Villas D'Este
125 Via D Este
Delray Beach, FL 33445
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kl Jones
in the last week
Stayed here a few days for a visit and it felt like paradise. Great amenities and great location. Plenty of room inside aswell
Rachel Pires
6 months ago
I've lived all over the country, and I'm happy to say that Villas D'Este offered the best rental experience I've ever had! In fact, the only reason why we left is because we bought a house. The property is beautiful and a wonderful place to live, but what made such an impression was the incredible staff -- Michelle, Melissa, and Devyn to name a few. Also, the maintenance guys were great. It's clear that everyone here goes above and beyond. If I ever had to call in a request, it was always handled in a timely manner and I never had to follow-up on it. Nothing ever fell through the cracks, not once. I moved here from the Northeast, and I can confidently say that this staff has a New York City work ethic -- along with some Southern charm. They're so friendly and happy to help. I will always treasure my time at Villas D'Este! Anyone looking to live here will not be disappointed :-)
Tammi Munroe
5 months ago
HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE - From day one the A/C never worked properly, ran all the time which meant double the electric bill (they would just put Freon in as a band-aid, pretty sure that is not legal). The company that handles the billing for the water/garbage (National Exception Service) was over billing by at least $25 a month, my bill was an average of $92 month (I am currently renting a 3,000 sqft home with a yard and my water bill is never over $72.) I asked them several times to check the water meter and for leaks but they said everything was fine, including the water heater(obvious over billing practice!!) I had a rash and could not figure out why, I checked out the water heater which was rusty and leaking! They ended up replacing the water heater. My water bill was $20 over even after the water heater was replaced. When I moved out they they claimed my 8 year old cat had made over 50 stain spots in a year. When asked to see the carpet or the pet stains and they refused, and emailed me photos which could have been from any of the units. I am not the only one to have this complaint, this apparently a common practice of their's!! The walk through was done without me being there. I was charged over $1300 and they put the claim through to collection within 6 weeks. Total scam!!!! Very disappointing since the staff seemed to be nice. Lincoln Properties should be reported to the Better Business Bureau!! DO NOT RENT FROM THEM - there are much better options out there!!
Jamie Pedone
9 months ago
Loved living here, very nice staff and the property was always well maintained. The pool is amazing.
Justin Baker
3 years ago
DO NOT LIVE HERE IF YOU HAVE A PET!!! This place appeared to be a fantastic place to live at first glance and we did not have much trouble while living here. However, 6 months into our lease we decided to get a dog. The apartment complex charged us a $400 "pet deposit" to have a dog on premise. We had already given them a $400 security deposit up front when we signed the lease as well. When we moved out they claimed that there were “pet stains” all throughout the apartment and that the carpet had to be replaced entirely. I know for a fact that my dog did not have accidents in the house as he was always crated or under my direct supervision because I worked from home. The dog wasn't even allowed upstairs!! They stated the following as their reasoning "we ripped up all of the carpet and had our maintenance man get on his hands and knees to smell the stains in the carpet and he determined that they were in fact pet stains and that they were all over the apartment." They not only took the $400 security deposit but sent us an invoice for an additional $900 to replace the carpet. When I asked why they were not using the Pet Deposit towards this total amount, they said that it wasn't a pet deposit but rather a pet fee and was nonrefundable. Why do I need to pay a pet fee if you can just claim that my dog caused damages to carpet?? We received a certified letter that demanded we pay the amount in full in less than 30 days or be sent to collections. After receiving this, we visited with the management staff to discuss the invoice. We asked to see the carpet or the pet stains and they refused. They showed us photos of "stains" from a piece of carpet but had no way of showing us that it was from our Unit. When we asked to have copies of the photos they refused. We asked how we knew that they were from our Unit if they are refusing to show us the proof. Their management responded rudely with “How do you know they are NOT from your Unit?!?” We paid over $20k in rent and fees to live there for a year and they still want more money out of us. I wish I would’ve read the reviews before choosing to live there because I have seen several other complaints about the exact same scenario. They charge a small security deposit in the beginning to entice people to live there and then invoice an astronomical amount of money when you leave on nonsense and false claims.
Harry Stamas
2 years ago
I have really enjoyed my stay here so far. Very attentive management and top. Itch maintenance crew are top on my list. Annual rent increases are expected but at a $45 a month/year increase seems a little high and if you plan to stay a long time can get pricy.
Laurie Garretson
2 years ago
Excellent place to live - the surroundings and apartment is top notch. Leasing team is professional, attentive and friendly. Highly recommend!
Michael Grife
7 years ago
Villas is in a great location. The pool is phenomenal. The maintenance staff does a great job keeping the place clean. They also come fix things very quick when they break. On the down side, the walls are very thin. We had a problem with a dog barking next to us and waking us up at all hours. Villas was nice enough to move that person to a new unit. However, you can sometimes hear your neighbors conversations, etc. It's pretty good value and location for a rental community, but be prepared for the noise.
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