King O'Malley's
131 City Walk
Canberra ACT 2601, Australia
84 Google user reviews
Jared Peters
a month ago
Great drinks. Awesome location. Great for Pokemon GO. Foods a little expensive
Stephen McCracken
a month ago
A lovely pub that currently has some wonderful mulled wine and hot cider for the winter months. Plus they load the local pokestops with lures so you can "catch 'em all".
Merrenda Sutherland
2 weeks ago
Our Favourite pub in Canberra. Great rustic pub atmosphere, awesome band's. Great that you can hire different room's for closed parties 😀
Daniel Hainsworth
a month ago
Have never had such bad service in a bar before! Ask one of the staff members a simple question about the drinks menu you and she shouted at me for not knowing my order before she's asked for it! "How do you not know your order" there was 8 of us all have just moved over from London! We will never come back just because of her!
L. Finn
3 weeks ago
Nice Irish Pub in the heart of the city. It switches from a quaint drop in pub to a semi night club on Saturday nights. Basically something for everybody.
Bek White
2 months ago
Live music, grest decor. Line up for bar.
Oliver Stopp
a week ago
Good pub to go to. Can always get a spot there for a group and hear some live music.
Matthew Shaw
a month ago
It's got a traditional pub atmosphere. Bit of a mixed crowd but good to visit for the history. Decent beers on tap, no brewing in house.
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