Pearlwood Estates
1860 W Service Rd
Inver Grove Heights, MN 55077
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Katherine Gentner
a month ago
Upon moving out, we were extremely overcharged (nearly half the market rate) for repairs that were unnecessary. After WE cleaned the entire apartment, including steam cleaning the carpet several times, sweeping and mopping the kitchen and bathrooms, spackling and sot painting walls, etc., we were told first that the entire carpet had to be replaced. This carpet was brand new upon our moving in two years prior and was not especially worn, but because the hallway (you know, where people walk) had some wear and one could see the uneven wearing where our bed was in the bedroom, it supposedly was beyond normal wear and tear. It wasn't until we demanded actual numbers on the lifespan the expect from the carpet that they backed down and only required the carpet to be cleaned again. We were charged for over ten hours of cleaning in the kitchen, when there is no possible way one could have required that much time on it. The linoleum in our kitchen did need replacement, but we were charged twice the going rate for that service. We are in the process of disputing the charges, which added up to over $500 more than our deposit. Amenities that were included in rent were rarely kept up with. It took over a month at one point to gain a functioning dryer, and the hot tub was rarely over 100 degrees. In fact, it was often cooler than the pool. Several of our attempts throughout residence to file work orders went undocumented by the office. If one chooses to live here, document everything you try to get done, every incident with the staff/other residents, etc. And get a lawyer.
Migdalia Natal
2 months ago
So upon asking to move from a one bedroom to a two bedroom pearlwood decides to cancel my lease. But wait they never ran me through to see if I qualified for a two bedroom. But that was the only reason I would have cancelled my lease. So now I'm s.o.l because they goofed up. Minnesota housing. The new staff are off the mark. Other wise the place is great. Maintained and well kept.
Jasmine Heil
2 weeks ago
I hate this place! They are terrible DO NOT COME HERE. They take forever to come fix ANYTHING. They have absolutely bogus charges for things and mess up everything. NEVER COME HERE!
Leon Roberts
a year ago
I have been staying at Pearlwood for a little over a year and I have had no problems here. The office staff are very friendly and help you with whatever you need. This is a great place to live and I will recommend it to anyone. If, you are starting out as a married couple like myself this is the place until you are ready to buy a house.
Celia Runquist
4 years ago
It was our first place together. We have a lot of memories there. we brought a first child home to our apartment at Pearlwood. I think its a nice place if you are just starting out. Or if apartments are your thing, I would live there long term!
A Google User
3 years ago
NOT A SAFE PLACE to live! Somebody broke into our apartment in the middle of the day. All of our electronics were stolen by somebody who we think, also lives in the same building. Management did a very poor job of checking every resident's background. More ghetto people move in just recently. We requested out door lock and sliding door lock to be changed on the day our stuff got stolen, almost 2 weeks has passed, the management has not taken any action.. They are slow to respond and fail to provide safe and secure place for residents to live. Don't ever consider to live here! the management only cares about your money, not your safety.
A Google User
5 years ago
I have been living at Pearlwood for about 5 years now and I have not had any MAJOR problems. The office staff have always been friendly and helpful. It does sometimes take a while to have repairs done but there are a lot of units so that should be expected.
Samantha Keller
3 years ago
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