Oaks At Pompano Apartments
501 SW 1st Ct
Pompano Beach, FL 33060
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Nativa Meradieu
10 months ago
Always make sure you're home before the rain comes because you will not be able to get out of your car, it's always flooded when it rains. Forget about a parking space after 6pm, No assigned parking and no parking resyrictions. This place is infested with coc roaches even the parking lot is. It's very unsafe, there is always something going on, you'll think the cops live here. Everyday someone's apartment get broken into. People sit on the stairs to smoke weed all day and night long. They were supposed to wash my carpet when I renewed my lease after several appointment no one shows up then they have the nerve to say they only clean the carpet at the renewal of the lease as a courtesy, they don't have to. Let's just say after you move in You'll never be able to reach them. The only person who knows and is responsible for everything is Stephanie but she is never there and the new girl is basically useless. Everytime you go to the office She is always tells you to leave a message for Stephanie but you'll never get a phone call back or a follow up.
Mrs. Val
4 months ago
They (Laura) should give you their rental criteria in writing!!!!!!! Instead they take your 85 dollar application fee which is non refundable and that's a scheme all by its self! Just straight up DIRTY but God sees all and knows ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!
Valeria Gabriela
11 months ago
Even if you're desperate, I would suggest you not to go there. When it rains, you're forced to drive in a pool of water which I am sure will destroy your car engine. Someone got shot right by the gate few months ago..that's how bad it is. Complain about people smoking weed right by my window,they told me my contract stated that they're not responsible to give me security. The manager Ana has been sued by nearly everybody who left the apartment. You can't say I didn't warn you.
Mike Shalom
10 months ago
If you're concerned about your safety, this place is not for you. After reading the comments, I realized I am not the only one to see how messed up this place is. I guess there is a reason why it's so cheap. Drugs, people smoking weed, loud party right next to you, water flooding the whole place, roaches, and the grand-prize mold. I called them for mold. They send the fat maintenance guy who painted the whole place. When I ask about the treatment, he told me painting the place was actually the treatment. This place is fucked up.
Nibaldo Padilla
a year ago
Fair living experiece for a fair price. Truthfully, the apts are small, gates are almost always broken, maintenance seem to have a problem liking their job, parking can be a mess and it does get flooded when it rains, and office staff not very friendly. However, if your looking to save on rent...it really is not bad at all. Ive rented luxurious apts that had exactly the same problems. lol
Makhia Keys
2 months ago
Horrible they break in your house and cars not a good idea to move here wish I would of new it was like this
shay shay
3 years ago
APARTMENT BROKEN INTO,NO STAR- First of all when I came to put in an application they made it seem like it was one of the best community ever, I was eight months pregnant when I moved here and needed a good safe environment for my kids, when I finally got in my apartment and started signing the lease they came up with all these community taxes. Signed the lease anyways not knowing the horror, headache, and stress that was ahead of me, let me run down the list, moved in all kinds of ghetto rageddy looking people, you cant find a parking spot cause they don't have assigned parking so if you want to live here be ready to park at least five minutes or more from your apartment, when it rains for about five minutes its already flooded, no handicapped parking period..thats just the beginning..inside the residents a turtle is faster than the shower head water coming down, just rediculus, after about a week and a half in this community, I came home later that night from work opened my apartment door and my huge big flat scrren tv is missing, YEA, somebody broke into my apartment and took everything I worked hard for my laptop, tv, camera, jewlry, my sons playstation 3 all of his games etc... I was traumatized, I call the police and he basically said this is one of the worse areas you could've moved in the fact that its gated doesnt mean anything, I WAS STRESSED TIRED I CRIED MY EYES THAT WHOLE WEEK, well I broke my lease and they wanted to charge me a 2 month penalty fee, uhhh from who???? well eventually they didn't chrge me and gave me my deposit back hmmmm I wonder why?! they had one security before after the robbery NOWWW they have two, just disgusting..please run!!!!!!!!
Tiffany Brown
2 years ago
My apartment got broken into. people there sale drugs and have sex for money. The so call security there sucks they dont do nothing but ride a bike or walk around . the residents are rude and ghetto . perhaps if they had a more scary and professional security company the drug dealers and pimps would go away. they also broke into my friends car twice .the area is bad .........NEEDS BETTER SECURITY AND BETTER POLICE
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