Lincoln Pointe
17900 NE 31st Ct
Aventura, FL 33160
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Andres Pardo
a year ago
Nice place to live
Mlc">A Google User
8 years ago
LP is in a nice area. It is tucked back in the bay in a very cozy setting. The apartments are pretty much noiseless. I think it is overpriced for what it is, but I cant really complain about it. The pool area is very nice and the pool is always in good condition. The breezeways can get a little dirty from time to time, but maintenance keeps them up about once every 2-3 weeks. The gym sucks. For what rent is, they should have a nice workout facility. There are only 3-4 machines and they are very outdated.
Mlc">A Google User
5 years ago
Dog feces: That's how I can best describe this place. On the surface, it seems ok. They take you around to look at the apartments on days were they've just cut the grass so you don't really realize it. But the small areas were there is grass is literally filled with poop. Don't believe me? Stop by on your own time. Preferably after it's rained. If the stench doesn't drive you away, I don't know what will. To complicate this problem, half the time the street lamps in the complex do not step so you can't see where you step. Then, like clockwork, you step in crap because the tenants are disgusting and the management can't find a way to keep the areas clean. I remember once I had to leave my sandals outside my door because the bottom had poop all over it. The blonde short haired lady from the office literally came to my door to leave a note stating that I couldn't leave my shoes outside my door. And yet, they've done nothing about the poop problem. Safety: haha. You'd think you're safe because you're in aventura but you'd be wrong. There are sketchy people all over the place at night time. Since I've been here, I've personally witnessed two fights in which the police had to be called. One of my neighbors had her honda civic stolen. And a couple other people had their cars broken into. I was so happy when my lease was up. I almost skipped out of there in joy.
Michael Anthony
a week ago
Gabriel Ojeda
2 months ago
4 months ago
Shirley Lehman
6 months ago
Mlc">A Google User
5 years ago
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