The Reserve at Research Park Apartment Homes
6200 Rime Village Dr NW
Huntsville, AL 35806
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Ty Scott
3 weeks ago
I'm a current resident and have lived in these apartments for roughly 3 years. I originally selected these apartments for the location and price (at the time it was a great deal). As time has rolled on the price of rent has increased each time despite paying rent on time every single month and the neighborhood has steadily declined. Luckily I haven't had many maintenance requests as I'm not entirely sure the current maintenance staff in place is equipped or willing to handle even the simplest requests since they can't even seem to throw their cigarette butts in the trash cans. . The particular building I live in has birds living in one of the street facing apartment chimneys and I've yet to see any of the maintenance staff address that issue. The lights are full of dead bugs, the ceilings are covered in webs, the balconies have wasp issues, etc. The maintenance staff here is very reactive instead of proactive. Judging by some of the previous reviews you'll be lucky to receive a reactive response out of the maintenance team. The building I'm in has roaches inside and wasps outside. I'm a pretty clean person and don't have much furniture as I'm just starting out however I still see roaches. I've contacted both the apartment office and B and M directly with no response from either. I've decided to spray my apartment down on my own. I've been informed that a new door side garbage pick up service is offered and will be automatically added on to a new lease ($15/month) if I decide to stay another year however I feel that $15 could be spent on pest control instead.. since setting bags of trash out by the door seems to only invite more roaches in. In conclusion, don't let the location or the nice new brick apartments on the brochure fool you. Take a look at 2 or 3 of the google reviews, that should be all it takes. If I could give this place zero stars I would.
Pwncake Ironfarts
3 months ago
The buildings are nice and the property is well kept. When we first moved in in mid 2015, we were happy with the amenities and with the service provided. Then we discovered maintenance. At first, maintenance was terrible. We had a hole in our ceiling and a missing gutter for months on end. However, when the new property manager took over, she seemed to have gotten them back in shape. With only one exception, every other request we've had has been taken care of within a couple days of the request. Our leasing agent (Sissy) has been absolutely wonderful to us, bending over backwards to make sure we stay happy. Overall, especially after the maintenance overhaul, I love The Reserve. As far as apartments go, for the location and the price, The Reserve is the best option in Huntsville City Limits.
Kemari Owens
a month ago
I still live here, and I must say that the maintenance crew is awful, along with many other factors. I'm not sure if it's maintenance or the office staff. The building lights went out, and for about a week they were off after numerous attempts to have them cut back on. The neighbor next door to me also put in a request which was canelled. Imagine you are the only young lady out of three surrounding male neighbors, coming home at night to a dark building by a lot of tall grass. I literally had to use my phone to illuminate the way. Not cool! It wasn't until after my neighbor personally stopped one of the maintenance men to ask him to fix the lights which took him no more than 10 minuets. Sometimes you put in three or more requests to only wait longer for the problem to resolve, I'm definitely disappointed and this is just one incident.
Keshia Tolliver
a month ago
We will not be renewing our lease this year with them. We pay faithfully every month with no problems. We have been out here for 3 years and now it seems like our apartment is full of roaches. Our apartment stays clean and we never had roaches when we first moved in. They say we have to call ourselves and be put on the weekly pest control list but I don't feel that we should have to call, with how many roaches we have seen lately, that should automatically be given. Its so bad to where I worry going to sleep at night because we don't know where they are coming from. I even went out and bought my own bug barrier spray and sprayed inside and outside my apartment and somehow they are still coming in. I cannot continue to live like this, we are trying our hardest now to find a new location. Its awful to say that I am even nervous of having guests over for the fear of a roach popping up out of nowhere and them getting the wrong idea. I hate to say it but after 3 years, its time to go.
mary b
4 months ago
Do NOT live here, unless you like living in the hood! It used to be a nice place to live, but it's disgusting now! The buildings are falling apart inside and out, filled with mold, we are constantly killing roaches in our apartment, neighbors are rude and disrespectful, nobody follows the rules, and we have witnessed many drug deals going on , along with people using drugs outside of the apartments! And....we recently heard gun shots and then heard there was a shooting in the complex! And..the office does nothing, no matter how many times you complain about the living situation in the complex! We can't wait to move out! Go online and look at how many empty apartments they have, and that should tell you something about the complex!
Sasha Fierce
4 months ago
I have lived here for a while now. My first apartment was filled with roaches!! I couldn't believe it! I am not a nasty person at all. Management told me to do a transfer and move into phase 2 of the complex. I have had multiple issues! While I no longer have the roaches, I have had wasps! My neighbors are loud as hell with no jobs! I've complained a million times and management has done nothing! When I told them the last time, their response was "its only 2 of them that live there!" So what? Their apartment is a revolving door with company coming in & out throughout all hours of the day & night! They also have a dog that they put outside without a leash. I told management & again nothing. According to the old property manager they were "dog sitting." Well they've been "dog sitting" since the beginning of their lease! Maintenance is terrible!!!! My air went out a few weeks ago Onassis Saturday & told me to wait until Monday! According to them that's not an emergency! First of all, I've been paying my rent here on time from the past 3 years, it doesn't have to be an emergency! Plus this was the third time it had happened! When maintenance does come out, they only put a temporary fix on the problem. The new manager has done nothing! The two new girls she brought with her are rude and do nothing!! This apartment complex doesn't offer half of the amenities of the other complexes in the area! I wouldn't recommend this place to my worst enemy! I had more peace & quiet when I lived on campus during my college days! Save yourself the trouble, don't move in, I've turned in my notice & currently counting down the days!
Tristyn Brown
5 months ago
Horrible carpets, black mold builds up so quickly, poor ventilation, dark, no fans, old HVAC that runs up electric, no storage!!!!, no pantry, not allowed to put anything on your porch (fined), weird layout, carpet in bathroom, horrible paint that wipes away if you ever wipe them to clean up, the ice maker simply drips, the site doesn't allow you to make complaints or maintenance requests anymore, there's a fine for everything, the handle to our "new" fridge snapped off twice!!!, cheaply thrown together, poor management, 60 days notice required to move out (that you pay for) and another fee of one month's rent for terminating (because you know you will). They simply delete maintenance requests and/or justify the problem away as if it's nothing, the gutters are falling apart (even after a two week session of gutter guys coming to "fix" them), someone got shot outside our apartment and then they lied about it, and they talk down to you instead of do their job of managing the property. I'm so happy to get out of here! It'll change our budget but nothing is worth this dark and gloomy, lightless, backwards, excuse of a place. Oh and the "gym" has flat balls, a broken cable machine, mix matched weights, and one or two working cardio machines. The 5 pools are disgusting. hopefully this upcoming summer will be different.
Robin Athow
9 months ago
I live there for over 9 years and loved it there until the last management team took over. I was assaulted there by a neighbor's relative. The complex made no attempt to keep that person off the property even though they were issued a trespass warrant. I was told I could not renew my lease which was fine because I did not feel safe living there anymore. Yet the relatives still live there and the trespasser keeps trespassing. Be aware. Don't move in!!
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