Pearlwood Estates
1860 52nd St E
Inver Grove Heights, MN 55077
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Brandon Lucas
3 weeks ago
RENTER BEWARE- These people are crooks. I moved out at the end of July. I made an amazing effort in cleaning my apartment. Since my security deposit was 835 dollars I wanted to make sure I got all of it back. Boy did my jaw hit the floor. I was notified that I would be getting no deposit back and owed 150 dollars!! So they're saying I did almost a thousand dollars worth of damage to my 500 sq ft apartment. They said the vinyl and carpet were both ruined and needed to be replaced! This accounted for over 800 dollars worth of damage. Melissa the property manager literally had to crank her computer brightness to max, go close the blinds, and tilt her head even to make out some mild discoloration on the vinyl. It was blatant that the discoloration was apart of the vinyl pattern. i asked the property manager what was her honest opinion on this situation, I asked if she thought it was fair that I'm being charged a thousand dollars for the condition my apartment was left. She said I cannot give my opinion???? From then on she was super defensive and unprofessional. Her manager reversed the vinyl charge but wiser going to do anything about the carpet. So to state again two high traffic areas were already stained when I moved in which was documented. They found four minor stains from me with the biggest one being 10 inches. These were light gray stains on an off white carpet. I used to shampoo carpets for a living. I know shampooing would've easily lifted those stains. But there's no work order in my file of them even doing a shampoo. And no pictures that the stains were still there after shampooing. the carpet and vinyl was outdated, they wanted to replace it. So why not have your most recent tennant pick up the bill!!???? I have seen multiple reviews of this same issue. Something needs to be done. I'm taking legal action with the MN small claims court. I just feel bad for the people that bent over and paid these bogus fees.
Sgt T
a month ago
I was here for one year. I paid a lot of money for a small one bedroom, and in my opinion it was just not worth it. Yes they have pools and tennis court and a couple other amenities if you need them, but I didn't. They are also very strict about the rent, you can be late 1 time, but after that Don't be 10 days late again or they will file court papers regardless of your hardship. They also charge you for your water, trash, heat, and sewer through another company called multi family so add that extra 50 or 100 bucks to your rent, and to top it off they seem to find a reason to inspect your apt like every 3 months for this or that. I had to get out of there, just wasn't worth it for me, but on the plus side it was not challenging to get an apt here, so if you can afford it, and you think it will be a good fit for you, then you might be satisfied with these people and the apt they stick you in.
a month ago
It's really a zero. They never fixed our second toilet from the time we moved in to the time we moved out (7months) they tack on ridiculous cleaning charges, I cleaned the crap out of my three rooms and they still charged me for them to clean those rooms. They had damaged carpet and walls when we moved in they tacked those replacing carpet and painting walls feed to our bill.
Priscilla S.
a year ago
Where do I begin???? I lived in Pearlwood Estates for 11 months. When I moved in, the carpet was stained and I was told by management that I could throw rugs over it, or move to another unit (which happened to be a more expensive unit). The refrigerator didn't work properly for the first 2 months (Yes, food was spoiling). They sent the maintenance team out four times before they decided to call a refrigerator technician. He told them what I had been telling them all along, it needed replacement. The stove was 15 to 20 years old and only the two small burners worked the first 9 months that I lived there. The oven thermostat was also broken so my food was always burnt within minutes until they replaced a piece. The cabinets under the sink were warped from prior water damage and they did not replace it. The windows had serious condensation in the winter months and it created black mold on all of the windows (I had to bleach them monthly). The water smelled of chlorine and would leave white rings in my pots when boiling water. The tub drain was broken (when I moved in) and the tub would not hold water. The dryer would not dry heavy clothes, no matter how small the load. The tenants next door and two floors down smoked, so my clothes and home often smelled like I smoked. No matter what the thermostat was turned at, the heat remained at 65 degrees at all times (they pay the heat). They also charge all tenants $150.00 for carpet cleaning upon move out (unless you are willing to clean it yourself and provide an invoice). My experience was subpar, I knew it wasn't a luxury apartment, but it didn't even meet the basic of my needs. They went through management twice during my stay. However, the new manager, Nicole, is sweet and I can tell that she takes her job seriously (which is why I gave the review an extra star :-). I hope she can turn it around, but I wouldn't recommend that anyone waste their money, or TIME on this place.
Migdalia Natal
a year ago
So upon asking to move from a one bedroom to a two bedroom pearlwood decides to cancel my lease. But wait they never ran me through to see if I qualified for a two bedroom. But that was the only reason I would have cancelled my lease. So now I'm s.o.l because they goofed up. Minnesota housing. The new staff are off the mark. Other wise the place is great. Maintained and well kept.
Katherine Gentner
a year ago
Upon moving out, we were extremely overcharged (nearly half the market rate) for repairs that were unnecessary. After WE cleaned the entire apartment, including steam cleaning the carpet several times, sweeping and mopping the kitchen and bathrooms, spackling and sot painting walls, etc., we were told first that the entire carpet had to be replaced. This carpet was brand new upon our moving in two years prior and was not especially worn, but because the hallway (you know, where people walk) had some wear and one could see the uneven wearing where our bed was in the bedroom, it supposedly was beyond normal wear and tear. It wasn't until we demanded actual numbers on the lifespan the expect from the carpet that they backed down and only required the carpet to be cleaned again. We were charged for over ten hours of cleaning in the kitchen, when there is no possible way one could have required that much time on it. The linoleum in our kitchen did need replacement, but we were charged twice the going rate for that service. We are in the process of disputing the charges, which added up to over $500 more than our deposit. Amenities that were included in rent were rarely kept up with. It took over a month at one point to gain a functioning dryer, and the hot tub was rarely over 100 degrees. In fact, it was often cooler than the pool. Several of our attempts throughout residence to file work orders went undocumented by the office. If one chooses to live here, document everything you try to get done, every incident with the staff/other residents, etc. And get a lawyer.
Jasmine Heil
a year ago
I hate this place! They are terrible DO NOT COME HERE. They take forever to come fix ANYTHING. They have absolutely bogus charges for things and mess up everything. NEVER COME HERE!
Dave Goodstein
9 months ago
Its a great and peaceful place to live and the management staff are very friendly.
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