Talus Ranch
32615 N North Valley Pkwy
Phoenix, AZ 85085
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Evan Krocker
a month ago
I've been living at Talus Ranch for almost 3 years. The ladies in the office have always been super helpful (for me at least). I guess I've had/have 3 issues. The AC unit leaked water all over the bathroom and it took a few visits to get it fixed. The DirectTV that is built-in to the rent is a bit of a drag at $40/month especially since its standard definition and if you want HD, you have to call DirectTV and pay another $20 a month on top of the $40/month. Kids seem to run in and out of where the cars are parked without looking or they are riding their bikes directly at you while you are driving and its like they are playing chicken with you. The removal of the connection fee would be GREAT!
Justin Robertson
a month ago
The ladies that work at this place will try to get all your money that they can do not rent from this location they will care for you until you sign on the dotted line. Been living here for a total of 4 years and nothing but trouble should of never came back. The only reason I did is the location.
Josh man
8 months ago
As far as customer service goes i wanna give a HUGE shout out to Debbie! She gets 5 stars! She was always so kind and understanding and willing to help in whatever ways she could. She always made you feel like a priority. One time i had to tow her electric cart with my truck because it had died on her. So many fun and positive memories haha As far as billing goes they are kinda like Nazis, i feel like there is a charge for everything when this hadn't been my experience at my first apt " Belara " there is a charge for this and a charge for that thats all non negotiable , i don't watch TV but was forced to pay $40 a month for the service. They charge you for pest control, taxes, electronic statement fees, Tv, etc... The billing dept gets 1 star
a year ago
First off I've started out with a base rent of $640 for my one bedroom and ended up only paying $730 after all the fees, taxes, directv and even the water bill and never paid a dollar more than that. They did increase rent after a year but it was negotiable and reasonable. They do make you pay for directv which is kind of frustrating, however it's great if you don't want to pay $60 - $100 a month. I've lived here for 2 years so far and has overall been a decent experience. Yes you may encounter a few scorpions however they have a great track record of getting pest control and their repairmen out promptly. AC went out and they sent someone out on a Saturday after hours to come fix it. A few of their consultants and reps could use a customer service class, but most of them are friendly and helpful. I'm on the bottom floor and I can hear the people walking around and laughing so the walls do seem a little thin. But it is an apartment complex. Overall it's been a great experience and you couldn't find a better place north of the 101 for the price.
Ashley Sanders
11 months ago
Scorpions are a huge problem but what's worse is the terrible customer service and rude ladies in the office. Other than that they nickel and dime you for everything. They charge you 5$ to bill you in paper and 1$ to do it electronically. Like seriously? Plus direct tv is awful, can never get a hold of anyone to help.
Zoo House
a month ago
This place sucks the ladies that work ther are rude and you can tell they only care about themselves.
Yomamajj s
a year ago
I have been here for several years and it has become just terrible. I am currently being forced to live in an apartment that has a non working AC draining system. For this entire summer (going on over 3 months) I have been dealing with water pouring from my ac unit in my bathroom, dumping bowls of water, damp moldy carpet and a moldy smell. Plus having to wash towels and change them out daily that I line on my floor to soak the over splash. Now what is the WORSE part is that I have made several requests and have had maintenance come into my apartment several times for the issue (plus email to manager, phone calls and even competing a survey about this issue!). All they do is come drain the already filled water in the AC unit and leave, only for it to be leaking hours later. They laughed at me when I asked for an ac company to be called to unclog the drain and the last time they came (8/20/14) they told me they were going to order a part to remedy the issue, but guess what? I never heard from them. Also my bathroom cabinets have been so damaged by the leaking water I cant even open them. Another thing they said they were going to "take care" and they have not. Then just last week (10/1/14) I saw the same maintenance guy who never did come back with this "part" and told him the ac is still leaking daily and why is it taking so long. He said (F*ck under his breath, real professional huh) and he said was coming back the next day with his manager, and guess what? They never showed up and I was home all day just for that! Talus Ranch use to not be like this. What is so ironic is they are having a "customer appreciation" week as this is going on. Such an absolute joke. It is ridiculous to live like this and I pay almost $1000 a month for this type of living! I would expect this in an apartment in a less desirable area and much lower price point. Anyhow, if you are considering leasing here, look elsewhere!! This is the worst apartment complex in this area!!
Ben Lynch
2 years ago
Lived here 2 years. Apartment was nice, move in special was great, and the location is awesome. The office staff has the worst costumer service skills. I bought a house, and i told them I was moving out, and since then I have been treated like crap. I pain my rent in person for the first 7 months of living here, and none of them even remembered my face. Scorpions are a huge problem here. You pay a monthly pest control fee, but don't receive it unless you call and ask. In the 2 years I was stung once, and that was when I was in bed. The rent is only good for a year. If you want to stay longer you will have to pay. If you want something other than Direct TV you can't have it. You are automatically charged for it no matter if you want it or not. No choices.
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