The Element
6730 4th Ave
Sacramento, CA 95817
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Michael Hoffman
4 months ago
I took over a lease for a Studio/1 Bedroom apartment at the element January 2016. It was a little rocky getting the unit, but they were changing management at the time, so I forgive them. :) Once I had the apartment it was great. There are fantastic amenities. The service was good, and they the location and prices are unbeatable for what you get in the unit. It's great for students or young professionals like me needing a place in the city short term or long term. I had a change in jobs and had to move out of Sacramento, but if I moved back to the city I would definitely consider living there again.
Kaylah Ealy
a month ago
I have never hated living in a place so much. They have lost my packages multiple time. They don't know how to communicate. They have the worst service I have ever received. The rent is way to high for this service. I've stayed her for 3 years because my mom doesn't want me to move. But this year is the last one. I can no longer deal with this place. If you have other options, choose those.
Anita Felton
3 weeks ago
Management is unresponsive I have called left 5+ message and sent an email. They sent me a bill after move out, but they won't justify it by returning my calls.
Ravi Patel
2 years ago
DO NOT STAY HERE!. This complex will say anything to get you to sign. I.E. before signing my lease in 2008 I spoke with management about painting one of the walls in the apartment to make a "more homely" and they told me that it would be perfectly fine as long as I painted it back before I left (I agreed). After living there for about 2 months, I was on vacation and decided to listen to my voicemail during a layover at the airport and received a message stating that during a routine maintenance check they noticed I painted one of my walls. They now stated that this is not allowed and said they have already painted it back to original color and that I was responsible for paying them $200 for doing so (I was only gone 3 days and could have done so for 5 dollars as it only took a quart of paint to color the wall in the first place). Very aggravating but I decided to fork up the fee to preserve my credit in the future. Upon leaving this place (only stayed here 6 months) I go through the usual walk through, all is well and everything is completed. I speak to management once again before leaving asking if I owed anything else before leaving (moving 4 hours south) and they checked and assured me that everything was paid in full and that I owed nothing. Left the premise and went on with my life for 6 years....6 Years, and I find out that in 2014, I have been sent to collections for $197 dollars. 6 Years, not a call, not a letter, no form of communication (my phone number has not changed in 16 years) that I owed money which I was assured would not happen. I have no idea what it is for but the big 3 credit companies don't ask questions before destroying your credit. I would avoid this place at all costs. Not only will you be treated poorly whilst living there, they will haunt you for more than half a decade (who knows when this will be resolved) after you leave.
anoill youkhaneh
2 years ago
This apartment housing offers great amenities suitable for students. This place is always clean and well maintained and the staff of very friendly. its very close to Sacramento State and target is right across the street. having a computer room and a gym and also a shuttle to campus is definitely a plus in my book. Anoill
Charissa Guynes
4 years ago
I've lived here for two years and haven't had a problem. Target is right across the street and Sac State is a fifteen minute walk if you decided to not take their shuttle. I personally like living here and will continue to do so until I graduate.The grounds are nice and well maintained and the staff is nice and helpful. It is expensive but you get what you pay for, fully furnished, kitchen appliances included, internet, cable, etc.
Vanessa Enriquez
4 years ago
DO NOT LIVE HERE. YOU WILL GET SCREWED. First of all, $595 a month (not including smud and PG&E) is way too much for the room you get (I live in a 4x2). The gym is awful, the computer lab always seems to be out of ink. The staff never really seems to be doing much, but apparently they're too busy to change the ink frequently and too busy to really care about your apartment issues (They'll always tell you to write a stupid statement or something). Angela seems like she'll charge you for everything. Mind you the staff are a bunch of college students, so there you go. When my roommates and I went to sign the lease, nobody clarified that dogs were not allowed in the 3 or 4 bedroom units. (This was the only reason why I wanted to live here). Their website says Pet Friendly - breed restrictions, 40lbs and under, pet fee applies- but says nothing about the 1 or 2 bedroom units only. In the lease agreement you sign, it says NOTHING about pets at all. If you call and tell them you were told pets were allowed, they'll tell you that oral agreements do not count towards your lease agreement, followed by "It's in our company policy." They're company policy states NO DOGS ARE ALLOWED ON THE PREMISES. No dogs are allowed on the premises, yet there is a field with a nice little poop station in the middle of the complex. So who are they to pick and choose who gets to have pets? I asked the manager this and she stated that The Element is owned by some other company and that the policy applies to other structures.. or some stupid story she gave me. I snuck my dog in and one of my roommates told the management that I had a "large dog" (she was only 24lbs), hence I needed to get rid of her. Funny thing is, my roommate also had a dog at the time, but management said that she was keeping it in someone else's apartment. My question: Who is paying for the pet deposit? Whoever's dog it is should be paying it, no? And she can't be paying for it under someone else's room, because that would mean that two people are occupying that space (violating the lease agreement). And if the person under the lease is paying for the dog, they know it's my roommate's because my roommate TOLD them it was hers. Interesting... Needless to say, I received a piece of paper saying I needed to get rid of the dog and that I was in violation of my lease agreement (Paragraph 16 to be exact). Go look at the lease agreement: It's a paragraph about maintenance, not pets. The staff here really feels like they're above the law. Did I mention that maintenance came into our apartment without notice? Management said it was for a work order, but the work order was taken care of a week prior. I brought all of this to the manager's attention, and her response, "I don't know what point you're trying to make." Management is completely stupid. They'll take advantage if you don't read the contract carefully and ask questions. Have someone there with you who knows a thing or two about contracts. Don't make the same mistake I did.
City Farmer
4 years ago
worst place in Sacremento , Staff rude, Ask a question, they say you must write a letter, ask about charges, write a letter, They never return a deposit, and will not give an accounting oF reason for charges. Claimed 300 dollars to clean one room of carpet. Corprate office in Dallas Texas, never return calls. ONE BIG RIPOFF
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