The Villages at Curtis Park
2855 Arapahoe St
Denver, CO 80205
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Elisabeth Johnson
3 months ago
The maintenance people here are an absolute joke. I have lived here for a month and still can't receive my mail. They do not have any concern, nor do any follow up to make sure the order was completed. I've literally had to walk in to the office and demand daily that things be fixed. I have made several attempts to speak with Management and am still being flat out ignored. I can not believe I'm being treated in this manner.
blair duke
4 months ago
I really like Deondra very professional acme considerate. I also like she made me feel good about my decisions moving to denver and she could relate to moving to a new city. Even tho my circumstances are unfortunate, she gave me hope in humanity. Thank you for being kind.
maggie mo
6 months ago
Management is a nightmare at this property. The apartment itself was cute, but there has been one problem after another and property management has been absolutely awful to deal with every time we've had to interact with them. They were completely non-responsive to serious complaints including serious and repeated flooding in the backs of the units creating a slippery, muddy wreck in the pathway to the parking lot and drug dealers in one of the units who had homeless people and junkies in and out of the unit all hours of the night and cops called out on a regular basis. The office also lost several important documents we submitted and then misquoted our lease to threaten us and treated us like idiots and liars. Meanwhile, they insisted they gave us notices that we never received. I honestly think they mixed up our file with another unit's and couldn't even figure it out. I don't know if these people are incredibly stupid or incredibly lazy, but they are the worst property management I've ever had the displeasure of dealing with.
Ndugu yetu
11 months ago
Great place to live, Historically it's African American Neighborhood, We Don't want Any Yuppies, Who would assume, they will have concierge. Go Back to Arizona, California or where ever the hell you came from. Ms Regalado is awesome, so is the Southern Girl who who adopted Colorado accent. Thanks for Giving me Home to live, I just Moved Here, and I Love it. I Would like to see Security Patrols in the weekends, Cause we are close to all the Ghetto Clubs. Please notify all the Residents not to prop Doors In the Flats.
Alexandra Nichols
10 months ago
This is by far the worst management I have ever dealt with. They never respond to your emails. They charge you for everything and they are very rude when they speak to you. Their lack of communication is very frustrating and they are not organized. Additionally, they lost my close-out paper work and so I never received my deposit back promptly. They over charge for what you get and the residence area is dirty and the residents that live here throw trash everywhere. I couldn't move out of here fast enough.
Erin Parkins
a year ago
Do not rent at this complex. The staff is unethical, disorganized, and has no regard for their tenants' safety. The low market pricing may be appealing, but you get what you pay for. We had a multitude of issues during the mere 10 months we lived there, including: - Weekly calls to the private security company to report loud, obnoxious behavior from our neighbors across the parking lot. We never once saw this security company in person. - Several calls to Denver Police Department regarding the same issue, since the private security company was not responsive. - Two calls to 911 reporting violent fights that included both men and women and once a weapon being brandished. Another call to 911 in response to a near-naked woman screaming from the second floor window of the neighbor's house trying to get out. - The same neighbor clearly using the apartment to sell drugs, without any action being taken by The Villages other than to attempt to evict them 8+ months later. I say 8+ because that's how long we lived there, but our other neighbors reported similar issues going on well before we moved in. - After emailing the staff about these safety and security issues, we received a reply stating that they were handling it. After 8+ months, these neighbors were finally evicted - only to return illegally and break into the house through the window. We moved out before knowing if this had ever truly been handled. - In an email disputing the lease break fee we were charged (see more on this below), the staff replied that our "safety was not their concern". The lease we signed clearly states otherwise. - Extreme confusion and lack of communication about the lease terms. We originally requested a 10-month lease when we put the apartment on hold and locked in our rate, and when we went to sign and pick up the keys the lease was a 12-month rent. We asked them to fix this, and they said they'd look into it. We never heard back. When we gave our required 60 days notice, we asked again and again they said they'd look into it. Again, we never heard back. That is, until we received a notice in the mail saying we had broken the lease by only paying through 10 months and owed a lease break fee. We disputed the fee, and after many, many phone calls and emails they agreed to give us a 10-month lease that ended in March - which makes no sense since the original 12-month lease ended in April. We paid a full month's rent for February even though we moved out in January to avoid a lease break fee, only to be hit with it anyway. - A window falling completely out of the frame due to wind. Our blinds were damaged during this, and while maintenance came by to put the window back in the blinds were never fixed. They then charged us for them after moving out. - The quality of these apartments is extremely poor. Everything in the apartments - carpets, blinds, appliances, counter tops, closet doors - is very cheap and prone to damage. We ended up taking the closet doors off our closet altogether because they were constantly falling off the track. - The apartment was dirty when we walked through it after signing our lease, and it was never cleaned before we moved in. - The office staff is not helpful. Every time we went into the office, we got the same response - we'll leave them a note and let you know. We never heard back on anything unless we were somehow able to get a reply on the spot.
Alice Failoni
2 years ago
I have left several messages over the past few weeks just to hear about what openings they may have and haven't heard one word back from the leasing office - I don't even live here, and I can't imagine how impossible it would be to get any sort of customer service from the leasing agents here if I did.
Dillon Adams
3 years ago
I just talked to the people they didn't have any availability but the dude was very nice and helpful. Hard to find these days.
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