Mountain Park Estates
1925 Old 41 Hwy NW
Kennesaw, GA 30152
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Sloane Palmer
a month ago
Myself and another roommate are moving into the Mountain Park Estates. We have been dealing with Nate this entire process, which started in April. He has been nothing but helpful and forthcoming on all fronts and processes of this experience. He has made us feel comfortable and welcome from the first time we walked into the office. He has checked in with us every step of the way to make sure we understand exactly what we are getting into and to make sure we understand the process every step of the way. I could not have asked for an easier transition into a new place. If our experience that we have had up to this point, is any indication of how they run their company for their current residence, I am extremely excited for this new living situation.
Casey Bohon
3 weeks ago
Its really a shame about the management at this community because the location is perfect, the apartments are well laid-out, there's plenty of parking, and the place feels quiet. However, lurking beneath the surface are some major issues. Maintenance is pretty terrible. They've walked right into my apartment without knocking (as I was getting out of the shower!) and when I called, the manager was like "oh, well you did file a maintenance request." Yeah, but not for them to just let themselves in without giving me a heads up. No apology whatsoever. My A/C has to be fixed at least once a month because they don't really do anything other than spray some Freon into it instead of actually fixing the problem. So my apartment has been between 82-86 this summer. The toilet runs constantly and has been "fixed" twice. It's not fixed if I keep having to mess with it. While there is plenty of parking, the lots could be better maintained. The lines are faded and so people are constantly parking poorly, resulting in less space available. My biggest pet peeve right now is a resident who continues to use the handicap spot as his own private parking place. He is not handicapped; he does not have a specified license plate or hanging tag to indicate he has the right to use the spot. He's just lazy and inconsiderate. Management has done nothing to fix the situation; I'm not convinced there is even a courtesy officer in the complex like they claim because I've called them on multiple occasions and never received a call back or visit. So, if you are handicapped or have visitors that are handicapped, don't expect management to care about you. When we moved in, we were told that the gym facilities were 24hrs but that is a lie. After we moved in, they said it was actually 6am-10pm. Also a lie. Its basically whenever maintenance feels like opening the door, which is usually before management gets there, but definitely not at 6am. I got a gym membership at Anytime Fitness because Mountain Park's facility hours are so erratic. Dog poop around the neighborhood is a massive problem. You can't walk anywhere without stepping in poop. Gross. They don't enforce the dog breed/weight policies. Rent agreement says no dangerous breeds but I see pittbulls, German Shepherds and Akitas on a daily basis. There's even dog poop in the tennis courts. The office never, ever returns phone calls, and most of the time they don't even answer the phone. It just rings and rings. Maybe they are understaffed, I don't really know, but its unacceptable to leave residents with no way to contact them other than office visits, which is impractical for people that work. If you do have go to the office in the evening, make sure you get there well before their posted closing time, because they frequently leave before 6pm. If you come on a day that all three gates are working, you should take a picture, because its rarer than Haley's Comet. People rush the gates and break them all the time. Usually at least one gate is wide open because its broken. Pretty much defeats the purpose of having a gated, secure community. The trash compactor is frequently overflowing with garbage, spilling out the top and all over the grass and parking area. Couches, TVs, and appliances get dumped next to it and sit for days. Good thing they tack on plenty of waste management fees to the utilities. Most of the problems are really just down to management. I thought when they were purchased by RAM that things would get better, but they haven't. It might honestly have gotten worse. Apathetic office employees don't give a crap about the current residents, they are more concerned with filling all the empty units. Maintenance putts around the complex looking busy but not actually doing anything. Residents don't clean up after their dogs, leaving the rest of us to dodge poop piles and enjoy the smell of sun-baked feces on the wind.
