La Jolla International Gardens
3417 Lebon Dr
San Diego, CA 92122
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Andrew Daniel
5 months ago
Place is lovely, The accommodations more that adequate. The neighbors, however think they are paying to live in a house, and they are not. They are living in a aparment complex and that's unfortunate, because there's no pure silence in these living quarters.
Sherry Wu
3 years ago
I lived there for almost three years in two different units. One point was deducted for crowded laundry site. The hours are pretty long; however, can't keep up with its cleanliness and residents usage. Sometimes my money went into the broken dryer without getting my money back. However, I love the free coffee, cyber cafe, and their leasing office staffs. (some are really b-word, but I learn how to be their friendly resident) I love the third floor unit_ super duper spacious and I got enough sunlight! (that's one more reason why I love that place) Another unit I used to live was contrast to that, super dim and humid. The outdoor staircase was one of my favorite. The volleyball court was one of the perks. Very economical place to live comparing to adjacent apartment complexes!!! :D
Cameron Nagler
8 months ago
Economical & clean with nice amenities.
A Google User
4 years ago
A Google User
4 years ago
Wang Joyce
2 years ago