Celebration At Sandy Springs
7000 Roswell Rd
Atlanta, GA 30328
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Natalie Fitzgerald
in the last week
Been here going on 3 years now. They are trying to make changes and more updates. The upgrades are not as good as the reserves apartments next door who are charging 1400 a month for a 3 bedroom so i feel like they should not be charging the same amount. The upgrades are not as nice and they still have carpet in the homes on the first floor when all the other apartments are doing all wood looking vinyl throughout so that's a bummer. I'm trying to transfer now and that experience is not going well so I'll update and maybe change my star if that process go's better. The staff in the office is nice and working with Teighlor has been good. For me maintenance has been good. when i need something done they come same day or next so that's a plus. You won't have problem with bugs if you keep your place thoroughly clean but I've seen them from time to time so i can't say they are not their. They don't do anything for the residents so it's not a community feeling. I've lived in areas where they promoted the community to come in the office for treats or movie/popcorn nights and just because pizza night. It's also a con that the gym is only open when the office is because the gym is in the middle of the office so there is no privacy to be used like other places. Who wants to work out in front of staff and visitors all day literally right in the middle of the office. I never see anyone using it and i think that's why. They are enforcing balcony rules so it does not effect me but people who have bikes may be upsets. It is however in the heart of Roswell Rd in sandy springs so i love this location which is why i stay, it couldn't be more perfect. Wish i could give a 5 star but they are not there yet.
jonathan butler
3 weeks ago
Water damage? Let's just paint over it and hope they don't smell the mold growing! 😃 Had to take a door off the hinge to move in the dryer. The hinges and screws are rusted through... Just slap a ridiculously thick coat of paint over it and hope they don't find it! 😀 They've claimed they renovated the apartment, but really all they did was try to polish a turd.
Kaylin Turpin
3 months ago
I thought this was going to be great. The staff is really nice, but honestly, applying was a waste of time and money.
Phil Haversham
9 months ago
The bugs are a serious problem. The maintenance staff is good for small things, but the buildings are old, the upgrades are strictly cosmetic, and you have to make noise about any big problems. However, if you do make the noise to get stuff done, the maintenance and office staff suddenly treat you like garbage. They haven't fully made the switch from slum lords to 21st century apartment management, though you wouldn't know that from the pricing. About as bad/good as any of the other older properties in Sandy Springs, really. They get an extra star because the apartments are pretty decent square-footage, and they do seem to be trying, but they definitely have a ways to go if they expect to keep people at that price for longer than a leasing cycle.
Albrica Tierra
4 months ago
the laundry facility always has at least 3 broken machines, the apartments themselves are literally falling apart from the inside out, and yet management has the audacity to raise the rent by almost 100 dollars a year with literally NO improvements whatsoever. so glad to be soon to gone to bigger and much better things.
Gwenhwyvar Gray
a year ago
Don't move here, unless you really like bugs. The complex itself is relatively peaceful, discounting the two domestic disturbance calls and two incidences of gunfire we were witness to over our one year lease. We could never get the water pressure in our shower fixed, and the exterminators (when they did visit) were rude and pretty lazy, only spraying the baseboards under the kitchen sink despite obvious problems throughout the place. Angela at the desk is very nice and compassionate, and I feel like if she had more say over running the place, it'd be nicer to live in. The other people in the office can be rather rude at times. We found out our lease had been let go a month before it ended, and they insisted they'd told us over two months prior, which was a blatant lie, giving us roughly two weeks to pack up, find a place, and move. Not to mention there are fairly constant inspections and people coming into your place with fairly little notice at times. Oh, also, if you're a Comcast internet customer, you might be screwed on your bandwidth. I'm not sure if this is Comcast or the complex, but the equipment is old and damaged (as described to me by one of their techs) and nobody seems to want to fix it.
Tonya Brown
a month ago
The apartments are nice and small
Jay Wezie
11 months ago
Only reason there is a 1 is because I had no other choice. These apartments are old, with mold and mildew, rodents and the complex is not honest upon move in.
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