Sandstone Apartments
405 E Prince Rd
Tucson, AZ 85705
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a month ago
I lived in Sandstone a year ago, the apartment itself is good, at least mine are perfect. However, it is wrong for people who running it. I paid $800 deposit, at end of lease they not only ate my deposit, but also require me to pay for an BROKEN AC and cleaned carpet. What a Fraud. Why in Tucson there is no honest apartment???
Hanan Alruhiaman
4 months ago
every thing organized ,safe & safety ;no rabbory,no noise, every thing under control, there is maintainance, the staff in leasing office ,guard& maintainance all respected people ,helpfull& cooperative in addition there is typing service& moveis among other thinges ,they include us into american holydayes by inviting us into the club house to celiberate each national day so it is perfect for me . 4-24-2016 every thing wondorfull super excellent manegment we had frequent activity including food & gifts, i would like to thank them all especially patiricia.
Denka S
6 months ago
Oh god. I finally get to move out of here this weekend and it can't come soon enough. Daniel is incredibly rude and not fit for the position he is working. He has absolutely zero customer service skills and I am baffled that he still has a job there, he has a terrible attitude where he scoffs and laughs when you're upset and expressing your anger and he eagerly responds with rude witty remarks like he's talking to someone he doesn't give two cents about, rather than a tenant or a client. These people are complete con artists, they fail to mention the things you will need to do upon move out, and the people you will be required to HIRE and PAY FOR upon move out of your apartment. Nowhere in our lease does it state anything like what they are requesting which makes me feel like i have ZERO legal obligation to do it. Which I told them, and they told me "thats your choice but we will bill you" I will not pay for and hire a carpet cleaning service when I already paid for a rug doctor machine along with all the carpet cleaning shampoos. They verbally told me they need a receipt for proof of using the "professional" carpet cleaning service, yet as i said, nowhere in our lease or the move out paperwork does it state that. And according to them, using a rug doctor is not professional and not good enough. I told Daniel I did not want to pay for any service that I was fully capable of doing myself and he asked me "Oh youre a professional cleaning lady? I didnt know that" with the sliest most disgusting attitude i have ever heard. Clearly I am not a professional cleaning lady, although I do have experience in the cleaning and hospitality service. That's besides the point.. Seriously don't move here. We have had up and down issues with them since we moved in July 2015 and now that it's Feb 2016 we are literally RUNNING out of here. We have had issues ranging from our appliances being broken and not working when we moved IN, to a $70 late rent fee which was their fault (beware btw, one day late and you will be charged $70), to our FOB card just randomly not working, to finding other peoples belongings in my apartment upon moving in, to dealing with this nonsense of having to use a professional carpet cleaning service. I am telling you, do not move here. It might look nice on the outside but you're not living on the outside. You will end up in an apartment like we did where everything is broken, there's no ceiling light in the living room, only one jack for wifi or television so you have to make a choice; you cant have both, carpets that are already falling apart because as they said "it's cheaper for us to piece in a portion of the carpet instead of replacing the whole thing". This place is a disaster and a nightmare. If you want to go use their computers you have to wait for someone in the office to unlock the door for you. These are old computers from like early 2000's. I don't know what they are worried about, people stealing them?It's not like you need to lock up your MAC devices or something. And they are slooooooow, and only TWO for the entire complex. The gym has 2 machines to work out on. There is nothing about this place that should make you want to live here. Theres so many other places that offer what this place does but MORE with greater customer service skills and professionalism. OHHHHH and I almost forgot, we signed our lease being told we were going to be in a unit with two balconies (which was one of the main reasons we initially liked it), and as soon as we went up to our apartment we clearly noticed we only had ONE. We immediately went back to the office refusing to move in because that was not what we signed for, and they basically threw their arms up and said there was nothing they could do. They didnt price adjust us, and said they were already too full to move us into another apartment with the two balconies like we were promised since day one. The manager said she may have something open up in 5 months time, LOL guys. This place is built on lies and conning people. DONT MOVE HERE.
Christopher Proefrock
6 months ago
If I could give this place zero stars I would. I could honestly write a NOVEL of how many things were wrong with this place. Upon move in our carpets were torn and looked like pieces of a puzzle put together. Our dishwasher was not working, and neither was our dryer, neither was the light in the oven. There is only one jack for a phone/internet/tv hook up, so choose wisely. As a student internet took priority and therefore my television and cable were rendered completely useless. There is no light in the living room ceiling. So I hope you enjoy lamps. We were told we were moving into a unit with TWO balconies (which was one of the reasons why we selected this place because we grow our own small veggies). Lo and behold, we only got one. We didnt want to accept it on the day of move in and went to speak with manager who told us there was nothing she could do, and there were no other units for us to move into. We asked for a price difference then because why in the world would we be paying for an apartment with two balconies when that's not the case. They refused and told us there would be no price adjustment. Our dryer wasn't working so we had to run it 5 times just to dry one load of laundry - this caused our electric bill to skyrocket. Because of this we were a day late on our rent so we were charged $70 dollars as a late fee. Yes, you heard right, SEVENTY. We sure as hell fought that for days, and finally they removed the late fee but did not compensate us for difference in our electric bill or anything like that. My fiance found womens underwear along with other female products wedged in our bathroom cabinet which hardly opens because the toilet is in the way of it. Great interior design thinking. Our cabinets were all busted and falling apart. NOW that is finally time for us to move out, they are requiring what they call a "professional" carpet cleaning service to come and basically rug doctor our carpets. My fiance and I rented a rug doctor and spent $80 on the machine itself along with the carpet shampoos and that is not good enough, because it is not "professional" My fiance called the office and asked where in the lease does it state that this was something that would be required of us, and oh guess what? It's not in the lease, its only on the Microsoft document printed "move out form" where there is a guideline of what you should do. The people in the office told us we would need to provide them with a receipt of the professional carpet cleaning, yet this information is not mentioned on the paper either. There is ZERO legal paperwork stating we would be responsible for doing this, and that we would need to provide them with receipt proof. If I could post photos on here I gladly would. This place is a complete joke. So utterly unprofessional and just disgusting. Apparently no one lived in the unit that we lived in for three years prior to us and it's very clear. When we moved in, they didnt even bother to sanitize and paint out walls white. They left a brown accent wall from the residents that lived there before us. On top of that, there are terribly horrible apartments directly across the street where police go DAILY. I swear on every important person in my life that is not an exaggeration. It has become a joke between my fiance and i about how the police sirens at night are the soundtrack of our lives because it's constant. There was even a fire across the street. This area and apartment complex are no good. Don't move here. There are SO many other options you can opt for, run in the other direction when you get near here. I would absolutely not recommend this to anyone under any circumstances.
