The Reserve at Research Park Apartment Homes
6200 Rime Village Dr NW
Huntsville, AL 35806
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Matthew Hyde
4 weeks ago
For starters, one of the largest meth busts in the history of Huntsville Alabama happened on this property. That should give you an idea of the quality of residents that have chosen to live in this despicable cesspool. In the first two weeks of living here, my roommate and I had to make 2 maintenance requests. This number jumped to 8 in just four more weeks. Both of the bathroom ceilings suffered significant damage due to leaks due to what the maintenance teams described as "poor quality construction and material". Not that the maintenance teams were on time, or that they ever bothered to make sure the leaks were fixed the first time. My roommate and I have missed over one week of work in order to be here for the maintenance. The final straw was the ceiling, which, once the leak was fixed the ceiling was left destroyed with no work order placed by maintenance for repair. To be even more clear they left debris in our tub and floors including but not limited to fiberglass insulation and chunks of sheetrock. Also, they used my trauma shears to cut into the ceiling. Upon issuing our two month notice as per our lease that we will be vacating due to "lowered quality of living", the staff just asked to make sure they weren't blamed for any of the issues we've had. Consider yourself blamed staff members. You had access to my maintenance records and maybe should have come to inspect whether or not the leak was fixed when I had to issue 4 requests (they claimed they fixed it on the 3rd leak and closed the work order without actually inspecting it) to have it fixed. Maybe the reason your managers are continually fired by the owners is due to the significant lack of oversight as a company. If there's anything that has taught business owners and executives that maybe something is wrong, it is due to lack of personal involvement in day to day activities of the business. Continuing, once our two month notice was given they decided to put in a work order for our ceiling. Which was nice, if the guy they hired to fix it had shown up on time. My roommate had to wait over 2 hours for him to show up the first time. I had to wait as long as I could which was over 3 hours the second time, and had to leave. Here's the fun part though. While I left to go take care of some work that needed to be done, the front office gave this contracted sheet rock worker the keys to our apartment to let him in with no one home. We were not notified of this intrusion, and upon inquiry I was told that they have no problems not informing me about who they let into our apartment for maintenance purposes and was then hung up on. So this guy not only got the keys to my apartment, he also left it unlocked. On a final note, trash is dumped all over the front entry the the building daily by others living here. This includes, but is not limited to used condoms and their wrappers, various spoiling meats, and used bloody tampons. So let me sum this up for all of you potential tenants. 1. They will allow contracted workers not from their company into your apartment without your permission and not notify you when they do so. 2. The staff members will not take any personal interest in your issues with the apartment of your choice, save the fact that they will ask not to be blamed. 3. When they do come to fix things in your apartment you will have to spend roughly two hours cleaning up the mess they leave. 4.They will use your tools to suit whatever their needs are to supplement the lack of their own, even if the tool is clearly not designed for the job. 5.They will continue to allow every tenant here to dump their trash all over the lot without issuing the citations mentioned in the lease agreement. I could not be happier to leave this place.
Lucas Jolley
a month ago
I hate to make a bad review but people need to know so they don't make the same mistake I did. There are cockroaches everywhere and they are huge!! There are police here they say but I called about a man beating up his wife and they didn't come. And there was something on the news about $250,000 worth of drugs in this guys apartment. The staff can be nice on somedays but they were rude to my mom and I. One lady was really nice though. It seems like everyday there is yard work, so sleep with a loud fan, turn your tv up, and if you have to study, go somewhere else. Outside looks great though. Inside not so great. Before moving in, it wasn't cleaned. They said they would clean and put a handle on the fridge. Let's just say I had to clean everything and I have to buy a handle for the fridge because they said I did it and it's to late to submit a work order for it. Last thing to warn, when your lease is up, It's not up. You have to give a two months notice before you can leave. If not you go into a month to month lease which is like double your rent. I was always taught When a lease is up, it should be up. So if you do want to stay, that is your choice and I wish the best of luck to you and whoever. I lost a roommate because this place was so bad.
Pat Wells
a month ago
I have lived here for 10 years and for the majority of the time I have been pleased. I discovered a very bad mold condition in late may and finally made a decision to move to another apartment. I want to thank Hope for helping to relocate. She, to me, went over and above to try to make my move as easy as possible. I had everything set up to move the weekend of 2 Jul. People were set in place to move me. That Wednesday before I checked on getting the keys. The manager had not gone in to process it. That friday I checked again and still was not done. Mandy was on the phone with her and reminded her to go in, then she sent her an email. I was hoping for it to be done that evening since I was scheduled to move the next day. I checked and Mandy apologized. So I did not get to move that weekend. They were closed on Monday so I checked again on Tuesday. The manager was still out of the office. I checked everyday that week with Mandy, as Hope was out on medical leave. Finally that friday, 8 Jul, I got the keys but had no one to help move as it was hard to schedule people when you don't know when the manager is going to do her job. That following week my sister and brother in law hired someone just to get me out. I will say I like the apartment I am in but when the manager held it up for 3 weeks really had me upset. When I made the decision to move, I told Hope about the mold she told me, we have to get you out of it and she did. She was a sweetheart in finding me a very nice place immediately. Hope and Mandy are the sweetest and most helpful people in that office and has always been very helpful. Both of them apologized over and over about the hold up. I do not blame them at all, I believe both of them did everything they possibly could have done. I will add in their absence Sissy has always jumped in to help. The three of them will meet you at the door and greet you when you come in if they are not already busy. Those three make my visits to the office pleasant. I was not pleased with the way the manager handled it. I also do not feel as much tension in that office as I did before the manager left. I do not feel she acted very professional. I hope to stay here as long as I can, if I am not pushed out with the rent going up. I have had great neighbors and it seems I have good neighbors here. I really wish they would be a little more careful as far as the people that move in. I hate to say but there have been some instances where I felt like nothing but thugs were moving in. Please try to keep this area nice. The location is wonderful and I really would hate to have to move again because of no one caring about the safety of their residents and the upkeep of the property. I know this is long but I hope that you care about what your residents have to say.
