Beachwood Apartments of Anaheim
2970 W Orange Ave
Anaheim, CA 92804
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11 months ago
beautiful apt. not good area...parking is real bad...not enough security. ..grounds not kept up...dirty. gate is worthless. ..homeless always digging in trash staff very nice.
larry molano
a year ago
PROS: Nice apartments that were recently remodeled. Community looks nice. There's a pool. There's security. My hats off to the maintenance staff. They were very quick to respond to maintenance calls and mostly did a great job. Thanks to the maintenance staff. CONS: Parking - This may not fall entirely on the apartments, but their policy is what made me write this here (before this change, parking was a pro). The city recently made some street parking in the area 'permit only'. This prompted the apartments to stop all guest parking. The front office will tell you that there is "guest" parking, but there really isn't unless you plan on staying there between regular business hours. It used to be, guests could park in guest parking on a first come first serve basis and stay over night without a problem. To park in overnight guest parking these days, you must have a beachwood apartments sticker. Of course your guests don't have this (as the stickers cost $50). This leaves you or your guests to park in a residential street that has had a run of break-ins (myself included). So use caution when parking on the street. Other than guest parking, the complex does well at accommodating tenants of the apartment. Someone has to be on the lease to get another spot, and even still, it's 2 spots. Very reasonable. Security - they close to laundry rooms regardless of dryer/washer running. They'll even close them early. Will they open them early though? Nope. Will they open the laundry on time? Maybe. It's a coin toss there. Other than calling towing on people who are unloading their groceries, and closing laundry early and opening it when they feel like it, I'm not sure what their purpose was. As I discuss next. The surrounding area - oy vey. It felt like a bad episode of "my addiction" (or a tv show of the like) every single day there. There's a CVS and doughnut shop right across the street that is crowded with druggies/homeless. My problem was not with them being there as the apartments can't do anything about them outside the property. My beef was the complex's job of keeping them out. Every single morning I was able to enjoy the wonderful view of the homeless rummaging through the garbage for cans or goods. So if security's job is to let them in to the property, but close doors on tenants, call towing on someone for unloading their groceries (yes it happened), then keep it up, "security". Good job. Outside of this, the area is a very busy place. It's Beach Blvd afterall, so it was expected. But again, the added element of the addicts that loiter outside of that doughnut shop and CVS is a huge negative. If you go to the CVS/Doughnut shop, I don't recommend going alone, especially ladies. Be careful. Dogs - People in this complex seem to love their tiny little dogs. These tiny little noise demons would not ever keep it down. You can ask the neighbors nicely, complain to the staff, try and work something out, but nothing stopped the barking. Ever. Wake up first thing in the morning and the first thing you hear is "yip yip yip yip yip yip." As you walk to the parking lot, same thing. Then after a long day at work, the first thing you get to hear when you come home is more barking. Oddly enough, it was only the little dogs who wouldn't keep quiet. The bigger dogs I'd never heard a peep from. The staff. This used to be a huge pro when Martha was working there. She actually made you feel like you lived there and the staff cared. She took care of business. That was then. A couple of months ago there were some staff changes, and with those changes the customer service went downhill. I named Martha by name because she was good. Everybody else remains nameless.All I have to say is; condescending, rude, does not keep appointments (they could schedule maintenance just fine, but if you made them get off their butts, heavens forbid that! I was actually told to hunt the staff down to complete my deposit inspection). New staff gets a thumbs down. Sorry folks, your customer service is not good.
X Explorer
9 months ago
This apartment is so-so. 1 bedroom apartment not worth $1300 to be honest. Close to the hospital so PREPARE to hear ambulance sound all night :)
a year ago
The apartment is beautiful; however, the area is really bad, there's bums looking in garbages, prostitutes a block away, and parking is terrible (there's a tow truck ready to tow any vehicle in the parking lot)! They even towed the pizza man's car once for parking it on the sideline for too long.
Gaming Dude
10 months ago
Parking sucks
A Google User
6 years ago
this apt is like for people who just moved out of trailer park. they are all trashy, loud, have no manners. the walls are thin so u can hear the low lives fighting cursing all night long. maintenance also sucks. we asked for mirror wall before moved in. it wasnt done until 3 months later and 5 some visits to the office to complain about it. all their appliances are old, and when u dispose food trash in the food grinder, it will smell like the toilet. i complained and they said put bleach in it wtf. i also complain about their neighbors constantly fighting, they said :"they are nice people ....i cant imagine ...:." u want seomthing done make sure u do it 3 months in advance because they will always tell u the manager is gone for a week and nother wekk and another week you put something small even like a broom or a chair on the balcony , they will leave you a note saying " our luxury apartmnet needs nice looks " blabla and tell you to move it. only if they can fix or take the tenants complaints that fast. i moved because its cheap, and now i know why its so cheap i see people moving out all the time. and th hospital and police station around the block, you hear sirens all the time. you will also have trailer park trash who finally moved out there, invite their trailer park friends to show off so triple the trailer park trash on weeekends. parking is a bitch too because you have anyone and evyerone parking all over the place. DO NOT MOVE HERE. invest 100-200-300 more for better quality of life i cnat wait till my lease is up
A Google User
6 years ago
I parked my car in my designated spot near the gate and the next morning all my four 18 inch wheels were stolen and could not come to work that day! The guard is useless!
A Google User
4 years ago
I like it haha second time moving in here :p
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