and I ad to use mayonnaise. Then my bitches got maggots in their rectums. Im not sticking my pecker in no maggot hole! They will not get my repeat business, suggest immediate transfer. Meatloaf tuesday isnt bad though.
Michael Gust
reviewed 2 months ago
I spent a long vacation there. All i can say is i WILL be returning thanks to unfinished business. Thank you
David Villescaz
reviewed a year ago
Excellent place to start a prison career! Earn points by assaulting and/or stabbing rats, sex offenders, and mafia dropouts! The staff are super nice when theyre not violently cell extracting you while pepper spraying you and tazing you. Food is so so. Educational/vocational services include cabinetry, diesel mechanics, and high school GED. Basic social make up include but are not limited to: Cops/staff, Southsiders, Northern Mexicans & Structures, Border Brothers, Crips, Bloods, Aryans, Nazi Lowriders, and Others. Upon arrival you will be expected to choose which group you will affilliate with. If you have trouble deciding, ask someone! They will be more than happy to help! Try not to make any huge mistakes in here as it may result in you being stabbed. Exercise and activities may include running, basketball, handball pullups or doing burpies in your cell. Youll most likely end up doing the burpies as the yard is constantly on lockdown but dont worry, theres lots to do in your living quarters like watching TV, listening to KCRE on the radio, drawing, tattooing, pushups, thinking about how the hell you wound up there, and chatting with your cellie whos doing 2 life sentences plus 75 plus 2, and is currently sharpenning a melted shampoo bottle into a sharp insturment. Sometimes youll get a note from whichever group you affilliate with informing you that the next morning will be an all out riot with 400 other people in the morning while being shot at by all 9 gunners with mini 14s! Sounds fun? Well it IS and I highly recommend a stay in this great place! Never a dull moment!
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