West Park Apartments
9251 Eagle Ranch Rd NW
Albuquerque, NM 87114
2 Google user reviews
Daniel Sosa
11 months ago
The rent is too expensive. over 800 for a 2 bedroom and they never spray for bugs even if you ask. Power goes out because breakers are old and glitchy. Last year my apartment flooded from all of the rain and they would not clean my carpets without charging me for it. Only one maintenance guy working and he loves going home early. Appliances supplied by apartments are cheap and break easily. Worst place I've ever lived, and I once spent a year living in my mother's car. I want to warn every family I see applying to live here just how hard they are about to get ass-fucked.
Bideford Bridge
11 months ago
For the most part the tenants are considerate and well behaved but there is one clod that spoils it all for the rest. That nasty person has a boom box in their car and likes to sit in the parking lot listening to what must sound like to them music but for the rest of us it rattles windows and drowns out the TV never mind it is like an inducement for headaches. BOOM BOOM BOOM