Advenir at San Tropez
7840 NW 3rd St #100
Pembroke Pines, FL 33024
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erik duijsens
3 months ago
This place is a joke, charges and average of 1300-1 for a 2 bedroom with very bad maintenance (floors cracked, Windows that don't lock, fridge that doesn't make ice) they include garbage in the bill but don't include that every weekend they have tons of trash that just doesn't fit into the wonderful compactor they have so you have the smell of s*** . The maintenance Crew is a joke, that have no experience in anything. They are a very discriminatory property only targeting individuals. You call the office to complain about any situation but no one does anything. You have trash everywhere in front of everyone's apartments you claim to be a dog friendly apartment complex? You warn people for leaving your dog's dirty business on the floor but don't provide any bags to have us pick up the crap. This place is a dump please avoid it all costs.
B Detti
5 months ago
My honest review: The Pros: Easy access to major highways, shopping for everything you need is across the street, nice neighbors, nice staff, relatively safe, competitive renting price, spacious apartments. The Cons: Shared water bill with your building, no amenities, 1 laundry facility per building (just 1 washer and 1 dryer), tenants unconcerned about cleanliness, overflow of trash by the dumpster most of the time, potholes in front of my building for months which have yet to be fixed, filthy sidewalks in each building that never seem to be pressure cleaned. When I first moved in, the apartment reeked of cigarette smoke. I brought it to the front office's attention, and they went ahead and "steamed cleaned" the carpets in the rooms, but to no avail, it still stunk. I had to hire Stanley Steamer to come in and clean it, and you wouldn't believe the mass amount of dirt that was in the water. I honestly don't even think it was initially cleaned at all. I even had the grout of the tile cleaned and it made a complete difference. The cabinets had/have these strange purple marks on them from God knows what. The leasing consultant I was dealing with said he'd have it taken care of, but nothing ever happened. The appliances are old, so expect a higher electric bill. I believe I was misinformed before moving in here. The leasing consultant was brand new at the time, and he gave me some false information. Nothing major, but I felt like I had to ask 100 questions to get a straight up answer. Overall, the staff means well. They are nice people. I just wish the property was cared for more. I also wish they did something about the people who leave trash by their door, because it's always the same people that do it and nothing ever happens. One of my favorite things about this place is the maintenance crew. They are a bunch of nice guys, and they have a great turnaround time. This is a great starter apartment, and also great if you can't afford the much higher rent around the Pines area. I will not be renewing my lease at the end of my contract due to the issues, but I also do not regret my decision of staying here for the past year.
Soso Myrthile
10 months ago
Not a bad place to live... quiet but only problem is the water bill they guesstimate it so even if your not home at all and working 2 jobs the water is divided by the building use. I never had to pay a monthly 60 dollar water bill until I moved here... at my last community water was barely 50 and that was every 3 months.... The AC units are old so higher electricity bill. I had a washer and dryer in my last unit and my electric was barely 45... here its doubled. Appliances are not energy effecient. Once my lease is up I'm moving.. hope this helps
SiSi D
a year ago
I will not recommend this place for no one to live my apartment smells like mildew and has destroyed so much of my clothes, shoes, boots and comforters. The San Tropez offers me $250.00 AN INSULT as all of my belongings were named brand Dooney & Burke, Ralph Laurem, Tommy Hilfiger, Guess, Gucci, Aldo. They offer me another apartment but I have to pay to move my belongings in an area where is close to loud playing music, They sell drugs in the neighborhood when I mentioned to the office I was asked if I called the police, But your the management office, I was surprised by ye statement. The Maintenance Dept was intoxicated. One day I woke up and Mildew was all over my furniture. They sent someone to clean the furniture all of this because an maintenance worker placed electrical tape on a pipe in the AC Unit. They had to cut out the wall.I attempted to file an insurance claim as San Tropez advised me to do, Alan the maintenance Supervisor. I made several complaints that still remains ignore even under new management in the office Sue A. Now the neighbors dog defecates by the bushes by my door and I am advised not to walk in the grass to but no signs saying pick up after you dog has a number 2 so I pay rent for do-do smell to be in my kitchen and living room, hence I can not open my windows. Promises to correct and still no Resolve. DO NOT RENT HERE UNLESS TO WANT TO LIVE IN THE GHETTO. I am working on getting out of here.
Camille Richards
8 months ago
This place is too expensive to live. Its very costly and doesn't even have a washer and dryer in the apartments. Basically I think they are overpriced and not worth it. Would not recommend to no one they should give people cheaper prices for how the apartment is set up.
Juan Caceres
2 years ago
The whole system has changed. You dont have a direct number to the leasing office therefore you can NEVER get a hold of them. They never return your call
A Google User
5 years ago
Its a nice community and other residents are friendly, and so are the staff.
A Google User
5 years ago
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