The Preserve at Henderson Beach Apartments
4131 Commons Dr W
Destin, FL 32541
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Preslav Rangelov
3 weeks ago
Those reviews and rating doesnt really describe this place fair. Been here over 2 years, staff always been nice and helpful.Every guest i ve had in my place is in love with my apartment,the views and the amenities.I ve met really nice people here too.Its a standard for a good lifestyle!
Carlo Angelo
2 months ago
Beautiful place, several friends live there and have had great experiences. Too many apartments for a small place though, and it can make it challenging when having big dogs
Sarah Yasi
11 months ago
Have lived here for 2 years, and have seen a steady decline in management. The grounds are kept very clean and tidy, and maintenance staff is always wonderful. Chris is the ONLY reason why we stayed for so long! The amenities are nice and the expensive rent is worth it if you use the amenities often. Over time the management has become less friendly, and less customer oriented. They have gradually become less willing to help, and are often not in the office. It is difficult to get any large package as they keep them in the office, but with my normal working hours and them not being in the office, I am only able to pick up packages on the weekends when they are open for a limited time. Even during this limited time there is often a sign on the door saying "Giving a tour, will be back in 10 minutes.". I will be moving out soon to be closer to a new job, but also because I wanted to find a place with better management. The last straw for me was that they are supposed to be pet friendly, but again overtime this has proven not to be true. Living in a one bedroom apartment, I have a small dog. Granted they do have a dog park, but the fence has large holes and my little pup can fit right through. Many people complain when my dog makes any noise at all, which is common for little dogs. Finally they have started implementing a DNA test on all dogs. Yes you read that right, a DNA test! I thought this was a joke at first. They have apparently had such a problem with dog feces being unsightly that every dog is required to undergo a DNA swab test. If they find feces that matches your dog's DNA then you will be fined. I understand that this can be a big problem, and very unsanitary, however if there is such a problem that DNA is required then why allow dogs at all? I think it is a little creepy and weird to be DNA testing my dog, and I am happy that I will be moving out soon.
Xavier Carden
12 months ago
Pros. Easy to move in. Staff is friendly. The location and facilities are well kept and nice. Convinient location. The price isn't too bad either. Now for the cons and the reason for losing 3 stars. Flooding, if you are on a ground floor, beware. It's Florida, so it's not exactly unheard of for a torrential downpour to occur from time to time, whoever built the facilities didn't think about this, so the drainage system in the parking lot is by no means ready for one. I've seen it flood twice and have been in the gym on site when the water leaks in. If it can make it in there, chances are it can on other ground floors as well. Be warned. Communication, unless you go to the office yourself. You will get messages from the office to late, or not at all. Nobody seemed to know what was going on when they were asked about important things. Policy's, I'm no stranger to moving in/out of places. Most that I have seen either require a 30 day notice or something along those lines. They gave no information on the matter until it was too late, obviously a scheme to get paid more, but a scheme nonetheless. I asked months before what they needed, the person didn't know and told me to try later. So I tried later and later until it was "Too late" Miraculously, after we only had one month left, when we put in the 30 day notice, they finally said, "oh well we do a 60 day notice." Would have been nice to know. I hate being sour about things, but this definitely needs to be addressed. Or made absolutely clear during the lease signing agreement or something and common knowledge among the staff. If you don't want a headache, definitely try to ask as much questions as possible, although we tried that, and look what happened.
Alexander Rumfelt
a year ago
I can honestly say that whenever I move to a new location it doesn’t always feel like home. I moved here from Nashville, TN and was instantly drawn to this location. Not only are you right next to the beach, several grocery stores, dog parks, restaurants, ETC but the staff work hard to make sure the place is well oiled and beautiful. Accept for that one moron who double park with his Land Rover, I can say with a straight face that I call the Alexan my Home. I will admit that I find the office staff near useless and snobby but, Don, the manager is a great guy who will do his best to make sure you’re treated fairly. The maintenance crews are AMAZING and constantly go out of their way to help me out. Chris Flowers is one of said personnel and I will say has made a huge impact on my experience (positive) of living here. The complex is dog/cat friendly and actually have a little dog park in the back. The landscaping is fantastic and I think it truly makes the place feel like a home and not some tacky apartment (cough cough the Venue next door). Is the place pricey you ask? No... I can say that while it may appear so on paper the value is well justified. I wouldn’t recommend the Alexan if you are on a budget but, if you got money to spend on a beautiful home then Alexan is your gal. Yeah yeah… they have a nice pool and a community gas grill. I don’t use either much but that’s not my thing. The gym is OK but nothing special…the club house is nice though… me and my husband frequent it to play pool. I hope this helps.
Deborah Hoadley
2 years ago
I have lived at the Alexan for just about 3 years and thoroughly enjoy my home. The staff are very friendly and accommodating. I have only had to have a few minor repairs done and they have been completely on an efficient basis. I truly feel because of the enclosed interior hallways, the security entry system, beautiful club house, gym and pool I am in a luxury apartment/condo. I love the storage space on my balcony and the availability of interior storage units available for rent. The property, both buildings and landscaping are well maintained If you would like a beautiful and friendly place to live, Alexan Henderson Apartments is the place!!
dan mcdonald
a year ago
Loved it here, Donnie the site manager was exceptionally good to us, always took care of any issues we had personally. The staff always remembered who we were and the never made us feel like we were bothering them, even if we had the smallest issue. The lead maintenance rep was always very friendly and would walk across the parking lot out of his way to say hello and check on things. He even helped me get into my garage one night on his off hours when i accidentally locked my opener inside and hadn't yet set up a garage code. The amenities were pretty dang good, especially when you compare the surrounding apartments. Pool and surrounding area was always clean, the natural gas BBQ pits always clean, the pond area was very relaxing, and the club house was always clean and working. We were lucky and had a 3rd story corner unit, but I don't believe we once ever heard the neighbors. For a while we thought we had none. My biggest thing it was usually quiet. There may have been some noise during the summer, for instance a few military guys got spun up, but I got to know them and they were always friendly and waved. The price, sure it is up there a bit. But when you compare what you have right at your fingertips, for instance Henderson Beach (free) is 2 mins away, Walmart, 1 min away, the Destin Commons, not even 5 mins away and so on its really hard to complain. We had a 2 bedroom, and garage for 1475 for 2 years, no changes to our price. You can always find cheaper possibly, but in my eyes you'll get what you pay for. One thing I think i liked best about that spot was after a night of partying in town we would cab it home then continue on to the beach across the street. It was almost like your own private beach. I saw someone put a negative review at one star for it being behind the Walmart haha!!! I mean seriously?!?!? It was there when you moved in bud! I mean no matter what apartment area gated or not people can walk right in. They also complained about the fee's for pets and trash... again it's in the contract you signed and agreed to before moving in. How can you rate a place 1 star for those things? Sometimes I don't get how people are so quick to complain. Walmart was there long before the apartments showed up, and it was extremely convenient in my eyes. Just my two cents. We would still be there had we not moved to Texas.
Krystle Branch
2 months ago
I have to say they have the best staff in the land.
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