The Reserve at Research Park
6200 Rime Village Dr NW
Huntsville, AL 35806
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Elizabeth McClellan
3 weeks ago
Great location. But experienced sewage flooding 2 weekends in a row.  I didn't like response time or initial response of staff to the situation. Also believe there was a possible mold problem and didn't feel comfortable in the unit anymore. Also staff messed up paperwork so last 2 months I rented here I received eviction notices due to paperwork mistakes on their end. Also they have a bad habit to write notes on sticky notes then lose said sticky notes. Ways to fix: Don't have entire emergency call system depend on faulty equipment.  (Hopefully this has been fixed since I've moved out) Double check paperwork before sending out eviction notices.  After experiencing flooding and hassle it's stressful to receive those when you've paid your rent. Finally get a better note system.  Something that can't be accidentally thrown away.
Jackie Baltimore
4 months ago
Not a good experience... To many spiders (The hallways look like the haunted house). The office staff and property manager quickly lose interest and concern of tenants after the lease agreement is signed, and will not follow up on repairs. Property staff allow bullying and will not uphold the rules in of the company. The units smell awful (Old units with lots of problems) Heating and cooling units are filled with rust (Blowing chemicals out into the air you breathe) and the bathtubs a filled with lead.
Laura Utley
a month ago
we love it beautiful our apt very nice place :)
Sonia Lazaro
8 months ago
When me and my room mate first moved in to this place it seemed nice! Spacious rooms, lots of parking, and very convenient location. But we are now 8 months in to the lease and it feels like we are in a nightmare! A couple of months ago all of the appliances slowly stopped working. First my toilet stopped working, having to use a pot to fill the back of it up just to flush it every time. Then the washer and dryer stopped working, the washer is off balance and so loud I'm sure the neighbors can hear it. The dryer takes 5 cycles for your clothes to be remotely dry. The dishwasher leaks water on to the kitchen floor and in to the cabinet under the sink. The fridge leaks water on the inside of the fridge, getting water all over my food. And has maintenance fixed anything? NO. They supposedly "fixed" my toilet 2 months ago and 3 days later it was broken again. Every time I have called them they say they will come fix everything, but nothing. For months. And now this past Saturday I woke up to a flooded apartment, the water heater spewing water everywhere. I called and called the front office and emergency maintenance for 2 hours and kept driving up to the office to get somebody out there to help, and NOTHING. When they finally decided they wanted to fix the problem the water was wall to wall and had been pouring out water for 8 hours. They extorted the water and placed 19 industrial fans all throughout the apartment, so now it's like a tornado in the apartment, it's over 90 degrees in there, and it reeks of mold. Yet when I went up to the office yesterday to demand repairs and tell them the apartment is not livable, they told me I was wrong and kicked me out of the office. No compassion, no respect. I am now staying at my boyfriends place seeking further action. I recommend this place to no one! They clearly do not care, and if you need anything done they will take their leisurely time to do so. Find a nicer place for just a little more money and it will save you some pain.
Robert Lucas
9 months ago
Terrible, if I could give this place negative stars I would. At first it seems nice, good location and the law is kept nice, but that's about it. The washer and dryer barely work, have to dry the clothes three times until dry. The dish washer leaks a lot of water on to the floor every time you use it. The refrigerator leaks water on to the groceries ever so often. Only one of the toilets work properly the other you have to get a pot and manually pour water in the top of it to get it to refill. And today there was a water leak that has totally flooded the apartment and has been happening for the past two hours, we called the emergency maintenance line and no one has since called us back or has shown up. DO NOT RENT HERE!!!
Jeremy M
9 months ago
The roof has been leaking for over a month. Can't get the management to repair it. I don't mean there are just water stains . . . it is raining inside the master bedroom! You can see the video on my YouTube channel.
David Sikes
a year ago
Convenient if you work in research park, and near just about anything—but we can't wait to move out. The management does an excellent job doing the bare minimum; they do maintenance, but it's taken up to four months to get something simple done (and required three follow-ups to make it happen)... they have a fitness center, but there has been only one functioning treadmill (two broken) for weeks, and half the cable machines have snapped cables. It's not cleaned well at all... and that's not to mention the absolutely disgusting lockers and showers. I don't think they've even attempted to clean those in years. The actual apartments are very cheaply made. In ours, for example, the fireplace and mantle are both off center, and don't even line up with each other. The drywall bends and bows out significantly all over the apartment. The floor sinks in at a few places (very concerning). There is typically significant amounts of condensation on our windows, a sign of poor insulation and a path to mold. The windows and doors are very drafty, so be ready to pay a good bit for heating and cooling. We've heard from people in the area frightening reports of stabbings, break-ins and more in the area. We've been here for 9 months and so far have seen almost no bugs, so that's good. There are much better options with a slightly longer commute that give a better, bigger apartment in a safer area for the same money. We can't wait—for less than we are paying for our 1 bed 1.5 bath here, we are getting a two-floor townhouse with two bedrooms and two baths in a safer area that is close to the exact same amenities, just a little further from work.
Matthew Self
4 weeks ago
Don't move here....take your money and spend elsewhere....even if its smaller.
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