Vintage At Scottsdale Apartments
14545 N Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
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Derek Johnson
2 months ago
The apartments are older but they are being refurbished. They brought in new management about halfway through our lease and they were great. Had a dispute with the neighbor downstairs due to us having a family of five in a second floor 3 bedroom apartment. We decided to rent before we bought a house as this is a new area for us. As it turns out, the floors are thin. But you have to know that this is normal in apartment living before renting. The Management was accommodating and understood. The primary maintenance man is awesome. Super nice and very helpful. I received my entire deposit back. I recommend being nice to the management, it seems to make a big difference. The price/location/mgmt is the best you'll find in N Scottsdale.
luke venchus
2 months ago
I am writing this post after much frustration and disbelief. Currently right outside my paper thin windows there are two men with chainsaws cutting branches in trees at 730 AM. Quiet time is clearly stated in the lease from any time after 10 PM til 8 AM. Not only are they breaking the lease every time it happens, but this has occurred multiple times a week for months straight. I honestly cannot believe the management at this community allows this to occur at all. I understand if they need to cut branches in trees but at least have the decency to do it after 8 AM! Also, this project does not need to continue for months and months. Any good management staff would allow this operation to take up maybe 1 0r 2 days. I make no exaggeration saying this has gone on for months at a time. The windows are so thin it sounds like a chainsaw is in your bedroom with you. I work afternoons into the late night and I have been woken up by this noise at least once a week (every Tuesday) most of the time before 8 AM since I moved in here. I am moving out in 1 month to a better community that actually cares about their residents well being. If you like loud noises at early hours in the morning and being woken up by the sound of chaimsaws and leaf blowers then this is the perfect community for you! If not stay the hell away.
Marissa Tetmyer
3 months ago
We just moved in to The Vintage at Scottsdale and I could not be happier. I love our new apartment. It's spacious and bright. I love the other residents, they're all quite nice and very friendly. We are living in a 3 bedroom that includes a fireplace. From 3 windows of our home you can hear a trickling waterfall with a stream that is just so relaxing. We've slept with our windows open every night since we have moved in. This was the cleanest apartment I've ever moved in to. It was spotless in here when we moved in. The office ladies, Veronica and Amanda, are just absolute rays of sunshine. They made the move in process so easy for us, and they have been so welcoming and nice. We had the maintenance over the first day because there was a small problem with our tub faucet, and they got over here in like 3 minutes. I'm not even kidding. I'm used to waiting 3 or 4 days for maintenance to show up at our old apartment and I was just shocked. Chris and Greg both came over and replaced the faucet in less than 5 minutes. I've lived in a lot of apartments and these feel the most like home out of any I have lived in. We just love it here. We love the floorplan and how the living area is separated from the bedrooms. We love the storage. We love the fireplace. We love our ice maker. This apartment community is amazing and we look forward to living here for many years to come!
Anthony Klein
4 months ago
So these places are old, single pane windows which kills your energy bill in the summer. The AC leaks on the floor...they have come twice now to fix it but it still does it every month or so. They just did a Major Major adjustment to the water pressure so now it trickles out. You should see how long it takes to fill a glass of water now. So we lived here a year now and are waiting a home to be built so we took it up the rear end and went month to month. They hiked it like 360+ dollars per month. Now TWO months later they are hiking it again?! I mean I know you can because we are month to month but can you be more greedy or ridiculous? I would not recommend this complex to anyone. Obviously they dont care about you, just every penny they can legally squeeze. Stay away
Monica and Jason Stinson
5 months ago
It's all in the name. If you like to be nickle and dimed and have rat poop in your storage unit, floods from explosions in the water heater that you will have to pay for the damage when moving out & love to pay over 200 for a two bedroom apartment in ac alone due to the VERY OLD appliances then this is the place for you.
Leon Audisho
9 months ago
Scorpion on 3rd floor. Limited parking spaces. You will never get your deposit back. You WILL pay for carpet replacement, even if you there for short tirm. And more
Rob Rowold
3 years ago
I live here currently, my husband and I have been here about 3 months. They are pet friendly. Our apartment is a great size for a great price. Everyone is friendly and all the staff are always friendly and willing to help with whatever the problem may be. There are a few downfalls, that in my opinion do not weigh out everything else. Downfalls are tenants do not clean up after their pets and walls and ceilings are pretty thin. Other than that I really enjoy living here. It is a great area at truly affordable pricing.
Kathryn Stryker
5 years ago
Management is not nice but that really nothing new about apartments. They close the office early sometimes. The utility bills here are very high. It runs about $200-250. On the plus side...the complex is very clean and extremely quiet at night. There isn't a whole lot of families that live here, the price is too high for them. Which is a plus if you perfer not to have a lot of screaming kids. The only downfall is management. The inside of the apartment is nice and spaceous.
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