Portofino Apartments
30000 Rancho California Rd
Temecula, CA 92591
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Scott C Robertson
a month ago
Community is clean and well maintained. Noise is pretty minimal. Office staff is friendly.
Kristian Mitchell
3 months ago
Great staff first and foremost, always helpful and very polite, everything is personal with them, this is a family. now to the down and dirty... The good... Portofino was a great living experience, you CANT beat the price and you CANT beat the surrounding area, Temecula is beautiful! the mall is around the corner and down the street, mountain views everywhere. Grounds are well kept, people are polite and best of all they mind their own business, so if you are looking for peace..booooom! stop in and apply. If you have children, this place doen't have much, however, there is plenty of playgrounds nearby and hiking trails. If your kids are in elementary school, there is an elementary school literally around the corner. For adults who want to have fun, your in wine country, enjoy it. The bad... We had an ants during the summer, It was freaking annoying. I think that this is a Cali thing though. We kept a very clean house so you might run into an issue with insects just because of the weather. If you work on base traffic to Pendleton is not to bad going through the ammunition rd gate, just have a good playlist for the commute. If you are commuting to work period going towards San Diego, reference above! Commute to Camp Pendleton- morning 1 HR (sounds weird but the ammo gate is 1 lane) Commute to San Diego- 45min Nearest grocery store is VONS (don't ever shop there $$$) drive a little further and shop at either walmart or WINCO (better bang for the buck)
Anthony Huerta
in the last week
So far so good.
Charlotte Curley
2 years ago
I lived at this property for a couple years in 2009 and the apartments were spacious and perfectly spread out. I loved the gas cooking stove because all other apartments in the area had electric. Maintenance guys always came and fixed any issues in a timely manner. Management and staff were not friendly but it wasn't a huge issue of mine considering I didn't have to bring up any ongoing problems to them. Property was always clean and well maintained.
Brittany Wintermute
a year ago
I have lived here for over a year. I really like it here. The neighbors are nice and quiet. I love the big closets. I have had a few maintenance issues and they were all taken care of the same day.
Alaura Fonseca
2 years ago
I have lived at Portofino for the last 7 years. In that time they have had the same manager and the same maintenance man. Yes I too have had ants as did my house before I moved here, only difference is I had to pay a monthly pest control $75 a month to treat my house and yard. Portofino offers free weekly pest control as well as having a bee hive removed by my bedroom window. Portofino is over 13 yrs old, yes the appliances do break down but they are fixed. In fact every time I call to let them know my disposal is clogged, my smoke detector is beeping, toilet clogged or not flushing the repairs are made within a day for no charge unlike owning a home where you have to pay a plumber, electrician or a a/c man! I too have noticed the manager does drive her car to work every day... I can only assume because she dresses in a professional manner and wears heels every day...That driving to work saves her feet...or she has to pick up her children.. But is that anyone's business? So that leads me to wonder if the previous petty comments regarding the management driving a new car to work have anything to do with the management of our home or does come from a place of insecurity because you don't have a new car and can't wear heels? I'm only posting all this because I have referred friends to Portofino and they have come across a few negative reviews. As a supervisor in the retail management field, I remind them of that saying "the unhappy customer shouts it to the world but the majority of the happy/satisfied customers generally keep it to themselves"
Linsey Bidwell
3 years ago
Seriously ridiculous. It does look decent for the price (I'm from orange county and I'm sure the same place would have cost me $400+ more) definitely not luxury at all though. Quite a few problems with the appliances. The apartment complex next to us is extremely low rent (aka low class/ghetto) and therefore you have those types lurking around all the time. We walked up to someone breaking into my husbands car in broad daylight, my husband made him give everything back and the guy said he had a warrant and ran off. Classy. Talked to some of our neighbors and 5 in just our little court had their cars broken into as well in the past couple months. Definitely not as safe as you might think. Can't wait to get out of here. One more month until the lease is up!!
joe dapro
6 months ago
Decent apartments
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