Edgewater Plantation Apartment Homes
100 Eighty Oak Ave
Mt Pleasant, SC 29464
10 Google user reviews
Carrie Thornton
reviewed 6 months ago
I have been living here for 2 years now. My family and I definitely feel like we live in a community of great friends. We have an awesome CARES team whom make events and holidays an absolute blast. The grounds are well maintained and quite honestly; they are the most beautiful of all the properties we researched. Residents are friendly and many have become our family away from home. Yes, mgt has gone through some changes but it is for the good. Anytime I need anything, I just ask. I do not wait long at all for my request to be filled. This place is a great place to live!
Casey Jones
reviewed 7 months ago
This place is a joke! The new management that took over is awful, they haven't done one thing to make this place better. If you go to the office to ask about something, you usually have to wait at least 10 minutes or you're told it's not their problem if you have a concern. There has been about 10 different people working in the office that have all left/gotten fired since the new manager started running this place, what's that say?! The rent continues to increase which definitely isn't worth it. Garbage and dog poop everywhere definitely aren't making this place any nicer! On the plus side, the location is great and the people that live here are very friendly :)
Bill Hooper
reviewed 6 months ago
I've read the reviews and MUST say, I'm quite disappointed in what I read overall. One has to understand the dynamics of property management as a whole to appreciate all the dynamics of running such a tightly run business for fluid operations. I arrived in July of 2013 and even w/ the staff in the state of flux, I was treated as a priority and they (all collectively) did what they needed to do to see my final move back to CHS as seamless and professional as possible. 1. Maintenance took the time to walk w/ me as I personally inspected my new home and they have seen to every single detail that was noted. 2. Every single time I **ever** enter the Office, I am always greeted w/ a sense of family and a SINCERE "what I can do for you" approach. Which is always followed up w/ "action". 3. On a professional note; they understand the dynamics of this economic market and have personally witnessed their compassionate approach to tenants with career anomalies. 4. I personally believe that to attract a strong sense of "expectation", one must also extend one's hand as if to share "what can I do for you...first". Flexibility is always key as w/ any facet of life. 5. They have taken a great deal of time and resources to make this community one that is appealing and very comfortable...one that makes you feel like it's "good to come home". So, welcome home and welcome aboard!!!
Margaret Cox
reviewed 6 months ago
Edgewater Plantation (EP) IS my home and I love it here. EP is a true community and the people here have become my family. Resident Events are scheduled for each month and special holidays which foster our community. My apartment is lovely. The pool is great. The staff is friendly and always helpful. I feel fortunate to live here and would recommend EP without reservation.
Vadzim Piuneu
reviewed 2 months ago
Not a good place. Consider alternatives. Management is unresponsive: have not returned my phone calls for 3 full business days. Move in experience was very rocky: could not find keys to the apartment, the printer did not work to get me a copy of the contract. It took over 2 weeks to get a mail box assigned. Have not heard back about a maintenance ticket that was open 3 weeks ago. They have a great looking website, but the reality is quite the opposite.
Mandarin Orange
reviewed a year ago
Do not move here!! The new company who took over Edgewater plantation is completely incompetent! Mostly the office staff. They are nice people but the moment you need something, forget it! You personally have to stand over them and watch them like small children or else you will never get whatever you need done. Even trying to pay your rent is a pain! Greystar (the previous owners of Edgewater) took all of its competent workers to the apartments down the street. Also, the apartments themselves are built very cheaply. You will hear everything that goes on inside, outside and around your apartment. They were also infested with Termites when i left. Several different buildings complained of Termite infestations, as well as my own. I truly regret moving here and wasting my money. Mount Pleasant as a town is awesome... The Edgewater apartments themselves are horrible but happen to be in a beautiful location. Don't be fooled!
Craig A
reviewed 7 months ago
I stayed at this location for an extended stay of five months JULY to NOV 2013 due to work and on day three I was robbed of my "secured" 6X12 enclosed trailer from the trailer parking area in the rear of the complex from which a fee for a space is charged. When brought to the staff’s attention I was dismissed with the excuse that "they take no responsibility for their own property". When I notified higher management with a simple suggestion of one camera at the single entrance they rejected the option as they believe they would then be held liable for the anything that happens on their own property. I also rented a garage from the complex I was increasingly concerned about the security of my property and eventually after management was made aware of my concerns, indications of “ Being Marked “ as black markings appeared singling out my garage space from the others . Throughout my entire stay I had zero peace of mind and no confidence It is my opinion this management staff although may not be directly involved with the theft they absolutely enabled it and a good ol’ boy crew situation is in effect and the security of the tenants takes last position in their concerns. Since this management took ownership it has gone downhill and would not recommend this location to anyone.
A Google User
reviewed 3 years ago
Maintenance wanted me to go upstairs to troubleshoot water leaking from apt above on a Sunday. Told office twice about excessively loud tenants above and still tenants are as loud as they were in the beginning. These apts are overpriced and do not fall into luxury apts for over 1000 dollars in rent for two bedroom. For 1000 dollars a mth the staff and apts are a joke! Please be advised!!
A Google User
reviewed 2 years ago
After three days of trying, finally got ahold of someone. 2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom listed on the website for $1170 dollars. They said it was only available for $1375.00. They claimed this was because of the view. Not impressed at all and wouldn't recommend dealing with this establishment.
Marvin Cruz
reviewed a year ago
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