Nancy Clover
a week ago
This is the most awesome place I have ever lived! The staff is wonderful and helpful. They check on you to make sure you have everything you need. They are involved in the community and with the residents. The complex is beautiful. They have awesome ammenities, including a car wash. I highly recommend this apartment home complex to anyone!! Nate and Camille were extremely wonderful to work with. I was moving from Kansas City, site unseen, however Nate took the time to send me pictures, answer questions, told me about the area. Camille was there to greet me when I arrived with a smile!! I only had on slight issue and maintenance took care of that within an hour
Sam Williams
a month ago
Let me tell you a few things, in GA there are very few affordable places to live. You can either live in an area where there is a lot of noise, crime, and less desirable conditions. Or you can spend $100 more and live in a nice "gated" community. When I first had my tour, I was told it was a quiet community, 24hour gym, gated, good maintenance staff; they were putting in an office center as I was coming into their community. Great, this place sounds perfect for me! Just having moved from out of state, I felt this was the best location for me, not too far from Atlanta and not too far from work. Great, right? Ya it was pretty great at first. After the first few months, the 24hour gym was only open 10-10. I worked late some nights and didn't get home until they never worked for me. The gates were left open more often than not, days, weeks, where they were just left wide open. I chose a gated community because I had an ex that used to just show up whenever they felt like, so I thought the extra cost was worth it...wish I could have held back part of my rent until they fixed that. They recently were bought by another company…I think when I moved in, they gave me a great rate and told me about all these great amenities, cause they wanted to fill all the holes before they sold. The place is half empty, don’t listen to them if they say otherwise. So my lease is almost up and I start looking for some other place to live, same issue I had when I was looking a year ago, nothing really in my budget that I felt safe in, so I decide to go month-to-month while I look for a roommate or another living situation. That brought my rent up to over a thousand dollars a month. When I finally found a situation that worked for me, I needed to save $500 before I could move in...The office refused to work with me, let me do a partial payment. I had NEVER once missed turning in rent and I was always on time. So I was really irked with them for that. There were so many empty units that you’d think they would want you to stay. Anyways, so I finally move out. Great, good riddance. I cleaned, vacuumed, probably left a few screws in the wall; I figured I wouldn't get my deposit back. I was so angry with them, I didn't care. I had a dog in the apartment with me. If it ever had an accident, I would clean it up, immediately. The carpet looked like apartment carpet when I moved in, kindy dingy, recently cleaned. Apparently, I destroyed their carpet and they had to replace all of it. It was a four year carpet when I moved in and in the lease, it said not to bother shampooing the floor because they would do that. But I guess their company couldn’t get out any of the stains and they had to replace the entire thing. So I ended up paying somewhere around $300 to replace a four year old carpet (which I was under the impression that’s what the pet fee is for, what are they using it for if not to replace carpets after the animals leave)…. So if you are renting from here, make sure you know how old the carpet it and what you need to do to not get dinged with this fee. I feel if I had shampooed the carpet before I left I never would have had this headache. I have since learned to always mention every stain in the walk-through of anything you are renting, any ding, any bump, anything you see, write it down. I have never lived some place that the office didn’t genuinely care about you…but here, at Mountain Park…you are just a check to them. They do not care about you. Quiet community though. 2/5 because Camille is awesome.
Haylee Young
4 months ago
My fiance and I just put a deposit down on a one bedroom today. Mountain Park Estates impressed us after a long apartment search with their honesty, friendliness (way to go Nate!), and overall upkeep of the units and community. They told us up front what units were available and we had our choice in which we liked best, which was a huge plus. We can't wait to move in!
Jerry Losey
in the last week
I've lived here for 3 years and overall a good experience and since they did upgrades with the gym and painting the buildings it looks even better. It's very convenient location.
6 months ago
First, I do not live here, but I did take a tour of this place. This biggest thing to me is introduction. The gentleman, Nate, was awesome. When we spoke over the phone he was very welcoming and showed care in his job. Once I got there, he was again, welcoming. I felt like I wasn't a burdon to them and they were actually interested in doing business with me, unlike other places I have been to. He helped me decide what would be more ideal for my fiance and I. He was pretty accurate too with the size we needed. He asked questions such as, "What exactly are you looking for in your apartment?" I liked this, he's looking for the best that would be perfect for us. After I took a tour, I was hooked. Sadly, I ran numbers and realized I needed to save a little more money. I was unable to move in, but Nate was on his game. He emailed me the day after, prior to me telling him I didn't feel comforable doing it, just to check in on me. I haven't visited an apartment complex with staff member who care this much. Besides that, the place is built perfectly and it seems like a lot of space. I would recomend this place to everyone. Also, I never pass around 5 stars, so this says a lot about them. A professional staff and a beautiful apartment complex, well worth the visit. Thank you Nate for all your help, hopefully next year we will move in there!
J Graham
a year ago
Maintenance request are delayed, lost, or ignored. The pool is poorly maintained and filthy (missing tiles and growing algae) and the jaccuzi doesn't work at all. The walls and floors of apartments are so thin you can hear conversations clearly. Dog poop everywhere you look. Security gate frequently non-functioning. Overall a bad experience.
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