Codjo Codjia
9 months ago
nice place to live at , close to UA and free transportation to UA ,every thing organized ,no rabbory,no noise, every thing under control, the staff in leasing office ,guard& maintainance all respected people and so helpful . in addition there is typing service & movies among other things. codjo c.
saehwa yim
a year ago
+1 Star for: Office staffs = Awesome! Facility (gym, pool, etc.) = Awesome! Building/room quality = Awesome! Shuttle = Awesome! Distance to UA = close _______________________________________ They fixed the morning drop off schedule so that it worked for both parties. I'm very-extremely happy about this update. Thank you. Awesome staffs, and complex at a great price. Close to UA too. Just pay for your rent on time, be respectful and you'll love it~ If you forget rent once, there's a $75 late charge... but they ALWAYS give you a 2 weeks heads up notice from monthly fliers. Plan ahead!
D Smi
a year ago
I lived there for several years, but am really dissatisfied with the way I have been treated, the manager could care less about any problem that you have she won't make the time to call you instead she hides behind her front office staff that can't do a thing to address the issue. I do not recommend moving here. The apartment complex looks nice from the outside but is falling apart inside all they do it cover it up so they can charge you in the end for things that as a renter should not have to pay for. Also make sure you document when you make a maintenance report because they don't.
Andres Alejandro Morera
a year ago
What makes me give this place such a low rating are the "small" things that are done to squeeze every dime possible out of the resident which are legal but absolutely unethical. For example, the late fee for truant monthly payments is $70 for the first day. That is outrageously high. Every single other apartment complex I've ever lived in (and I've lived in many) charge no more than $35, and even then, they will sometimes look the other way, especially for people who have lived there for a long time (as was my case). On top of that, and they don't tell you unless you read really hard in the fine print of the contract, they also take away the student/preferred employer discount during late fees, adding another hunk of change, making the late fee in reality $100 or more. There is absolutely no reason for the apartment to charge such things; one day late does NOT cause them $70+ of inconvenience and it is hardly any more of a deterrent at that point. In fact, with this kind of policy, how is it in the interest of the staff to have their customers pay on time? For those living paycheck to paycheck, this is just preying on the weak, whether they intend to or not. Also, they claim that they cannot accept checks after the first three days of the month for paying rent, which makes no damned sense. The online payment system charges a $12 "convenience fee" for every transaction, which is absolutely ludicrous. When I talked with the manager about this stuff (and not in an aggressive manner), she used the defense of "well, it is fair" and proceeded to talk down to me as if I were a child. Sure it is fair. But just because something is fair doesn't make it ethical. This is less important, but they close the main community lounge house area thing, to those with key cards mind you, at 4:30PM, which also houses the only place to put money on the laundry card they give you, so good luck getting homework done in peace or laundry done unless it is the weekend or you cram a butt-load of money on your card ahead of time. Not to mention, those laundry cards are scams anyway (though they claim it is for security...). The dryers are also really, really terrible. You are better off hanging your clothes to dry. A $10 rack from Target will quickly pay itself off. Also, the construction of the doors, sliding closet doors, cabinetry, etc. are hideously poor, at least in the one-bedroom apartment I was in. The plumbing frequently sputters, even without any announced maintenance going on. Also, one month, they replaced the toilets and faucets with more "efficient" models, meaning the faucets hardly give any pressure anymore, making washing dishes a pain. Oh, and the dishwashers are ancient and crap. The plumbing fixtures are cheap, as are the electrical fixtures which most cannot hold onto a plug to save its life. The toilets are ok though. The carpets are extraordinarily bad, even for a place this cheap; routine vacuuming tears it up. The apartment is not necessarily unsafe, at least as of 2014. Though, it is not in the safest of areas; be aware that bikes are always stolen regardless of the efforts of the security staff there (who are nice and competent... but it really isn't at all hard to steal a quick-release wheel or even a poorly secured bike if you think about it). Basically, there are (admittedly, a very few) better choices out there than this place for the price. It is worth paying $20 extra a month to go to a place that treats their residents like the loyal customers (and people with lives) they are as opposed to another money-making opportunity. I can't believe I agreed to renew my lease... at least this makes me feel a bit better.
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