West Park Apartments
9251 Eagle Ranch Rd NW
Albuquerque, NM 87114
9 Google user reviews
2 months ago
I have lived at Westpark apartments for 2 years now. I was temporarily living out of state and arranged with Zach to obtain my lease and everything via fax so I could move home to albuquerque. The apartments and grounds themselves are kept in great condition. The only problem is the unsupervised children. The quality of residents seemed to have declined recently, but management does all they can to curtail this nonsense. All in all a great place to live.
Tressia Castillo
6 months ago
I love it here. Its a safe place to live. I had accidently left my car window down twice and no one took anything from my car, and it wasn't stolen. Everyone is nice, and the admin office has amazing customer service. Everytime I need help with any Maintenance, they are very quick to fix any problems I have. When I moved in, there was a tree was blocking my view of the city and when I told them about the tree, they trimmed it. So they definitely went out of their way to make sure I am a happy tenant. Definitely Recommend living here. You won't regret it.
Amanda CdeBaca
a year ago
I recently moved a year ago out of town. But I miss ''West Park''. I will never experience a more better apartment complex to live at. The Property Manager was always attentive and providing the best customer service. The staff was always prompt on responding to complaints, small issues, or questions. I would recommended the apartments to anyone who is looking for a safe, nice comfortable place to live. And especially if you have a family!!!
Frances Berumen
4 months ago
If you have section 8 and you are thinking of renting dont waste your time or money on this place. They make you think they will accept you to take your money. I lost my application fee. The management did everything possible to find an excuse not to rent to me.
Rose Whitehair
8 months ago
I can't believe these guys. The leasing agent, said he "forgot" that he held onto an apartment for me. They couldn't get the final back ground done on my rental history, when I told them I was giving up and found a different place, they still cashed by check for $250 (which in the first place, they told me they wouldn't cash until I moved in). So not fair :( AND I gave them my application in October of 2015. It's mid-DECEMBER!
Daniel Sosa
2 years ago
The rent is too expensive. over 800 for a 2 bedroom and they never spray for bugs even if you ask. Power goes out because breakers are old and glitchy. Last year my apartment flooded from all of the rain and they would not clean my carpets without charging me for it. Only one maintenance guy working and he loves going home early. Appliances supplied by apartments are cheap and break easily. Worst place I've ever lived, and I once spent a year living in my mother's car. I want to warn every family I see applying to live here just how hard they are about to get ass-fucked.
Bideford Bridge
2 years ago
For the most part the tenants are considerate and well behaved but there is one clod that spoils it all for the rest. That nasty person has a boom box in their car and likes to sit in the parking lot listening to what must sound like to them music but for the rest of us it rattles windows and drowns out the TV never mind it is like an inducement for headaches. BOOM BOOM BOOM
Emily Williams
2 months ago
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