King O'Malley's
131 City Walk
Canberra ACT 2601, Australia
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Aydin Zahedi
4 months ago
Arrived from Sydney, and we were looking for a place to cool down, we picked King O'Malley's Irish pub and we were so happy with our decision, great atmosphere inside, a great bunch of people were playing Irish music in the corner, great beer and great sea food, really loved it. most of the staff were friendly (but not all of them, would have been great if the staff were more friendlier) but overall I would go to this place again each time I go to Canberra.
Will Hayes
3 months ago
Good place. Retains a bit of a British/Irish pub feels. Best of all, serves pints! Beer selection OK, spirits excellent.
Ron Mecredy
6 months ago
This is a place for larger or small groups. There is plenty of parking. The staff is friendly and its very much a local establishment because of its location. The meal was good but nothing really stood out about being unique.
Mathew Hegarty
8 months ago
terrible food. almost below the standard of normal 'pub grub'. the only thing that made it bearable was the adhoc Irish musicians playing in the corner.... reserve this place for late nights, not dinner.
Bob Bucket
10 months ago
Overpriced food, horrible atmosphere and rude staff. I would recommend here if you would like to experience the worst Canberra has to offer.
Troy Connelly
9 months ago
Down from the Coast, long drive, tired, sober meeting some friends already inside. Doorman told me I was drunk, wouldn't listen to any explanation. Ruined a semi surprise birthday. Nice guy, nice place.
Daryl Glanz
5 months ago
To Be Sure, Bloody Marvelous
Joseph Hannon
9 months ago
Good atmosphere, full (UK) pint size. Price for drink about average for area.
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