King O'Malley's
131 City Walk
Canberra ACT 2601, Australia
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Danielle Lonnon
2 weeks ago
One of the only pubs in the Canberra city centre. Irish themed bar, with all the bells and whistles you would expect. The menu looked good being typical pub food and the prices weren't too bad. There is a lot of seating inside and a big beer garden in the square out the front. Handy tip: in case you're having a big night, there is (very conveniently) a kebab shop next door.
John Reid
a month ago
Not that great, but not that bad. Great location for a meeting place or the start of a night. The selection, staff, prices and live music are all just average. Not a bad choice for a pub lunch though.
George Bills
a month ago
Tacky inauthentic "Irish pub" with bad cover bands and a drunken mob rioting all over the dancefloor. Good for getting drunk in, but not much else.
Peter Mole
2 months ago
A Canberra establishment, always reliable. Good place to start the night (and sometimes it's the only stop you'll need). Great traditional pub feel.
Aydin Zahedi
5 months ago
Arrived from Sydney, and we were looking for a place to cool down, we picked King O'Malley's Irish pub and we were so happy with our decision, great atmosphere inside, a great bunch of people were playing Irish music in the corner, great beer and great sea food, really loved it. most of the staff were friendly (but not all of them, would have been great if the staff were more friendly) but overall I would go to this place again each time I go to Canberra.
Will Hayes
10 months ago
Good place. Retains a bit of a British/Irish pub feels. Best of all, serves pints! Beer selection OK, spirits excellent.
Ron Li
2 months ago
I came here once with a group of friends. The food was ok, but it was a little bit expensive for what it was.
Josh Kingston
a month ago
Love the reading room hidden behind the bar.
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