West Park Apartments
9251 Eagle Ranch Rd NW
Albuquerque, NM 87114
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Missy Pochiro
3 weeks ago
I have lived here 9 years and love it. The office staff are very helpful in taking care of issues in a great time frame. I have never really had bug problems, just some ants in the kitchen around late summer but they quickly take care of that problem by sending pest control.
Shannon Darrell
a month ago
The staff has been very friendly and helpful. maintenance does a wonderful job keeping the complex clean and neat. The maintenance supervisor makes sure that issues are taken care of in a timely manner.
Ronnie Carroll
2 months ago
The maintenance staff does an excellent job with keeping the grounds litter-free. Any time I have any type of maintenance request, the maintenance staff ALWAYS responds within the same day to address the issue. Besides being courteous, they're knowledgeable and competent in their jobs. The administrative staff takes the time and makes the effort to get to know the residents personally. They are friendly as well as professional and know how to navigate the in's-and-out's of legal paperwork (lease agreements).
Angie Sanchez
a month ago
I want to give a huge thank you for the maintenance staff here at West Park. Anytime I've needed something fixed they have done so and always with a grate attitude. Our management staff is great to,
Arzou Ebra
4 months ago
I filled out an application and was approved for everything and passed the background check and passed their Resident Selection Criteria, and I have a Section 8 voucher. the price was, and it said $913 for 3/2 bed and that is what their post says on craigslist, and I also called them to double check and it was $913; then when I was ready for the move, they tell me it is $1,100 they bumped up the price over night. another thing I asked for the 2 bed and 1 bath, they said there will be 1 but not sure there was one holding it. and then I called to make sure and they said its not available. the same day they posted on craigslist that there is a 2 bed and 1 bath available for Aug. 31,2016. This is not fair and not right. we are good renters but all I can do is warn future residents not to bother or waste their TIME, MONEY and ENERGY and come to this place. Its the management that is bad in my opinion not Alyse and Zack that work their.
Samo Zakaria
4 months ago
DO NOT RENT THESE APARTMENTS!.THE OFFICE STAFF ARE RACISTS FOR RELIGION AND DIFFERENT ETHNICITY..I put one star because I have no choice, they deserve 0. I passed the background check and passed their Resident Selection Criteria. dont waste your time and your money on this place. They make you think they will accept you to take your money.The management did everything possible to find an excuse not to rent to me.
Miquella Salazar
4 months ago
everything has gone so smoothley for us since move in date and all staff are nice especially "zach" personally we only like dealing and talking with him about everything his customer service is GREAT!!! the only that we DO NOT like is the NEW managment that took over!! they are crap all their new rules just means MORE money out of our POCKET towards an "apartment" that ISNT even ours.. wasited money!! NEW MANAGEMNET also took AWAY the 3 month leases which was nice for those of us in the process of getting a bigger HOME so we had to sign a 6 month lease which we are NOT HAPPY about!! Of course none of this is the employees fault they are all still sweet and caring
7 months ago
I have lived at Westpark apartments for 2 years now. I was temporarily living out of state and arranged with Zach to obtain my lease and everything via fax so I could move home to albuquerque. The apartments and grounds themselves are kept in great condition. The only problem is the unsupervised children. The quality of residents seemed to have declined recently, but management does all they can to curtail this nonsense. All in all a great place to live.
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