Jeannine Locke
a month ago
Do not live in this apartment complex!! We lived in the complex for 3 years, which was nice at first, then it totally went downhill and turned into a place we couldn't wait to get out of! It's dirty and the apartments are filled with mold, which we didn't realize until move-out time. There are always parking issues, so you can't find a parking space in front of your building. The other tenants are rude and don't follow the rules, and when you bring it to the office staff's attention, they don't take it seriously and make a joke about your complaint and don't fix or even attempt to fix the issue! They seem to not screen anyone who moves into the complex and it has basically turned into the hood! While we were living there, my husband caught someone hiding on our neighbors porch, attempting to break in to their apartment! On more than one occasion while living there, we heard gunshots! I was constantly watching drug deals going on behind our apartment thru our living room window, and used to also see people sitting on the steps of the buildings outside doing drugs, and siting in their cars doing drugs! On one occasion, I witnessed someone outside (during the day) pull his penis out of his pants and pee on the building! The courtesy officers are useless! Oh, and did I mention that the outside lights on several of the buildings did not work properly, so once the sun went down, it was totally dark behind and between the buildings, so who knows what else went on that we just did not see. I would never go outside by myself after dark, that's how bad the place has gotten! Do yourself a favor and do not move here!!
Keisha Pickett
a month ago
I really have nothing good to say about this property but I will share my experience September will be a year living here and I can't wait to move I've had several bad experiences here including with the staff they can't keep staff so you deal with different people so much it's crazy the past staff was rude and the staff there now aren't on the same page one of them tell you something and the other tell you something different they don't handle business like they should I paid my rent one month and was called and told my rent wasn't paid and I owe a late fee luckily I had my check to prove it was paid I have never even been late once paying my rent another time which was recently I paid for a transfer and they cashed my check and I called to get the address of the apartment and was told I didn't complete transfer something just not right in that office so be careful and get a receipt always also rent goes way up and the apartments aren't that nice that are so overpriced well anyway I wouldn't recommend anyone to live here the only good thing about here is the location well I guess I did find something good to say about this property but rent at your own risk don't say you wasn't warned
Ty Scott
2 months ago
I'm a current resident and have lived in these apartments for roughly 3 years. I originally selected these apartments for the location and price (at the time it was a great deal). As time has rolled on the price of rent has increased each time despite paying rent on time every single month and the neighborhood has steadily declined. Luckily I haven't had many maintenance requests as I'm not entirely sure the current maintenance staff in place is equipped or willing to handle even the simplest requests since they can't even seem to throw their cigarette butts in the trash cans. . The particular building I live in has birds living in one of the street facing apartment chimneys and I've yet to see any of the maintenance staff address that issue. The lights are full of dead bugs, the ceilings are covered in webs, the balconies have wasp issues, etc. The maintenance staff here is very reactive instead of proactive. Judging by some of the previous reviews you'll be lucky to receive a reactive response out of the maintenance team. The building I'm in has roaches inside and wasps outside. I'm a pretty clean person and don't have much furniture as I'm just starting out however I still see roaches. I've contacted both the apartment office and B and M directly with no response from either. I've decided to spray my apartment down on my own. I've been informed that a new door side garbage pick up service is offered and will be automatically added on to a new lease ($15/month) if I decide to stay another year however I feel that $15 could be spent on pest control instead.. since setting bags of trash out by the door seems to only invite more roaches in. In conclusion, don't let the location or the nice new brick apartments on the brochure fool you. Take a look at 2 or 3 of the google reviews, that should be all it takes. If I could give this place zero stars I would.
Pwncake Ironfarts
5 months ago
The buildings are nice and the property is well kept. When we first moved in in mid 2015, we were happy with the amenities and with the service provided. Then we discovered maintenance. At first, maintenance was terrible. We had a hole in our ceiling and a missing gutter for months on end. However, when the new property manager took over, she seemed to have gotten them back in shape. With only one exception, every other request we've had has been taken care of within a couple days of the request. Our leasing agent (Sissy) has been absolutely wonderful to us, bending over backwards to make sure we stay happy. Overall, especially after the maintenance overhaul, I love The Reserve. As far as apartments go, for the location and the price, The Reserve is the best option in Huntsville City Limits.
Kemari Owens
3 months ago
I still live here, and I must say that the maintenance crew is awful, along with many other factors. I'm not sure if it's maintenance or the office staff. The building lights went out, and for about a week they were off after numerous attempts to have them cut back on. The neighbor next door to me also put in a request which was canelled. Imagine you are the only young lady out of three surrounding male neighbors, coming home at night to a dark building by a lot of tall grass. I literally had to use my phone to illuminate the way. Not cool! It wasn't until after my neighbor personally stopped one of the maintenance men to ask him to fix the lights which took him no more than 10 minuets. Sometimes you put in three or more requests to only wait longer for the problem to resolve, I'm definitely disappointed and this is just one incident.
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