King O'Malley's Irish Pub
131 City Walk
Canberra ACT 2601, Australia
City Bus Stn Arrivals
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Glen Hendry
reviewed 3 months ago
Beautiful pub inside. Good food. Good prices. Don't spoil it by bringing food and making patrons go back inside to get their own cutlery. Young service staff, seriously, act like you want to be there.
Markus Stravinsky
reviewed 8 months ago
Good atmosphere, I'll give it that. great selection of drinks. BUT VERY VERY VERY VERY EXPENSIVE And food is a joke, do not order food here unless you want to be ripped off.
max andrewartha
reviewed a year ago
Terrible food, rude and actually insulting service and all of it over priced. Paid $20 for an overcooked, dry, frozen chicken schnitzel and $17 for nachos that seemed to be home brand corn chips covered in pasta sauce and microwaved till they were one disgusting gluey mush. When we complained the manager told us that was how they were served here and asked us abrasively had we ever had nachos before and then left. Utterly disgusted with this place.
Tim French
reviewed 11 months ago
Rubbish food. Had the guiness pie, it was crap. Friend's reviews of the shank and schnitzel equally disappointing. Pub interior was nice and warm.
Lloyd Rinaldi
reviewed 6 months ago
Bar Service is the slowest I have ever seen. When you are finally serve you are met with a surly young person that clearly has somewhere else to be on their mind and couldn't give a stuff about you. Didn't like it, wont be back.
peter kocmar
reviewed 2 years ago
Great service, in a funky pub with lots of little items to see around. Great cover bands over the weekend and on Tuesday's and Sunday's they have Irish music. Best place in town to meet with friends.
Wayne Tsai
reviewed 2 years ago
They have really nice cider and wedges. The decor is well done with a bit of Canberrean history on its walls. Nice bar staff and a pleasant place to just relax.
Rob Lanfear
reviewed 2 years ago
A proper pub. Lots of different kinds of people, and a good place to get proper drunk if the feeling takes you.
Ron Charity
reviewed 5 years ago
We met here most each night after work - close to the office. Cold beer and good food and bands play on certain nights.
greg northcott
reviewed a year ago
Great food and cold beer.
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