Candlewyck Apartments
100 Candlewyck Dr
Kalamazoo, MI 49001
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kayla Grayson
2 months ago
I love it here. Everyone is so overdramatic that says bad things. Nice size apartments, good price. Great maintenance staff and the leasing agent John is AMAZING!! Almost 2 years here.
Scott McMahon
9 months ago
Worst possible place to live! Do not live here if you have a family you care about! Drugs run rampant in most of the buildings and the property manager does nothing to solve problems. Her only solution is for residents to call the cops on other tenants because she does not care to do her job. Would give a negative review if possible. Do not waste your money on these out of age and out of building code apartments.
Zharia Tisaby-nasyr best friend
5 months ago
Candlewyck is fun but they should have something then that little park they got like get something bigger that everybody would like and in enjoy
Alicia Coffey
a year ago
We have been at Candlewyck for the past two years and over those two years we have had a pleasant experience here. The staff is always available and polite. Anything we need as far as maintenance or needing extra keys etc. They have been very prompt in service and the community and area is the perfect place to live! We are right across from Meijer, down the street from the mall and all of the restaurants! The only thing they are missing is updated appliances. bathrooms and cabinets. We have outgrown Candlewyck now and are relocating further west, this was out first apartment and will be our last and we thank Candlewyck for the amazing experience :)
Curtis Howell
10 months ago
I have lived here for 20 years it is the most friendly and safe place for elderly and family it's great
Jason Groth
10 months ago
Overall nice place, feels crowded though. Some apartments have a long walk from where you park.
Donovan Meersma
3 years ago
This place charged us 1,400 for a place that looks like any other northside kalamazoo apartmen complex. yet this is in the better part of kalamazoo. the buildings on the inside don't look that great like things were just covered up or masked. the management sucks for personality skills and being helpful. we have to give a 30 day notice on everything including giving up an optional garage. I severely discredit this place. i know of tons of better places and cheaper too that feel more like home.
Cody Sherman
2 years ago
Worst ever. where should I begin they guy who did drugs in the apartment under us 24/7 when I was pregnant and having an infant. or when I had to break a lease because of job loss and my daughter being born they said I had a year to pay off the lease breakage fee and they sent it to collections without contacting me they sent the letters to themselves not us when they had our address and worse we were make payments on it every month. The people in the office are horrible and rude. Constant partying going on and it was suppose to be a good family place well that is so wrong unless drugs alcohol smells and in the buildings are normal in a family place oh and someone killed themselves in our building when we were there after overdosing. not a good place at all. that is just the beginning...
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