Springhaven Village
9210 S Hosmer St
Tacoma, WA 98444
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Stefanie Eaton
a week ago
This is not a good place to live in. It is in a horrible area to begin with and management in general has been a nightmare for my husband and I. We live on the ground level and since we have been here, things from our patio has be stolen; 2 flower pots and a chair.When moving in, the landlord encouraged us to decorate it and when we brought it to her attention that things are getting stolen, she acted like she wasn't very interested or that she cared. Then we've had leaks in the apartment and the maintenance took a few months to actually fix it. One the occasions when he decided to show up to do something was early in morning while my husband and I were still asleep and he walked right into our apartment without permission or notice. I don't know about you, but that doesn't make me feel very safe. However, a month or so ago a new management company took over. I can't really say a whole lot about them since we don't have a ton of experience with them yet, however... they are raising the rent up by $300. Were we given notice? No, we heard through the grapevine from our neighbors.We were originally going to stay because we didn't really know where else to go with rent we can afford and decided to tough it out another year, and now we our running around trying to find somewhere new since our lease is almost up and weren't very prepared for it. Not very good first impression with the new owners, just saying.
Chris Reef
2 months ago
Had my bathroom fan motor replaced this morning after requesting someone look into the problem yesterday. Maintenance employee worked on it until it made almost no noise at all, a huge improvement. Great service.
Rebecca Wilbanks
a month ago
Not really a rating since I haven't moved in! I just need a number to this place all the numbers I have called are disconnected ! Looking to move in
Alise Spencer
3 months ago
Simply shocked... The management is very nice and welcoming to your face. Then when you have issues they pretend like they're trying to help you just long enough for you to get fed up and stop bothering them. For instance I have neighbors who live above me selling drugs from their apartment, throwing stuff down on to my balcony, causing property damage, attempting to scare me, harassing me on a regular basis and nothing. For months I was complaining. I had to call police, management, security... Guess what they're still here. They're still having parties, still throwing stuff on my patio, still selling drugs. I don't even bother enjoying my patio anymore. I don't even go out to water my plants they have harassed me so much. Then to top it all off, one of the infamous druggies who had been stealing from my apartment and was staying in another apartment illegally, threatened me when i asked her to stop yelling outside my door while my son was sleeping in the middle of the night, she was banned from the apartments all together... Had befriended the drug dealing neighbors and had begun buying her drugs from the new neighbors is now being permitted to not only be on the property but to hang out in the office. Every time I go down to pay rent she's their. I even tried waiting until after that closed but low and behold there she is hanging out with management smoking cigarettes outside the office after closing. I go to try and utilize the gym and guess who's kicked back in the sitting area brushing her hair and hanging out watching TV... The woman who's not on a lease, has a restraining order against her, the woman who threatened me and buys drugs from my other neighbors. Just a peachy place to live as long as you don't mind being lied to, having drugs around your home and children... You know the normal everyday stuff we all want our families involved with. Response- I have made the management aware of the issue with the individual prior. In fact Brittany was the initial one dealing with the individual and is the one who informed me of the restraining order. As far as handling the issues of drugs and safety. ..those issues have still not been addressed. I am still dealing with the same neighbors hot boxing my entrance and leaving drug paraphernalia all around my apartment. The security takes pictures but what else can they do? Notify you guys so you can tell me to notify security? I have pleaded and begged management on many occasions to help and it has not been fixed. All of the same issues are still there. To all reading this if you have a family or value your safety do not move in here. Management is pleasant however, an actual solution is never found.
Josiah Cereceres
a year ago
the pool should be open till 9AM-10PM because in th summer it's Really Really Really HOOOOT!sooo if you would change the time please then ill rate it a 5 Star⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Bedinin Jr. Joseph
3 years ago
Springhaven is a Beautiful Place and theirs not that much mean kids and theres alot of drama like for example theirs always soms Adults fighting and saying somd Bad Words so make sure you close your guyses windows so that your Children doesnt hear any Bad Words or any Adults fighting. :) Thanks and have a Great Day Everyone :)
Laura Eckley
6 months ago
A Google User
4 years ago
First let me say I have been living at Springhaven Village since the beginning of November 2011 and I’m loving it. My apartment is practically brand new, everything has been redone to perfection. All my appliances were brand new and never used (fridge, stove, dishwasher). I could honestly go on for awhile about how great this place is but if your reading this you will probably check it out and see for yourself. So I would rather praise what i think is the biggest asset this apartment has going for it and that is the staff. There is passion put into this entire complex and you can tell they all take great pride in it and are working together to make this place great. This was shown to me before I even moved here. As a person that moved to the area and was not familiar with it, they took time out of their busy days to answer my multiple phone calls and questions. Melanie the apartment manager is a true gem and top notch professional. I have been here a few months now and they are still that nice and helpful and I think that speaks volumes to how this complex is today and how it will be maintained for the future.
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