Aspenwood Apartments
4139 S 4080 W
West Valley City, UT 84120
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Destiney Loya
5 months ago
I loved living here ... every one keeps to them selfs.the two bed room are big... I am going to miss being able to walk to the Mexican store and getting sweet bread ...
Craig Jones
a year ago
Apartments are okay. Need some repairs, some counters and screen doors and closet doors replaced. Too noisy at nights with kids and their parents in the playground. Rent gets increased every time the lease is renewed. Get fees for "services" not used or asked for or informed of. Tolerable if you keep your head down and your mouth shut. If you don't have a washer and dryer the office has 2 to service the whole complex. Expect police to make regular appearances at the complex. Highly low income Tennant's with frequent evictions.
Michaeljohn Knop
2 years ago
pet friendly. my dog has been attacked an average of once a month over the last two months by loose dogs as owners refuse to follow leash laws. many of them fail to clean up after there dogs like the residents in 143. my animal has required trips to an after hours emergency for medical treatment and even though management is aware of this they refuse to talk to the animals owners stating it's a civil matter. cleanliness. I'm not against smokers, just those who don't act responsibly. cigarette butts are commonly found throughout the complex in large numbers. our upstairs neighbors frequently leave theirs on the lawn in front of our unit, sometimes in back. management has told us they've been fined, but we still have to clean up the trash they put in front and back of our unit our face fines. West Valley PD should have a station here due to the number of times they stop by.
Ivan Caldera
a year ago
At first i had a diferent aspect due to a bad managment in office but now she is gone and everything gets fixed right away
Matthew Garcia
a year ago
I really liked this place! Very friendly maintenance crew and the girls in the office are super sweet! Oh yeah and both of them are super hot! Especially Nikki!
Tj Yagues
2 years ago
I lived here for almost 2 years. It had a few problems like parents letting there kids run wild or previous renters friends come by and continue to ask for the previous renters. The management was awesome!!! They are very friendly and get stuff done. The maintenance team is AMAZING they come in and get things fixed and are in and out. Not only do they fix things, they tell you how it broke and how to keep it from breaking again. They do fun little summer activities and if you are ever late on rent they work with you as long as you let them know in advance. The only reason I moved was because a older guy and his wife(in their early 60's) where harassing me, my hunsband, and our 19 month old son. He would take pictures of us taking our dogs out, checking the mail, or just us playing with our son outside. It started when ours dogs had a little confrontation, the first time was an accident and the second time he sicked his dog on me. I have a scar on the top, and the palm of my hand. My dog got in a fight with his in defence of me and my son!!! Not only was I put in danger but so was my son!!! Animal control said they can't do anything about it because the dog is there for medical reasons. I had to get rid of my dog and he kept his. That just doesn't seem fair right? This is not the only time his dog attacked a dog and the other person had to get rid of their dog. It attacked a 8 month old PUPPY and I witnessed it. He walks around the complex thinking he owns the place. He will turn you in for anything and I mean ANYTHING! If he could he would turn you in for breathing. Him and his wife have nothing to do so they harass everyone!!!! OH AND HIS DOG IS A GERMAN SHEPHERD, IT'S SKINNY AND MAINGY LOOKING. The swimming pool is their back yard and they live on the bottom floor so keep an eye out or you and your dog WILL be attack.
Sky Dreamland
a year ago
A friend of mine moved in there and him and his dumb ass friends brought a mattress in from the street and infested their apartment with bed bugs so now the whole building has it. Do not rent here. EVER unless you ask them if they professionally cleaned it for bed bugs. Ask for proof!
asa draney
a year ago
This place sux ballz
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