King O'Malley's
131 City Walk
Canberra ACT 2601, Australia
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Jay Cooper
2 months ago
This is a nice little Irish Pub in the centre of the Canberra CBD. It has a nice selection of beers and wine. The decor is a little 'busy' though with a multitude of old signage and memorabilia. I can't imagine how they keep the dust from gathering on all the old stuff in the rafters. Everyone seemed nice though and I'd definitely try it again next time we're in the area.
Danielle Lonnon
4 months ago
One of the only pubs in the Canberra city centre. Irish themed bar, with all the bells and whistles you would expect. The menu looked good being typical pub food and the prices weren't too bad. There is a lot of seating inside and a big beer garden in the square out the front. Handy tip: in case you're having a big night, there is (very conveniently) a kebab shop next door.
David Wiesner
a month ago
One of the oldest and beloved Pubs in Canberra Being an Irish Pub you'll find the staple beers like Guinness on tap and varieties of everything else - beer, ciders, spirits and wines. A good outdoor space for chatting and live music and dancefloor on weekends.
John Reid
4 months ago
Not that great, but not that bad. Great location for a meeting place or the start of a night. The selection, staff, prices and live music are all just average. Not a bad choice for a pub lunch though.
Luke Wiwatowski
a week ago
A nice chill out pub with an adequate collection of alcohols and a reasonable beer garden area. The food is your standard pub affair.
Andrew Delaney
4 months ago
Nice pub vibes in the heart of Civic. While it's not winning any awards, it has a nice, unpretentious vibe and serves good, cold beers. Live music regularly features. Has a nice outdoor area for long summer afternoons. Worth a visit.
James Oh
2 months ago
Food is a bit over priced, but there are a great selection of beers on tap, some of which rotate out. Keep an eye out for Coopers Vintage Extra strong and James Squire Copper Ale. Also, live music everyday. Brilliant atmosphere and usually good covers to be had.
George Bills
5 months ago
Tacky inauthentic "Irish pub" with bad cover bands and a drunken mob rioting all over the dancefloor. Good for getting drunk in, but not much else.
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