Via Las Colinas
401 W Northwest Hwy
Irving, TX 75039
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Gil Mizrahi
2 months ago
Stay away from this place unless you like dirty apartments with loud and disrespectful neighbors. I am going to break my lease just because it is no longer bearable and the management is so incompetent. Do not get fooled by nice looking leasing office and the smiles of the sell people. The smiles and the nice treatment is all until you sign the lease, once you sign, its gone...
Karrie Dudley
6 months ago
I relocated from Midlothian and chose Via Las Colinas as my new home. I absolutely love this place, the staff and the environment. The grounds are maintained very well and although it's a huge complex, it feels like a neighborhood within a subdivision. My experience from the initial call to Rachel D to current has been a pleasant one! You can't and won't go wrong by choosing Via Las Colinas for your home!
den consumer
8 months ago
I have enjoyed this property. It is quiet and the grounds are well kept for the most part. The apartment is quite cozy and well laid out. I have been here in Las Colinas on a temporary work assignment and will miss this space. I have not had much interaction with the staff or maintenance but that is a good thing as I have no issues with the apartment. The only complaint would be the answering service as they have no idea what customer service is about and their attitude exudes a "why are you bothering me mentality".
rohit rawat
11 months ago
hate the speed braker around the apartment. almost destroying my car.
Zach Woodie
2 years ago
This place is nice in the fact that it's priced reasonably considering the area and the apartment itself. It is quiet for the most part. I am content living here as they're are issues everywhere you go. i do however think there is room for improvement. However, with that being said two things bug me. There is no maintenance guarantee they will get to you when they get to you which is up to a week. Sometimes they you have to put in more than one request. The other thing is they have these speed bumps throughout phase 1 that ALWAYS come removed basically. This promotes unsafe driving habits not just with speed but causes cars to go into oncoming traffic to avoid the speed bumps since the other half is usually missing. They could just resolve this if they replaced the speed bumps with concrete like they did in phase 2 of the property. Too much like right I guess? Oh yes it would be nice if they added one way signs in the roundabout since people constantly go the wrong way in it to get to the exit quicker.
Adam C Hernandez
2 years ago
My lease is up in one month and I am really sad. This has easily been the most pleasant living experience I could have ever imagined. This was the first apartment to share with my beautiful wife, and it's a gratifying feeling to see her so happy. She loved the walk-in closet, the huge tub for baths, and the appliances are top notch. Staff is friendly, amenities are the best. Wish I never had to leave here, but we had to move closer to work. Would recommend to anyone.
David Walsh
10 months ago
Hate all the speed bumps. There way too big and beat up my car
Mehdi Abolhassani
2 years ago
Las colinas area is very nice and accessible through 114 and Northwest Hwy. However, there are newer apartments buildings across Lincoln Las Colinas that are much nicer and newer. We lived at this place for 2.5 years and absolutely unsatisfied with condition of apartment and office staff. We Lived in the mid-rise building where it is served by parking garage. The garage gates always broken. You have hard time to find a parking spot. Besides there is long walk to your apartment. So if you buy groceries, you have to carry them for a long walk. There are only few parking spots available for guests. Each time that we had guest, we really embarrassed with parking conditions. Besides, it was simply not possible for them to find our apartment as the the hallways are very confusing for new people. So we had to go get all the guests from outside. The apartments are too dark that we had to turn on the lights through day time. The walls are too tiny that you can hear what your neighbors doing in their bedroom. The office staff are really unprofessional. They really didn't care about our complains about smell in our bedrooms. And they did nothing! We agreed on move out date with Angela( office staff). At the move out date we learned that she has altered our move-out notice and changed the date without even notifying us!! The fact that she has altered the move out date without our agreement is completely unacceptable. Lincoln apartments have got problems. They offer incentive at the moving in but they charge for minor damages big bucks at the move out. They charged us for carpet replacement of whole apartment only for couple of minor stains in the living room. I absolutely recommend not to lease in this place!
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