La Serena at the Parque
1237 W Alexander Rd
North Las Vegas, NV 89032
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2 weeks ago
I've lived at La Serena at the Parque since September 2014 and have had an overall great experience. What drew me to this apartment complex is that it was all one story (big plus for me) and they are like mini houses instead of actual apartments. The buildings are far from your average tan and brown color, which is nice to come home to after looking at dirt around every corner. There are nice bushes by every apartment with flowers that bloom in the spring, and a nice patio with a gate that is your designated area, so you can put chairs outside and sit and read or chill without being disturbed. I lived in a one bedroom and loved it because I never really had to turn on lights because there were lots of windows to let light shine through, even in the bathroom (my personal fav). The only downside is that you cannot open the bathroom window, two of the windows in the bedroom, and one of the windows in the living room, but that could also be an upside because there's less of a chance for bugs to get in (which is common on the ground floor anywhere). The walls are fairly thick, very rarely did I hear my neighbors on each side of me. At night the place is well lit, I never feel unsafe going to/from my car. It is also very quiet, I've had guests over that have asked if it's always this quiet!! And parking is ample here, so don't hesitate to bring guests. As for maintenance, whenever I've had a problem with anything I'd call and Karen (the landlord) would put in a work order and in a few minutes to a few hours someone would be right over to fix the issue. Only one time I did not have any hot water, maintenance came bright and early the next day to try to fix the problem. Turned out the water heater was pretty old would not ignite anymore and they'd have to get it replaced. A brand new water heater was replaced before the end of the day the next day, so all in all it took less than 48 hours, and I've never had a problem with the hot water again. They are always very fast and efficient when it comes to issues you're having with your apartment. They regularly check to make sure locks are secure, replace your fire extinguisher, check the sprinklers in your home to make sure they work in case of fire. Heck I even asked if they could replace the air filter in my apartment and it was done in minutes. Very reliable staff. Overall I really liked living here and would live here again if I ever came back to Vegas.
rhea 9158
a month ago
I have lived at la serena for several years, i would have to describe my experience there as just OK. for the most part the complex was good to me over the years, whenever something broke, i was able to get it fixed within a few hours and they were really good about upkeep of the community. management is my biggest gripe in this place! i have had several bad experiences that left a bad taste in my mouth over the years. the patios are a really nice size so i wanted to put a rather large piece of furniture out there, when i presented the office with my request they approved. it was there for over a year before they came to me and told me it would have to be removed because it was a fire hazard. youre kidding right? you didnt know that a year ago when you told me it was ok to put it there? one neighbor is in the process of moving out and the next door neighbor, having the exact same unit and their leases are up around the same time, wanted to transfer into her apartment after shes gone. she was denied and was told that the only way she could transfer was if she upgraded and moved into a larger apartment = more $ for them. there has been a string of breakins around the community leading me to wonder if the person or people responsible actually live here and also wonder why we have security in the first place. recently something happened with a neighbor that required a guy in a HAZMAT suit to come in and clean the place out (i wont mention the hundreds of flies in the windows that led to cops showing up at the apartment the day before, you do the math). When inquiring about the situation i understand that there are confidentiality clauses in place and whatnot and they may have not been able to disclose the full details of what happened. I do feel however that i have a right to know whether or not if my health is at risk since im looking at a guy in a full blown disease prevention suit clean out my neighbors apartment - ESPECIALLY IF HES IN THE SAME BUILDING AS I AM. $800 a month isnt worth it for a 700 sqft apartment in this neighborhood anymore, especially for what youre getting... i dont feel safe in this community like i used to, thats the main reason i am choosing to get out myself as soon as my lease is up. la serena youve gone downhill. get it together and maybe youd be worth the money again!
Wallace Wisdom
6 months ago
loving it quite neighborhood
Tiger Lily
a year ago
Loving my new apt. Quiet neighborhood.
Shannon Olivas
a year ago
Elnora Kepney
6 months ago
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